Healing Rocks

In addition to the gem-talismans, I also began making talismans from ordinary rocks which can keep energy for a long period of time. I paint them and put healing energy in them, making my healing rocks partly art and partly “witchcraft”.

To make them especially powerful I use rune-scripts made of amazing ancient artifacts – Scandinavian runes. To learn more about runes go to the page Runes.

Healing rocks can be created for different purposes: protection (home; car; etc.), love, prosperity and inspiration. There are also special talismans for Zodiac signs which serve two purposes: to emphasize the strong qualities of the sign and to help improve some qualities that might be missing. We belong to the different signs and we are all different; nobody is perfect. But all of us can improve our personalities and achieve balance.

For example: for a Scorpio sign I’ll create a rune-script that will emphasize its strong qualities: amazing survival skills, determination and intuition; and will help in improving something missing: tolerance, light-heartedness and patience.

Real life examples.
For the building in which we used to live, in addition to the regular protection, I painted a protection stone and put it by the entrance door. There was a time when our district was disturbed by a lot of break-ins. There were two attempts at breaking into our building but both were unsuccessful. Later on when the environment in our little community became too tense, I reprogrammed the rock and added something new: “Let anyone who is not living in harmony with others leave this place”. Shortly after, one of the neighbors, who had brought us some trouble, sold her place. Unfortunately, just one…

Another example is about a protection talisman for a car. One of my clients asked me to make a talisman for her husband who is a truck driver and spends most of his time on the road. A little rock was put in a bag and attached to the driver’s seat. For a few years everything was OK, but then the truck was involved in a horrible accident. Two huge trucks got into a front impact on a narrow road. My client’s truck was fully destroyed. The other truck went into a ditch and overturned. The strange thing in this accident was that no one was killed or injured.
The energy put into a rock can’t stay strong forever; it has to be renewed. In the case of this talisman it wasn’t renewed but it had enough power to protect the driver. The left side of the cabin was smashed to nothing, but the driver’s side was intact. The driver didn’t get even a small injury. A miracle?

Healing rocks should be treated with respect. It is better not to let other people touch them. They need to be placed in certain places where they can do a better job. They like being held by the owner. We can even talk to them.
Sometimes when I pass somebody’s property and see a nice stone, my hands are itching to paint something there and make it a protection rock. The size of a rock doesn’t really matter: it is what kind of energy you put there is important.

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