Energy Healing

I started to do healing after I became a professional astrologer. After a few years of astrological practice I could see that I can tell a lot about a person by looking at his/her natal chart as well as make exact predictions. Then I faced the question: What is next? It was not enough for me just to predict; I wanted to know how to change destiny. At exactly that time, Tarot, runes and working with energy came to me. And I was lucky again: I had the best possible Teacher in magic just as I had in astrology before.

I think it doesn’t make sense to explain in details what bioenergetics and healing are. Most people living in the XXI century know that there is aura, chakras, prana and so on. A healer working with patient’s energy can delete the negative energy, patch up holes in aura, heal chakras etc. As a result, diseases go away; a patient becomes more energetic and confident; often his/her life improves in different areas (career, love and so on).

Having read all that’s written above, you might think it’s best to run immediately to a healer, and that she or he will solve all your problems. Really? I wish. Unfortunately, many people think this way: “So I am here, here is my money. Now quickly make me healthy and happy!” I can’t make you happy if you don’t want to work for it. Some of my patients don’t want to do even elementary things I ask for. If we are working with your destiny we should be on the same team, otherwise, we will have only a short-term effect. Sometimes it happens that a person feels much better very quickly and gives up the treatment despite my warning that it will take time. After a couple of months he shows up again, and we have to start from the beginning. Or sometimes I refuse to work with him anymore (he isn’t my patient, I am not his healer). But if a patient is active in the healing process, the results are amazing. I have a real-life example of this.

Once I did a Tarot card reading for a girl. Let’s call her Scorpio (according to her Zodiac sign). I was surprised when I discovered that she was a typical Scorpio. Where are sparkles in the eyes, where is the strength and the passion? The girl was a faded shadow of Scorpio. Her life was not joyful – in addition to having a difficult immigrant life, her job was unstable and low paid, and her love life had been unhappy for many years. During the process of Tarot reading I found out the reason for all of those – a huge hole in her aura at the area of a main life-supporting centre and a channel going nowhere. That was a typical case of biovampirism. The channel, of course, didn’t lead nowhere, it was directed at her ex-husband whom she had left years ago. He took energy from her permanently. Given all this she could’t expect to have a happy personal life.

Because this was a difficult case, I did 3 rituals, cut off the channel, did the major cleansing, put a protection and performed something else. What I was amazed at the most – when the Scorpio came to me for the first time, was that I saw that the energy hole had become smaller already. She, a smart girl, figured out everything and subconsciously began to work. The results were wonderful and fast. Even after the first session I could see her as a real Scorpio. The strength and sparkles in her eyes – everything came back. And her life changed completely. During 2-3 months she met a boyfriend who became her husband later. At the same time she changed her job for a better one. A little bit later they bought an apartment. I call her case a reference case, because the changes occurred fast and covered many spheres of life. That happened because the girl didn’t sit and wait for “a nice lady” to come and bring her happiness.

From time to time I see people with a bit of negative alien energy in their aura. We may call that “an evil eye” or any other such words. Russians and some oriental people know very well what it means. Most North Americans, fortunately, have no idea what this is all about. You are lucky; you never faced the black magic. For you that is just a terrifying fairytale. For me that is not a fairytale; I’ve seen the so-called “evil eye” on my patients too often. Because this is always a sort of somebody else’ energetic influence, it can be taken away using a cleansing ritual. In this case I work as a shaman, a white shaman. After taking away this negative energy people can say “good-bye” to some illnesses, and life in general starts to improve.

I used to do rituals for success, money etc. Then I stopped doing that. Not because the rituals didn’t work; they worked very well. However, some people may not deserve money or happiness. With the help of magic they can attract those things to their lives, but they will have to pay for it. For example, a successful career can happen, but if a person doesn’t deserve it, there might be some destruction in other spheres of life (health or family life). Who needs that?

I still make talismans for protection. And something else I always do – when I move to a new place, I always do a major cleansing of a house or an apartment and put protection on my home. I would recommend to everyone to do this to make your home feel fully like it’s yours. Sometimes a house can’t be sold for a long time because it has negative energy in some places inside. But as soon as it has been cleansed, it can be sold immediately. I would not recommend having many mirrors in a house because mirrors accumulate bad energy and need permanent cleansing.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that healing for me includes many things: removing negative energy, putting protection and doing energy treatment against diseases. The last one sometimes also includes a regular massage with oils which I make by myself using different oils for different people.

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