My Price List

Personal horoscope
Includes calculation of a natal chart, rectification of birth time, description of your character, the strong and weak sides of the personality, capabilities and talents, your life’s path, a general description of life events with reference to significant dates, and answers to questions regarding family, love, career, money, etc. $250

Karma of past lives and karmic tasks
The evolutionary path. Dark and light karma of past lives. The measure of fate in a natal chart. + $40 to a personal horoscope or $120

Detailed personal forecast for a year
This allows you to plan your activity correctly, to rationalize the use of your inner power, and also to prepare for the unexpected turning points of your life. $180

Medical horoscope
Precise diagnostics and the best methods for treatment. Ascertaining the cause of ailments. $250

Selecting the best place for living, business, career, vacation and love. + $40. Relocation chart – $100

Help with choices for the most successful occupation, for children and adults, based on natural abilities and the ways to their realization given by destiny. + $40 or $120 (without a personal horoscope)

Ascertaining which stones and metals are helpful or harmful for you.+ $50

Compatibility of partners for love, marriage, or for business
Description of the relationship, the positive and negative sides of the interaction, as well as the optimal models for behaviour with each other. Consultation is more effective with the presence of both partners (not mandatory). $200

Determination of the best time to start a business or other ventures
Taking cosmic rhythms into consideration is a necessary part of success. For such things as company registration, signing of important contracts, weddings, etc. $100

Determination of the best time for a child’s conception
A half year schedule taking into consideration the preferred gender of the child. $100


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