Is it love or..?

Let’s talk about romantic relationships.

This is an important part of life for everyone. We all interact with each other, trying to understand our friends and relatives and wanting to be understood by them. We don’t always achieve this, but we always try.

There is a reason that astrology has a separate branch that deals with compatibility between horoscopes. When looked at in a more general light this can refer to any type of relationship, whether it be in business, sports, casual friendships, partnerships, love,  or anything where people will be interacting with each other over a prolonged period of time. This can offer a kind of psychological help.

Not everyone has similar views on love. Everyone gives love in their own way and wants to receive it in a way that they can absorb it. Let’s say you have Venus in Pisces, but your partner has Venus in Aries. This means that romantically, you are idealistic, dreamy, and very sensitive. You are also affectionate and sometimes sentimental. You focus more on the platonic part of the relationship than the physical part of the relationship. Your partner on the other hand, is very active, energetic, pushy, often rough, and wants everything ASAP if not before. Half measures are not enough for him; he never compromises. Clearly, a relationship in this case would be difficult, and harmony is far away. But that is not necessarily a reason to look for another, more “suitable” partner. There is a good reason that you “got stuck with” this particular partner. Relationships can be very positive for both of you, as long as your partner respects your sensitivity, and you see and accept him as he is, and not as you wish he were. In fact, the astrologer can give many other recommendations in this type of case, according to the positions of the other planets in each individual situation.

It is a common belief that people with opposing Sun signs (e.g. Aries & Libra, or Leo & Aquarius) are not compatible. This is not necessarily so. These people may have some personality conflicts, but they can still complement each other wonderfully.

Compatibility in marriage should be viewed on at least 4 levels: sexual, emotional, spiritual and karmic. If you have a good connection on the first two levels but nothing on the third and forth, then you will have a pleasant and easy marriage in terms of your day to day existence. However, if you have the same wonderful sexual and emotional relationship, but with a difficult connection on the karmic level, then sooner or later you will have problems in your marriage.

There are also karmic marriages. They differ from “ordinary” marriages in that the partners knew each other in previous lives (though were not necessarily married), but died leaving something unfinished between them. Therefore, in this life they have an important common goal: to complete what was left unfinished. As a rule, it is difficult for this type of couple to separate. Even if this type of marriage does end, the partners continue to feel connected to each other for a long time.

It is also very interesting to examine the compatibility of co-workers in a job situation. Because of this, some of the large firms in Russia include an astrologer in their human resources department. We’ve all seen how one person with a “bad attitude” can bring down the mood and functioning of a whole office if nothing is done about it. This is particularly true if that person’s horoscope is in conflict with the firm’s horoscope. It’s also true, however, that often people with similar problems attract each other.

For example:
I once analyzed the horoscopes of the owners of a company in which I worked. All three people, as well as their company, had the same problem – with various municipal departments. I saw the same positions of Jupiter and the Black Moon through all the charts. Day after day, I kept predicting that the revenue inspectors would be investigating them. As is often the case, no one paid attention to what I was saying. Yet, on the day I had indicated, they called me in a panic, while hiding in their barricaded office, and asked: “When will the inspectors go away?”

You can find more information about romantic compatibility of different signs on the page Articles: Astrology of Relationships. 



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