Types of astrology

1. Medical astrology.

This is a rarely used but important division of astrology. A medical horoscope doesn’t look like an ordinary horoscope. It is made with a different system of houses. By using a medical horoscope it is possible to make a diagnosis of possible diseases, to predict their beginning and in many cases to stop them before they really take hold. The main planets used in the calculations are Hileg and Antihileg, which are indicators of the energetically strongest organs (Hileg) and the weakest organs, through which diseases enter (Antihileg). We look at what kind of diseases are: acquired, hereditary or karmic. Depending on this, we choose the method of treatment. For example, it is absolutely useless to cure diseases connected with karma of the family by ordinary methods. Medical astrology by no means substitutes for medicine. Astrologers will never recommend any chemical remedies (the pills that are so popular). The recommendations will concern lifestyle, diet, method of treatment in homeopathy – similar by similar or similar by opposite, and the use of herbs and crystals.

2. Horary astrology.

This type of astrology is used to answer a specific question. Almost every clearly asked question will receive a “yes” or “no” answer. Included in the answer will be the timing of the event, the influences surrounding it, the best way to achieve success, etc.

I had a boss once who, having learned that I was also an astrologer, asked me to construct a horary chart for him around a question regarding the firm’s business. I could see in the chart that what he really wanted was to ask a personal question, but he didn’t really trust me as an astrologer yet, and so had decided to ask the business question first as a test to see what I could do. I explained this to him and, in so doing, proved my expertise. He then asked me to cast his personal horoscope.

Horary astrology is absolutely necessary for deciding the best time for starting a new business: any business. It is particularly useful, when starting up a company, in deciding when to sign contracts, etc. This is because one is laying the foundation for the life of the company. Frequently, people buy a company founded many years before which, for some reason, has not been successful. The business continues to falter under the new management as well. This is not by chance. Evidently the founding was at a time when the locations of planets were negative, and blocked the development of the business. If you buy such a firm, its problems will not disappear by themselves.

3. Astro-mineralogy.

I love this type of astrology. It combines astrology and mineralogy. Every stone has the specific influence of certain planets. Using properly selected stones, it is possible to improve a person’s character, life situation and even health. You only need to know “how” and to be serious about what you are doing. That’s because this is magic at work.

It is impossible to select stones just by general recommendations. You have probably read things like: “Ruby suits Leo, hematite – Scorpio, garnet – Sagittarius, moonstone and pearl – Cancer, etc.” This is not always so. For example, garnet is really the stone of Sagittarius, because it has forces of Jupiter (and Mars), and Jupiter controls Sagittarius. But it might be, that your Jupiter is wicked, and the force of this planet shouldn’t be activated, or it might not be malignant, but be very strong. Its strength of force is seen in your life: you are ambitious and actively pursue your career. If the results are not always what you want, you shouldn’t make Jupiter stronger by wearing its stones. Let’s suppose, after looking at your horoscope, that you have weak Mercury, and this prevents you from expressing your thoughts as you want and, correspondingly, prevents you from being successful in your career. In this case, you would want to make Mercury stronger by wearing its stones, for example, rock – crystal.

If you are not familiar with your horoscope, it is better to select stones according to your inner feeling of what you “like or “don’t like”. Also, it should always be taken into consideration that a stone must harmonize with the metal into which it is set. For example, emeralds should not be worn in gold settings (even though they look beautiful), because the emerald carries the moon’s influence, and gold carries the Sun’s; this means they are incompatible. Finally, never wear stones with black spots inside and with cracks, except in cases when this is the natural structure of the mineral (for example, selenite).

4. Numerology.

Numerology doesn’t have a direct relation to astrology, but is closely connected to it because each planet is associated with a particular number. Numerology is important, for example, when selecting a name for your child. It is good when the name matches a strong and benevolent planet.

When my daughter was born, my husband and relatives waited patiently for over a month while I constructed every conceivable horoscope and calculated every benevolent and unfavorable planet. Finally, when I was ready, I announced her name. (Although, I will admit that I didn’t take exotic names into consideration).

With the help of numerology it is possible to calculate numbers that are significant in your life, as well as many other things.

5. Geographical astrology

Geographic astrology can help you discover in which country and region you will feel the best. When you move to a different apartment or open an office, it is important to take into consideration that your health and prosperity will depend directly on the place or the location of the new site.

6. Financial astrology.

This is self-explanatory.

7. Mundane astrology.

Deals with world events.

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