Astrological Forecast for 2019

According to the Chinese calendar, 2019 is the year of the Earth Pig. As usual, it will begin with the first new moon of Aquarius: February 5th (Vancouver time). The Pig is a practical and persistent creature that will dig ground enthusiastically. The fact that Earth is the year’s element adds attention to financial affairs as well as health improvement.

In numerology the number of the year is 2+0+1+9 = 12 =3. Three is the number of Mars, a pretty energetic and active planet, and sometimes also belligerent. It is unlikely that there will be serious military conflicts in 2019 because there is no indication for that in planetary aspects. However, it is impossible to give exact world predictions based on astrology only. For the success of this task one should also be a gifted clairvoyant. What is clear about the upcoming year is that it will stir all limply-going processes and spur on towards necessary changes, especially in a political area.

There will be five eclipses in 2019. Astrology pays a lot of attention to eclipses because they are related directly to karma of the whole mankind. Since humankind behaves, frankly speaking, not positively, eclipses usually bring nothing good.

January eclipses: solar on the 5th and lunar on the 20th (Vancouver time) – look to be the most negative of them all. The solar eclipse, with five important planets in Capricorn, will be difficult for the human emotional condition. It also will evoke a number of events in order to shift attention to life priorities. However, this time will be very favorable for creative people. The lunar eclipse brings more aggressive energies. There is increased danger of injuries around the eclipse; also, people who use power only for selfish purposes might get serious life lessons.

Two July eclipses (2nd and 16th) look pretty harmless, as does the December one (25th). The last solar eclipse of the upcoming year, which happens exactly on Christmas day, can actually bring a lot of positivity to some people (especially Capricorns).

The main planets active in 2019 are Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Neptune rules oil, and is making different kinds of aspects to the other two mentioned planets, which can influence leaps in oil prices. Those prices might go up in the middle of January, then suddenly go down by the end of the month, stabilize and jump up again in September. There will be a lot of lying in politics (although it is always seems like that). The middle of December will be an excellent time for bringing up or, more likely, completing reforms in governmental and educational structures. Interest in spirituality will be still increasing, making the creation of new spiritual organizations probable.

Now about Zodiac signs: Capricorns are “favorites” of the Zodiac (did you notice the quotation marks?). Fooling around with Pluto and Saturn in your sign just isn’t possible. The best that you can do is take life seriously and yourself with humor. If you are a business person, this year is for you. You form the goals and the ways to their achievement (Saturn helps here), and Pluto gives the energy for those achievements. Pluto will be in conjunction with the Sun for people born on January 11 – 14. This conjunction is perceived differently by everyone. People with weak willpower might feel like they’ve been hit by a steamroller. Those who have a strong spirit will have vast openings for personal transformation. Saturn will border Capricorns born from the 1st to the 12th of January. For a period of one to two months you might have feelings of loneliness and isolation and think it impossible to act freely. The best strategy for this time is setting up of priorities and long-term planning.

Pisces born on March 5 – 9 will be subjects to Neptune’s strong influence. You might experience unexplained longing for something big and beautiful. It is a good time for learning spiritual practices. Trust your intuition more. Pisces born in February will have wonderful possibilities for positive changes in life. Generally speaking, the upcoming year is favorable for all Pisces.

2019 will be, however, an uneasy year for Aries’. A lot of pressure from outside; even exacerbation of chronic illnesses is possible. In addition to that, this is a time for paying karmic debts (if you have any). All the above won’t concern Aries’ born at the very end of the sign (April 17 – 20). Uranus’ return into your sign for a short time in January-February will let people born in those days complete the necessary changes in their life as well as in their character. If you still haven’t gotten rid of unneeded things, it is time to do that now.

Starting from March, Taurus’ born on April 21 – 27 will begin feeling the influence of Uranus, the planet bringing surprises, which won’t make them happy. Taurus is the sign that generally doesn’t welcome changes. However, in this case you should be ready for them. Thanks to the participation of two other planets, Pluto and Saturn, you could be able to build a majestic palace on the place of a demolished hut.

Sagittarius’ born from the 4th till the 22nd of December will get advantages thanks to the positive energy of Jupiter which stays in your sign till December. Only at the end of 2019 can Capricorns born in December get help from Jupiter. Jupiter’s influence mostly concerns career and finances but also helps in areas of real estate and education.

Planets generally bring good influences to Scorpios. The only exception is Uranus: when he moves to Taurus in March, Scorpios born in October might get “shaken”. Changes falling down on your head will be unexpected and mostly unwanted. Fortunately, this stressful period won’t last long.

The influence of Pluto and Saturn on Libras and Cancers will be, unfortunately, negative. In order to achieve your wishes you will have to overcome a lot of obstacles. Of course, not all representatives of these signs fall under these aspects. Those who were born in the beginning of signs shouldn’t be concerned. Many Libras will also go through a period of paying karmic debts.

The majority of Virgos will find their life stable and full of impressive possibilities.  However, Neptune might befog the heads of Virgos born on September 6 – 11. You, who are used to sensibility, planning and stability, suddenly may give in to doubts and complexes. Don’t let illusions mist your clear thinking.

Geminis, Leos and Aquarius’ will be the least prone to any planetary influences, although Jupiter will send Leos and Aquarius’ some positive energy for achieving success. Unfortunately, Geminis will get nothing from this planet.

As for nature catastrophes in 2019, there is no indication in astrology regarding them. However, they can’t be excluded because, thanks to the climate change where humankind has done its share, fires and floods are still on the agenda, as well as landslides. The most important global task for mankind in 2019 is caring for nature and Mother Earth in general.

Happy New Year to everybody!


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