Thaya’s Unique Method

What does it mean: “energy healing”? I am often asked: is it the same as Reiki? Yes, it is almost the same; I just add something to it for better effect. My energy healing combines Reiki and shamanistic healing. This method is based on energy work only, without touching. First the cleansing of aura will be done, then I work with chakras, and if in the process I could find any problematic places I would send healing energy there. At the end of the session I do general energy “pumping” and sometimes, if it is necessary, I put protection in place.

As a result, the patient becomes calmer, more confident, and in general feels better because he/she has a lot of energy. As regards specific diseases, they behave differently. If the ailment is in an acute phase, we will have a visible effect right away. As an example, headaches would disappear. Once I had an elderly lady as a patient. The ambulance was called often to her house because she kept falling on the floor since she had problems with her blood vessels. Surprisingly, one session was enough: no ambulance was necessary any more. Usually if the disease is chronic, one treatment is not enough.

I must say that I don’t work with all ailments. For some of them I have wonderful results. For example, removing problems with the backbone, joints, and muscle pain, as well as post-traumatic help. I figured out that if a person has bone problems, the energy healing by itself is not enough. The best method of treatment is a combined method including energy healing and aromatherapy massage. Together they give an excellent result which is clearly noticeable even after the first session.

Of course, I have my secret recipes for essential oils for different purposes. Every patient needs his/her own recipe. Here I also use my knowledge of medical astrology in conjunction with my medical education as a nurse.

There is a third part of my unique method. This is clay. Clay treatment is unknown in Canada, but it is used in Russia. Clay is famous for its ability to take away negative energy and to remove toxins from the body. Using the clay applications will multiply the result of treatment. I know that there are some healers in Russia who use clay only. However, I am sure that if we add energy healing and essential oils, the success will be beyond our expectations. I use exactly this method: clay treatment, energy healing and aromatherapy massage together.

If you have problems with bones or muscles, I suggest you to try this method – you will see the difference.


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