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Can you please tell us more about the 2010 - year of the tiger.

New Year is coming again and as usual people are eager to know the predictions about it with hope that the coming year will be better. There is a lot written already on the Internet about the year of the Yellow Metal Tiger. I won’t address that as my forecasts are not based on the Chinese calendar. I tried to imagine a Tiger in metal for a moment. For me it looks like… a tank… with all the following consequences.
The Chinese New Year will begin, as usual, not on January 1st but in the first new moon of Aquarius: February 14th at 2:52 GMT.
If we look at the numerology code of 2010, we’ll see the number 3 which related with Mars. If we take 21, this is the number of Scorpio. This sign is ruled also by Mars ( together with Pluto). This already gives us a first impression that 2010 will be active and dynamic. All processes speed up. This acceleration will be especially noticeable after the middle of March.
Unfortunately, in the new year we will still experience shocks. The crisis which started in 2008 was related to the opposition of Saturn and Uranus. There were two repeats of this opposition in 2009 which passed almost unnoticeably, but the economic decline continued. In 2010 Saturn and Uranus will make the aspect of opposition two more times, then they’ll finally drift apart. These planets will make this aspect for the first time in the end of April, but it is unlikely anybody will observe this. However, the second time, in the end of July, will be significant for everybody. This time the planets will make an opposition from cardinal signs: Saturn from Libra, Uranus from Aries. This will make the conflict stronger. A new round of crisis with panic in the stock market can be expected. Now we have good news: after the August shock the crisis will subside without resuming.
The end of July and August will be the most stressful months in next year. Most Russians remember what happened 12 years ago in 1998 (also the year of the Tiger). There was a huge economic default in Russia where a lot of people lost their money. This happened also in August. Recommendation for everybody: try to secure your savings as much as possible by the above-mentioned time. We will have a big number of negative planetary influences in August. They will concern not just the economic crisis but also crises of governments. A huge amount of lies will be poured through the media by order of those who are in power.
In August we will have a tense aspect between Saturn and Pluto again. First time it happened in November 2009, then it will repeat in the end of January – beginning of February 2010. This aspect shows that some countries come to the absolute necessity of governmental structural changes because those structures are stuck in bureaucracy and don’t let their countries develop. Of course, many of those governmental organizations will want to keep their position at any cost, that’s why they might do terrible things. There is also a possibility of international conflicts and natural disasters at this time. Watch what will happen in the beginning of February: it may give a key to the acute events in August.
The main changes in governmental structures will be happening in June and especially in September. All above-mentioned changes might occur on a corporative level as well.
Now, let’s talk briefly about what planets will bring into the life of different Zodiac signs. Pluto staying in Capricorn generously shares his powerful energy with representatives of this sign born on December 24 – 27. However, the way they will direct this energy, to creation or destruction, is fully their responsibility. Pluto will bring big tension in the lives of Cancers born in June, Libras born in September and Aries’ born in March. These signs will have to gather all their tenacity and stamina to withstand pressure from outside. On the opposite, for Virgos and Taurus’, Pluto will help to achieve success using support from people.
Jupiter (usually, a very positive planet) will move from Aquarius to Pisces which gives Pisces possibilities of a career growth and material well-being. However, Jupiter moves very fast this time; that’s why everybody should have a quick reaction to fast-passing lucky chances. The other two water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, also might be lucky in the same area. In summer Jupiter will move to Aries for a short time. If Aries’ born in March want to improve their working situation, they should do this in summer.
Saturn (a negative planet in general) will stay in Libra almost for the whole year. However, in the beginning of April it will return to Virgo for a short time. That will make Virgos born on September 20 – 23 nervous. They thought that emotional tension and plenty of obstacles have been left behind already, but they unexpectedly came back. Saturn will bring problems in the lives of Cancers born in June, Aries’ born in March and Capricorns born in December. For Libras there will be a moment of revaluation of life priorities and paying their “bills”: they will get exactly as much as they earned. Saturn will stabilize the lives of Aquarius’ and Geminis, giving them an opportunity to reach stable success.
Neptune still stays in Aquarius bringing strange things, agitation and desire for something vague, but beautiful, into life of representatives of this sign born on February 13 – 17. For Leos he can bring confusion and deception.
A good time for changes continues for all water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) as well as for Aries’ born in the very beginning of this sign.
The only sign which was not mentioned is Sagittarius. They have nothing to worry about. Their life is protected from the influence of strong planets, and they can do whatever they want.
2010, the year of the Tiger, will be in many ways a turning point in mankind’s history. Steps which each country takes in this year will show how it is going to live for the next 10 to 15 years.

I was born at the beginning of a solar eclipse, and the night before a partial lunar eclipse. From an astrologer's point of view, how has this affected my life?

I can only give a general answer, because I don't have enough information about you. The role of predestination in the lives of people who were born during an eclipse is very strong. Unfortunately, the possibility of independent action for such people is very limited. Their life is subordinate to the laws of karma.

I am going to work abroad. Can my horoscope help me choose which is the best country to go to? I am an Aries and was born on April 2nd. I read somewhere that Aries is the sign of Germany. Is that true?

Yes, that is true; Germany's sign is Aries. But it does not necessarily mean that you should go to Germany. It is not always necessary to direct your attention to your solar sign; you should examine your horoscope as a whole. It depends a lot on the arrangement of the houses in your horoscope. For example, if you have Aries in the 8th, 12th, and sometimes 4th or 6th, houses of your horoscope, it would be better not to consider an Aries country. You would do better to consider those countries whose signs are connected with the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th, or 10th houses. Which ones? That depends on the purpose of your trip.

Why are there no forecasts on your site? I am a Libra and was looking for a forecast for my sign. I can find them everywhere else, but not here.

Since you can find forecasts for your sign everywhere else, why are you looking for another one here? Many people tell me that they would like to get daily or weekly forecasts for their Sun sign. I don't do this type of forecasting because I don't believe it is possible to divide everyone into 12 groups and "give" a forecast that will fit everyone in a group. Nevertheless, I am constructing a forecasting page, but not by Zodiac sign; it contains the descriptions of the daily influences of the planets and stars. And if you want to, you will be able to coordinate your actions with these influences.

My daughter is having a baby soon. Would it be better to select its name before or after birth?

If you want to take the child's horoscope into consideration when selecting the name then, of course, you will have to do it after its birth, because the horoscope switches on at the moment of birth. If you want, you can make a list of acceptable names and then give it to your astrologer to use after the baby is born. However, be forewarned: the astrologer should look at the horoscope only from the point of view of selecting the best name for the child. It is impossible to do any forecasting until the child is two months old.

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