There is a myth that runes were created by the supreme Scandinavian god Odin. They were created after Odin spent 9 days suspended on the World Tree where he had hung himself. At the end of this ordeal he saw runes which he then brought to the world. Runes became oracles for the people. Runes include 25 elements; one of them is an empty rune – the rune of Odin. It is believed that the tradition of runes was discontinued in the 17th century and that it resurfaced about 30 years ago.

Runes are unbelievably powerful; those who are initiated can see that. I would not recommend taking them lightly. Runes need to be respected. Runes are used not only for fortune-telling but for healing and ritualistic practice as well. As for me, I don’t use runes often in fortune-telling; I prefer Tarot cards. I ask runes very important questions that can be answered with a “yes” or a “no”. By the way, runes may answer inconclusively. It happens if they don’t want to respond or the situation isn’t clear yet and might have different outcomes. From time to time when I need to choose the best of several possibilities, I also ask them.

A real-life example.
This is a light-hearted but a good example of how runes work. We moved to a new apartment (our last move when living in Russia). We had a choice of two days for the move – the following Saturday or a week after that. The latter seemed a better option, but I looked at my runes and pulled out a good rune for the following Saturday and a negative rune for the other one. The unfavorable rune had the name “Laguz” meaning Water. A reverse position of this rune means trouble with water. I didn’t really pay attention to that. So we moved on that first Saturday, and on my first night in the new place I woke up at 4 a.m. because of a strange noise. I found out that a water tank hose in the washroom has disconnected (nobody could explain how it could have happened), and the water gushed out onto the floor. We blocked the water and managed not to flood our neighbours. You can imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t moved that day…with nobody at the apartment, and without insurance, we could have suffered quite a loss.

Now I don’t use runes to find out about trivialities like the one described above. I work with them extensively in healing and rituals. Runes are multifunctional. For example, mentioned above is the rune “Laguz” which helps with osteochondrosis’ treatment. Rune “Jera” stabilizes blood pressure, “Bercana” cures women’ sterility, etc… Furthermore, I use runes in the cleansing of apartments/houses to burn negative energy and install protection. By the way, runes are indispensable for protection of your property against thieves, regardless of whether it is a house, a car or your belongings left on the beach that are at stake. Moreover, runes are used for making talismans (for a long trip, for example). As a rule, my runes work together with Tarot and energy.


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