What can you learn from your chart?

Almost everything: if your chart is accurate enough. However, to be that accurate, your birth time must be correct within 2 minutes. If you don’t know your birth time that precisely, your astrologer can do a ‘rectification’: that is, a determination of the exact time of your birth by using major events of your life as markers. Rectification is rather difficult and demands a lot work. If you went to an astrologer saying that you were born between 5 and 7 a.m., and he did not rectify your time of birth, your horoscope would not be accurate. You might find many coincidences about your personality and even your life in the chart, but it would not be possible to make accurate forecasts using it. However, if you see a qualified astrologer, who pinpointed that you were actually born at 5.24, then…

What can you learn from an accurately constructed chart?



Your personality makeup, strengths, and weaknesses. You may say that you know all this, yes, but not every thing. A good astrologer can  see more about you from your chart. But don’t worry; astrologers have strict ethical standards and their codes around privacy are as strict as medical ones. You (and only you) will receive the information that the astrologer learns about you from your chart.

What can my chart tell me about the personality I was born with, the way in which I approach life, and what changes I need to make in order to have a happy and fulfilled life?

Let’s say your chart indicates that you were born with an aggressive approach to life; you are used to being constantly active and tend to have no patience. But other aspects of your chart indicate that to in order to have a fulfilling life, you need to take a completely different approach – that is, you need to learn how to be patient. You need to learn to wait, to gather energy, and to watch for the right moment. Only then, having accumulated enough energy, can you jump to the next phase, and then sit back and begin the cycle again. If you don’t learn this, but continue to rush ahead, you’ll keep spinning your wheels and waste your time and energy. Alternatively, let’s say you have always found it extremely difficult to deal with people, and yet interacting with people is a necessary part of your life. In this case, your life will be consistently difficult and unpleasant unless you learn to communicate with people more freely. This is why it is better to know about these things rather than being ignorant about them and finding yourself irritated by a life in which things seem to keep going wrong.


You can learn about your aptitudes (natural ability) and gifts. This is especially important for children, and not only in terms of their future professions.
Until recently, it was common in Russia for many parents to want their children to become great musicians. I have had a lot of experience in my astrology practice with parents of this type. Dear Parents: Before spending a lot of energy, money, and sleepless nights on this kind of pursuit, please consult an astrologer to find out if your child has the necessary musical ability. Just because you think that your child is gifted doesn’t mean that it’s true. Children have their own aptitudes, be it in art, sculpture, singing, writing, mathematics, dance, etc., but these seem to be inborn and cannot be dictated by outside forces. If the child’s natural gifts are supported, it will be better for the child, and make everyone else’s life easier too. What is really sad is when a child has a clear gift, and the parents, because of ignorance or because they don’t want to know, end up inhibiting their child’s creative development.

A Real-Life Example.


There was a young girl who, at the age of seven, actually enrolled herself in a music school. Her parents, however, did not want to buy a piano for her because in their eyes it was just a useless, expensive object that was too big for the house. The child was so determined to study that she drew piano keys on a piece of paper and played scales on a table. Her parents just ignored this, assuming that it was just a phase that she would get over eventually; and eventually, she did. This happened many years ago and the girl is now an adult. However, one can see from her horoscope that she was born with great musical ability, which unfortunately was never encouraged or developed.

It is said that sometimes real talent will “find a way” despite any obstacles. Obviously sometimes that is true, but those people are one in a million. The rest need a little help.


You can find out what situations are awaiting you in the future. In fact, you can get answers about practically any life question.
For example:
When will I marry?
Will I have children and when? (and what gender – a boy or a girl?)
How can I earn money?
When will I be able to change my job?
When will I be able to move to another apartment?
When will I be able to travel? etc.

A Real-Life Example.


One woman had tried unsuccessfully to have a child for a long time. The doctors she had consulted told her that she was unable to conceive. She went to see a friend of mine who is an astrologer. My friend interpreted her horoscope, and told her that she would have a child when she was 40. The woman did not believe her. However, at the age of 40 she became pregnant and gave birth to a child. The doctors didn’t know what to say and didn’t understand how this had happened – it should have been impossible. This was not a miracle. This woman simply could not have children up to the age of forty.

Another example.


This woman was an astrologer herself and here we are talking about a planned pregnancy. Because she was an astrologer, she knew very well that she had a very small chance of becoming pregnant. There was only one chance, at one time. She was not married, but she used her one chance very well. Now she has a wonderful boy, and a husband – the father of the boy.


You can be told about your karma. If you want, you’ll learn about the karmic debt that follows you from previous lives. Because I belong to the school of Eastern astrology, the concept of karma is not a shallow one for me. Karma is almost ignored in Western astrology; the person’s daily life is more important there. Western astrology puts more emphasis on predictions, and I agree that predictions are important. But I believe it is even more important to help the person trace any difficulties they are having back to the roots of the problem, which lie in their last incarnations, and pass through the present, and extend into future. The person should see how he HIMSELF creates his future.


You can learn about coming events for specific periods of time. You can ask for information on either the most important events to come, or ask for a detailed forecast for the upcoming year. It is important to understand, however, that there is a big difference between how astrologers present information, and how clairvoyants present information. Astrologers are not psychics; astrologers do not give detailed descriptions of what they see forecasted in a chart. Clairvoyants often make mistakes about the timing of events whereas qualified astrologers almost never make mistakes in this area. For example, if you were to ask a clairvoyant and an astrologer about your future husband, the different answers might look something like this:

Clairvoyant: A clairvoyant might say, “The name of your fiance will be Billy (Johnny, Fred, Ahmed…), he’ll be tall, with black hair. I see you together in a large house, in a room with many people. He’ll have a big car; it’s dark blue or dark green. You will meet in the autumn, but not this autumn. Maybe in a year or two.”

Astrologer: An astrologer would say, “From everything in your chart I can see that you’ll be married late. There is a small probability that you’ll get married when you’re 21, but if that doesn’t happen, the next possibility will be when you’re 27. The period will be from May to June of (a certain) year. The marriage will take place very quickly and will not mean much for you. You value your independence, and in your partner you’ll see, first of all, a friend. Your husband will be very well to do. But there is a high probability that you will marry more than once.”

An astrologer will not be able to tell you the name of your future husband or what he looks like. But they can tell you other things. For example, your compatibility with another person, the best time to start a new business, the best name for your child, whether certain stones or metals are useful or harmful to you, etc. You can read details of this in …

Special types of astrology

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