Why are you afraid to know your horoscope?

It's frightening to know the future.

As a rule, astrology is seen only from one side - future forecast. Often I hear the same words:

"What if there is something bad? I will just be waiting for it to happen, so it's better not to know."

I say: "Nothing is unchangeable. Why not be able to prepare yourself when bad things do happen"

Astrology - is by no means fortune telling. The building of a horoscope is based on strict mathematical calculation of planet movements and systems of coordinates. There is no unchangeable future. Only horoscopes of people born in an eclipse are difficult to change. For these people it's very difficult to change something in their life, but, it genaerally comes to the same, even if they have the possibility of changes.

Example from life.

I have a girlfriend, living in another city. When her son was born I naturally, built his horoscope. I saw that it will be very difficult for the child to develop independently. The help of his parents would be necessary. I described the problems in a letter to them and suggested they attempt to make the needed changes as per the horoscope. My girlfriend refused, explaining that she was afraid and didn't want to know anything. An astrologer has no right to interfere against a person's will. And now during the past many years I have sadly observed extreme unfortune in the boy's life, who illness hurts his parents, but I don't interfere. If a person is not ready, the information will not be useful.

It is possible, of course, to pretend to be like an ostrich and put your head in the sand and hope everything will pass, but this doesn't happen. I don't remember, whose phrase it is: "Who is warned, is armed". Wonderfully said, especially from the point of view of an astrologer. All people have in their life unpleasant, and sometimes dangerous, events. Whether you know about them beforehand or not, they'll still happen. But if you know beforehand, you can influence their quality.

Many times I have met with situations, when, if I warn a person about future unpleasantness, it passes away much easier. Here the most important thing is to help a person, instead of saying later, "Well, I warned you". If really heavy circumstances are approaching you, it is possible to find ways how to make their influence softer. It's not worth it to run away, because the situation still exists and if not altered, on the next turn of spiral it'll come back and strike more painfully. It's possible to try to lengthen the event so all the negative will not come at once. Sometimes it's even possible to transfer the unpleasant situation to other scopes of your life.

Each event is intended to teach us something. If we, by the internal work with ourselves, mastered its lessons, the event on the physical level will not occur.

Very frequently clients ask: "When will I die?" They ask this question , not thinking, that really they do not want to know the answer. I never answer such questions. My only answer is: "Everything is in the God's hands." This is not an excuse, just the truth for me. I do not tell a person about a possible death of people close to them, because even in the heaviest situation there is the possibility to escape from it. It is also because it is very difficult to live with such knowledge, although, it stands to reason, I warn about possible danger or illness. Of course, there are exceptions, but there are very few of them, and the circumstances, accompanying them, are not ordinary.

Let's suppose, that now you are not afraid to visit an astrologer, but it's not clear, for what you need it, and what is possible to learn from a horoscope?


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