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So, who exactly is Thaya?

Hello! I'm Thaya.

I have been an astrological consultant for over 20 years. I was born in Moscow and now live in Vancouver. My passion for astrology began in 1985 and has never diminished. What is astrology for me? It is not a hobby and not just a method of making money. For me, it's a way of learning, as well as a philosophy of life.

I had my first experience with astrology when I went to a class with a girlfriend just out of curiosity and to keep her company. I continued to take classes after that, and for several years my teacher was Pavel Globa, who is now very famous as the chief astrologer of Russia. In 1985, however, he was still unknown. Of course, that was a good thing, since at that time astrology was a criminal offence in Russia, just as anything connected to the mystic or paranormal. Our class met in each other's apartments and always in secret. If someone had reported us to the KGB, we would have been in a lot of trouble, especially, our teacher. In our classes, Globa, often spoke out against the Soviet Union and told us about a lot of things about Russian history that the government had always concealed from us. He could have gone to prison for it.


Astrologers were able to work openly without fear of reprisal only after 1990 and the arrival of Perestroika. At first, when many previously forbidden activities were suddenly permissible, the interest in astrology rose sharply. In fact, within about three years our small astrological business was very successful: in addition to our everyday work with private clients, we had our own radio program, gave lectures, and put on seminars.
Then all the excitement ended and the interest in astrology declined. Now there are only 3-4 astrological schools in Russia and amusing horoscope columns in newspapers. That's all. But the good thing is that astrology became accessible to everyone in Russia. Now, it is developing as a serious science. There are strong astrological schools in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Kiev and Siberia (Novosibirsk, Tomsk).
I have had many professions during my life. I have worked as an economist, a systems analyst, a chief accountant, and a real-estate agent. Being an astrologer is my fifth profession and my most favorite.
Now I also work with Tarot cards and runes.


Why did I decide to set up this site?

First of all, because I am not happy with the place that astrology holds in our world; there is a real lack of information about it. My site is for everyone (except for one advanced page which is for astrologers).
I have consciously not use astrological "jargon" because I wanted to make this information clear for everyone, including those people who are new to astrology. My main goal is to describe astrology's potentials and peculiarity in clear language. Through my experience of constructing several hundred horoscopes, I have learned things that probably cannot be found in books; I want to share them too.
I hope you will find the information here both interesting and useful.

I will be glad to receive your responses and suggestions.

"Copyright 2003, Thaya"