Classes / Workshops

Thaya offers private tutoring online on subjects of: Astrology, Tarot Cards, Runes and Energy Healing. 60 or 90 minutes lessons.

Classes in Winter/Spring 2020 in  Ridge Meadows College, Maple Ridge, BC

Energy Healing

This kind of healing has been well-known and used for ages, though sometimes forgotten and then rediscovered. Discover chakra healing and balancing, aura protection, the power of trees and minerals, importance of moon cycles, working with nature’s spirits and much more.
30000        W        Feb 5-26        7:00-9:00pm
40000        W        Apr 8-29        7:00-9:00pm
$99/4 sessions

For registration call: 604-466-6555

Classes in Winter/Spring 2020 in Mission Leisure Center, BC

Astrology for Your Well-Being

4 sessions, 2 hours each. Thursdays, Feb 20 – Mar 12, 6:30 – 8:30pm, $55+tax.

This course is related to a medical aspect of astrology. You will learn about:  concepts of metabolism and naturopathic treatments for different signs, correspondence between body parts and Zodiac signs, moon phases and much more.

Participants will benefit from the ability to expand their knowledge about the most balanced life style for each Zodiac sign (including diet and physical activities), and to use  practical astrology in everyday life for well-being, inner harmony and longevity.

For registration call 604-820-5350


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