Karmic Indexes

The degree of inevitability shown by a horoscope is determined by the correlation of karmic and creative aspects, the number of planets in retrograde, and the presence or absence of stars. If a person misused his freedom or had a dissipated lifestyle in his previous life, then in this life that person will have many obstacles put in his path.

In my astrological school we use several karmic indicators: the moon’s nodes (Rahu and Ketu), the Black Moon (or Lilith), and the White Moon (or Selena). The Black and White Moons are fictitious planets that are thought of as accumulations of our dark and light karma. According to their location in the Zodiac signs it is possible to say what our most negative and positive acts were in previous lives. In its simplified form, karma means that we will be punished or rewarded for our previous deeds. But, in reality, things are somewhat more complicated.

If you have a weak Black Moon, you may not feel its influence at all. But, if it is strong, there are two possible reactions you may have: 1) to continue to do harm in the same way that you did in your previous life, or 2) not to give into to the dark impulses. Lilith’s cycle is 9 years. At the moment when it returns to its place in the horoscope it manifestes itself in your life in the clearest way. If at that point you choose to give in to its dark impulses, you will be successful in all the harm you are attempting to cause, since the dark forces will be actively helping you; you will also be collecting karma. If, however, you chose not to give in, there is still karma to be worked out. If you chose the 2nd way (not making harm), then the dark forces might punish you for not being with them any more. So if you are unlucky at ages 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63 etc, you can be happy about it because it is proof that you are working out your karma. You might have very little karma, then you won’t even notice anything special in those years. What is interesting is that whatever the form your unluckiness takes is the form that your negative acts took in your previous life. If you were a gossiper and a thief, then you will be robbed or slandered. If you were not a righteous judge, then you will not be treated justly.

It is possible to work out dark karma. Let’s take this case as an example: You have the Black Moon in Aries; this means you were, in the worst case, a killer, and in the best, quarrelsome and a fighter. It is rare that a karmic debt will be paid at the age of 18. But at 27 years old (on the condition that your Lilith was strong) you might have been attacked and nearly killed in a dark alley. Let’s suppose that in the next years you did not attack or beat anyone. Then at 36 years old you got drunk, quarreled a little with your neighbor and beat each other up a little bit (no police). That’s all. Then, at 45  you observed a fight from the sidelines without getting involved. This is how karma gets worked out.

The cycle of the White Moon – 7 years… If you have it in Scorpio, you were a white magician in your previous life; in Taurus – you were an absolutely generous person; in Sagittarius – a missionary or traveler; in Libra – a fair judge, etc. This is the lucky cycle, and the luck (if deserved) will come at ages of 21, 28, 35 …

The Moon’s nodes are very important points. Their influences cannot be seen in black-and-white. The Moon’s nodes show how the person evolves. They show what a person had already done in previous lives, and what he will be working in this life.
For example, let’s say a person has the South node in Capricorn, and the North node in Cancer. It means that in his past the person relied only upon himself. He went up to the top and secured himself there. He didn’t pay much attention to the people around him. In this life he shouldn’t make his career more important than his family life. It’s simpler for him to work because this is the way he has always done it. But he is not able to form good relationships in the family, although he certainly needs to learn how to do it. He needs to get rid of his self-centeredness and learn to form close relationships with people.

The moon’s nodes return to their place every 18.5 years, that is, when a person reaches the ages of 37 and 56. Vladimir Visotsky (a famous Russian actor, singer, and singer-songwriter) called the age of 37 the fatal age, and for a good reason. At this age people who have not completed their karmic evolutionary tasks and have not been able to give up things that have already been worked out, might die (if they were given too many capabilities) or go through heavy life lessons.

And, finally, the stars. The fixed stars are one of the most important indicators. Their positions are above the horoscope, above earthly life. It takes just one very powerful star to have a huge effect on almost the whole chart. Not everyone has stars in their horoscope, but even fewer have guiding stars. Lodestars greatly increase the degree of inevitability in a natal chart. There are about 160 important stars and nebulas. They can be good, bad, or neutral. Among the worst are Algol, Antares, Capella, Sinistra, Denebola, Aldebaran, Alfard, Betelgeuse, Azellus Australis, and Sheat. Among the best are Regul, Fomalgaut, Spica, Deneb Adidge, Vega, Altair, Rigel, Sirius, Mizar, and Benetnash.
Naturally, an astrologer can interpret the general karmic picture only after synthesizing of all the indicators.

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