About Thaya

Hello! I am Thaya.

Now I live in Canada, in the wonderful city of Vancouver. I have been a professional astrologer for more than 20 years. My astrological education began in Russia in the early ‘80s (still Communist time), in “underground” groups. Pavel Globa was our “underground” teacher, though in those times he wasn’t famous like he is now. Being invisible was for the better: the further from KGB eyes the healthier. Astrology has never been a matter of entertainment for me. It was more like life philosophy, and became work later. I tried a lot of different professions in my life. In Moscow I worked as an economist, computer business analyst, accountant and realtor. Having moved to Canada, I added more “exciting” occupations to the list: cleaner, banquet server, pizza delivery, salesperson, accountant again, logistics. Between all these numerous professions astrology and healing were always my favorite.

Many years ago, when it became not enough just to predict, I engaged in studying Tarot cards, runes, energy healing and Cabbala (to be able to change destiny). I am not a classic psychic, although when I diagnose I can “see” with my hands. For predictions I need my assistants: astrology or Tarot or runes. They provide the maximum accuracy.

This website, in its initial version (purely astrological), was created a while ago. Its purpose was educational only. I am not happy about the place astrology holds in our world (especially the Western world). I am disappointed that this ancient science has been reduced to entertainment. The only solution for this situation is to give people as much information as possible. That’s why I teach astrological classes in the Vancouver School Board, write articles and books, and have produced an instructional DVD, etc.
In my healing practice I also help people in their search for health, happiness and a spiritual path.

I will be glad to receive your responses and suggestions: thaya@thayastar.com

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