G. E., New Westminster, BC

When I first met Thaya I had been suffering from sciatica for several months. I was unable to sit or put on socks and shoes and was in constant pain (alleviated somewhat by medication).

 Thaya was able, by simply holding her hand close to my spine, to sense that I had two bulges on my lowest disc (confirmed by CT-Scan). Her healing energy massages gave instant and significant pain relief and improved mobility. Within weeks I was once again sitting and wearing shoes: achievements I had not seen with physiotherapy, accupuncture, shiatsu and chiropractic treatments.

As a former skeptic in regards to the type of abilities claimed by Thaya, I am now an enthusiastic believer and strongly recommend her services, not only to friends and family, but to everyone.

Viktoria, Burnaby, BC

If you want an astrologer who you can depend on completely, who takes the time to understand your life, who helps you enjoy more success and happiness, look no further than Thaya.

Thaya has helped me be more successful and happy, her counseling advice is invaluable. Two years ago, she helped me through a very difficult time. Her curing and advice helped me to find the inner strength within myself to cope with depression and made significant changes in my life. Since then she has taught me many “life tools” so I keep building on success, particularly in my family. With her help I move to better understanding of my life and what I need to do in order to accomplish my goals. I am very grateful that there is someone like Thaya with her capabilities available to provide guidance, support and counseling.

Her counseling skills alone are so excellent that her astrology insights are a wonderful bonus. Thaya is a real professional who cares about people.
Thank you Thaya!

Tom, Richmond, BC

Over the years I have sought the advise of many Astrologers and Tarot readers. These so called physics were entertaining at best with so, so accuracy.

Thaya is different. Her professionalism made me sit up and take notice.

When doing my birth chart she recalculated the exact time of my birth and consequentially gave me precise information that was extremely accurate. Today I consult her often, be it via the Tarot cards, Runes or Astrology. Her approach is refreshingly different – professional yet humorous, we have fun exploring the many options and end up zeroing in on a positive direction to proceed with, or a decision to be made. I trust her implicitly as she is very wise and delivers great advice that has proven to be the right decision on many occasions.
Her talents don’t stop there. As a gifted healer she has helped me through several tough times, be it physical or mentally stressful situations. Her uplifting and caring nature combined with her special gift as a healer is unbelievable as she performs those ancient healing rituals.

With her help and support I find myself in a state of serenity after traveling through those stormy waters to the peace, tranquility, and success of today.
She has a very special gift.
Thaya, I thank you



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