Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a powerful artifact, first emerging in Egypt approximately five thousand years ago. A contemporary game deck descended from Tarot, but it doesn’t have the power of the original. The main magic power is contained in 22 major arcanas. One can’t just play with Tarot cards: they won’t allow cavalier use. They also don’t tolerate lies: I saw that when some of my clients (not many, fortunately) tried to “tell stories”.

I have great respect towards Tarot. They conceal in themselves endless depth of knowledge in different aspects: predictive, magical, philosophical, healing etc, etc. One might study them for a whole life-time but still not fully comprehend them. Cabbala and Tarot cards also have a very strong connection.

The predictive aspect of Tarot cards is in the most demand. However, cards have their limitations here: they can’t see further than a year ahead. Six months for fortune telling is optimal. If there is a need to look further than that, you will have to ask astrology. Tarot cards are a perfect method for answering specific questions. Questions may be very different: about relationships, making choices, developing various situations, career and finances. Cards can describe people who you will meet very precisely (but without names). Sometimes when portraying a person I even start talking like him/her, which surprises clients.

I also use Tarot cards in healing and cleansing rituals. As an example, they help me to do diagnostics according to chakras. In addition, Tarot are very sensitive to alien influence and show if there is an evil eye (or curse) which we will remove in a cleansing ritual (where Tarot cards also participate).

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