Astrological Forecast for 2018

Generally, 2018 will be different from previous years; in particular, much calmer. According to the Chinese calendar 2018 is the year of the Yellow Earthy Dog. Earth element is repeated twice: as an element, plus dog is a creature related to a Virgo sign (also earth element), the symbol of service. Earth is a very stable and sturdy element. Stability is confirmed with the fact that there are very few stressful aspects in the next year.

According to the numerological code, the number of the year is two (2+0+1+8 = 11 = 2). Two is the number of the Moon, a passive planet, deep into the inner world and not inclined to rush actions. If we take 11, then we’ll get the number of Proserpina, a planet unknown in Western astrology. Proserpina is a planet of deep inner changes; however, those changes happen not in a rush but slowly.

There are expected to be much fewer natural disasters in 2018 than in previous years. If any catastrophes happen, they will likely be man-made.

Despite the generally positive background, there will be a few stressful moments in 2018. First of all, there are eclipses. The lunar eclipse of January 31st and a solar one for February 15th don’t carry seriously negative energy. However, the summer eclipses will be completely different.

Instead of two usual eclipses in a row, we’ll witness three: the solar one (July 12), lunar (July 27) and solar again (August 11). By the way, we almost won’t be able to see them in Vancouver (which is good for us). These eclipses carry a lot of different energies, including some that are pretty negative. Almost all planets will be involved in the July 12 eclipse, and, in addition, there will be an unfavorable star, Castor (in the Gemini constellation). The influence of this problematic star can bring emotional instability and aggressiveness as well as explosions and fires. The aspect of an opposition from Pluto doesn’t improve the picture but, on the contrary, adds confrontations. Fortunately, there are also a lot of stabilizing aspects at this time which helps smooth the situation. One thing this that time is unquestionably good for: changes of location, moving.

On the contrary, changes are contraindicated around the eclipse of July 27th: emotions might be on edge that increases the danger of car accidents. The situation will stay the same for the August eclipse but the number of unmotivated aggression will even rise.

After we pass the eclipses, the rest of the year will be much calmer. A rare moment of “turbulence” might occur only in the first ten days of November. 2018 is very favorable for positive changes in political and financial spheres, and in the education systems as well as attracting attention to spiritual development. Unfortunately, there is more bad than good in predictions, because the human mind is made in such a way that we pay more attention to the negative than the positive.

I must mention several critical days related to a conjunction of Black Moon to Mars and Pluto. In those days (April 18 – 25 and August 8 – 12) everything evil that may be dwelling in human souls can come to the surface. Even the beginning of military operations is possible in the mentioned days. Planet Pluto is also related to nuclear energy and mass riots. The second half of May will have the same kind of energies.

Let’s talk now about planetary influences on Zodiac signs. Pluto, a planet of collective energy, seriously settled down in Capricorn but will influence only those who were born on January 8 – 12. Pluto gives a huge amount of energy for actions but can also demand a complete personal transformation. His influence on Taurus’ and Virgos, born in the middle of their signs, is very favorable. Below I’ll have one warning for Capricorns.

The mystical planet Neptune will strongly influence Pisces born on March 1 – 7. Some of those people will receive inspiration, increasing intuition and creativity; others might experience anxiety, confusion and an inability to think clearly. For other water signs (Cancer and Scorpio) Neptune will be totally positive.

A planet of changes, Uranus radically changes his position: moving from Aries to Taurus. Aries’ usually are ready for adventures but not Taurus’, who value stability a lot. For Taurus’ born in the very beginning of the sign (April 20 – 23), Uranus passing their Sun might be pretty stressful. The mentioned Taurus’ should be ready for changes in the period from May till October. In November Uranus will return to Aries for a short period of time which grants Taurus’ a respite – but not for long.

Saturn (like Pluto) will stay in Capricorn for two years but will influence different representatives of this sign: those born on December 23 – 31 and January 1 – 2. Saturn is a strict planet and demands a serious attitude toward life. His energy won’t be positive for Cancers, Libras and Aries’ born in the first half of their signs.

It looks like Capricorns in the upcoming year will be subject to the biggest amount of planetary influence. Now there is a warning: Capricorns born on January 10 – 12 should reread the paragraph about a conjunction of Black Moon with Pluto and Mars because this will concern them. In the above-mentioned times be very careful with weapons, explosives and radiation and check the level of your aggression.

Moon nodes, which have a direct relation to our karma, will be “stuck” in one degree from January till March. This will bring Taurus’ (born on May 4 – 5) and Scorpios (November 6 – 7) a lingering period of paying karmic debts (if they have any). Your freewill might be limited. This kind of transit also can affect energy levels.

Jupiter, bringing positive energy, will move to the next sign (from Scorpio to Sagittarius) pretty late, only in November. It will give Scorpios born in the second half of the sign an excellent opportunity of increasing their prestige and improving their career/financial situation. Jupiter promises help to Sagittarius’ born in the first half of the sign, but only at the end of 2018.

If we look at the big scale of evolution of mankind in the next year, there will be the task of elimination of fears. Fears and ignorance are the main enemies of humans that push them into darkness. Fear alienates people; fear obscures reality with illusions.

2018 will also be the Year of the Woman, which is why it has a numerological code of the Moon with strong female energy. However, in this case this is not a passive female; this will be an independent, brave, confident woman, capable of creating her own unique life. At the same time, she is not “an iron lady”…

I sincerely wish that everyone finds true Love as well as health and peace of mind.

Happy New Year!


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