A boy or a girl?

This page is for those who take a conscious approach to conception.

By analyzing and matching the correct planetary rhythms, one can, with a high degree of probability, plan for the gender of baby one conceives.  Traditionally, astrologers use the moon’s rhythms, but I take into consideration another three indicators as well: lunar days , the stars, and the aspects of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. I do this because I believe that the health of the future child is more important than the sex.

I have had a lot of experience in planning pregnancies. Following the instructions which I gave them, many of my clients have already given birth to the sons or daughters they wanted. This method works well. Its efficiency is usually acknowledged to be around 87%; I have found that my success tends to be a bit higher, closer to 90-93%. Here are two examples: one successful and one not.

Once a Muslim woman from Turkistan came to me. She already had four children, but wanted one more. The problem was that all of her children were girls. She was very worried because it was of paramount importance to her husband to have an heir (a male child), and in fact, he had already taken a second wife in an attempt to father a son. Naturally this was a shock for my client. However, she didn’t seem to be the type of a quiet person who just gives up. She was a very rational woman, with a university degree in technology and an extremely practical approach towards her situation.

My client decided, therefore, to find a way to give birth to a boy. That is how she came to see me. When I made a horoscope for her and her husband, I saw a surprising picture. It was clear from their charts that the woman would naturally give birth mostly to boys, but the man – to girls. So, the ‘problem’ was with him, not her. However, the situation was not absolutely hopeless. They could have a boy, but only at a later date, and only if her husband changed his desperate attitude about the birth of a boy. As long as having an heir was a life or death issue for him, his wish would not be fulfilled.

 I made a schedule for the boy’s conception, which the woman could use in a year, and warned her that if she used it earlier, she would either give birth to a girl, or there would be complications with the pregnancy. I knew this because I could see that her husband’s prospects for having children were unfavorable in the near future. But the woman could not wait, because she was so worried about the second wife giving birth to a boy first. She begged me to make the schedule for an earlier period, and I, unfortunately, gave in. Nothing good came of it. The woman became pregnant, early genetic analysis showed that she was carrying a girl, so she had an abortion. During that same period, the second wife had a miscarriage. In this case the situation totally depended on the husband, and for him, all he cared about was himself.

I must mention here that even if your horoscope shows that you will have mostly girls, you still can give birth to a boy, and vice versa.

At the beginning of my astrological career another family came to me. They wanted a girl very much. I constructed charts for the husband and the wife. It turned out that both of them could have only boys. Moreover, their previous marriages confirmed it. The woman had a boy from her first marriage, and the man had 2 boys from his. At the time I worked with them, I hadn’t used this method for a long time and did not have complete confidence in it. Therefore, I said to them honestly: “Your case is very difficult. There is a 20% probability that everything will be OK. But nevertheless let’s try.” This couple was very determined and persistent. They stuck to the schedule I gave them to the minute. And they had the girl they were yearning for. I felt the victory was mine as well.

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