Tarot cards

Some time ago I became seriously interested in Tarot cards and now use them in my practice.

The Tarot is an amazing system in itself.

One can study Tarot cards for a lifetime and never gain a complete knowledge of their depth and wisdom. Many years ago I was going to study them, but didn't have enough energy and understanding at the time. I'm very glad that I now have the energy and understanding to make them part of my practice.

There are several aspects of the Tarot that one can study: philosophic, predictive, healing, magic, etc. As an astrologer, I was primarily interested in the forecasting aspect and was lucky to have a superb teacher.

Tarot cards are irreplaceable when you want an answer on one specific question. They are also good for looking at situations where a choice needs to be made, or when trying to identify the quality of relationship between people. If you want to look at someone's life as a whole, then astrology is the better tool. Astrology also gives more exact answers to questions about the timing of events. But the Tarot is exceptional when used for clarifying situations. Because Tarot cards are magic, they are also used for the correction personal destiny.

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