Astrological Forecast for 2021

Probably, we never waited so much for the end of a particular year hoping that on January first all the bad stuff would be left behind. Everyone knows there were heaps of bad stuff in 2020. Actually it was pretty much like the year of the Rat: bring supplies to the den and quietly sit there without sticking our noses outside. 2021 will be the year of the White Metallic Ox, but it will begin pretty late – on February 11 (12), the first new moon of Aquarius. Think about the associations: if the iron Rat ran over us with an asphalt roller, what are we to expect from the hefty Ox? Don’t be scared though: next year is expected to be much better.

First of all, the restrictions will gradually disappear. In 2020 three far planets were located in the sign of Capricorn, which led to limitations on freedom. Now there is only Pluto. Saturn and Jupiter have settled in Aquarius, a very freedom-loving sign of changes. Winter will probably be tough but starting in spring we’ll be able to breathe.

January looks pretty negative. Planetary aspects show possibilities of accidents, unmotivated aggression, use of power to the detriment of people (not in the USA only, but in some other countries as well), and even total insanity within certain segments of the population. February also won’t be cheerful. In 2021 a Saturn-Uranus rendezvous begins, which involves some hard aspects. These planets are diametrically opposite in energies: Saturn is resilience, stability and conservatism; Uranus is changes, transformation and adventurism. Because these planets are far away, they form long cycles. The first square aspect between Uranus and Saturn will occur in the middle of February, the second one in the middle of June and the third at the end of December. In the periods between them, with the peak on the indicated dates, the world will be shaken, especially in the areas of economy and politics. At the same time, the possibility of earthquakes can’t be ruled out either.

It is clear for everyone that the coronavirus has put many countries in super-dire financial straits that won’t get better right away. Actually, before it gets better it can get worse. There will be no financial stability at the global level next year. As for individuals, those who can adapt and save money will feel best. Also, irreconcilable feuds between conservatives and reformers on the political\public arena are expected. It will become absolutely clear that old methods and approaches don’t work, just as the isolation policy doesn’t work. However, fundamental conservatives won’t want to part with what is customary. How it all will end, we have to see.

As I mentioned, it will be easier starting in spring. Critical moments may arise, especially in July and August, but they won’t last long. Will COVID-19 disappear?  I don’t know; probably, not, because humankind hasn’t learnt the lesson. People will just adjust. According to the cosmic plan, the virus should have disappeared as suddenly as it appeared…but only if humanity would change the course of its development (especially concerning the destruction of the planet and our selves). As we can see, that hasn’t happened on a massive scale.

As for the good news: in the beginning of the year the borders will start to open; in April laws favorable to all may be passed (possibly, only in some countries).

According to the numerological code, 2021 comes to number 5, the number of Jupiter. There is a big difference with the number 22 (of 2020). The as-yet-undiscovered planet Vulcan is associated with the number 22, the planet of cosmic law; the law that fell with force on our heads. But Jupiter is perhaps the most favorable of all the planets. It is a planet of prosperity, expansion of horizons, education and travel. We will get out of the mouse den in 2021.

Astrologers also love to talk about eclipses. There will be only four next year: in May, June, November and December. I consider only the solar eclipse on June 10th negative, because it happens at the exact square between Uranus and Saturn. If at this time the financial component collapses, the people’s minds can “blow off the roof”. I do not recommend planning anything at this period of time and it is better to refrain from impulsive actions.

As always in the last years, I draw out one rune for a general description of the year. This time the rune Eiwaz (Yew) fell out, the rune of the tree of life, the world tree of the Scandinavians. In general, this rune is positive, meaning a life anew, new beginnings at the end of the old path and leaving the unnecessary.  Since the yew is the tree from which the Scandinavians made arrows and spears, it has to do with protection and self-preservation as well. In 2021, many will have to go through trials to overcome their fear, the fear that destroys. Fear is the energy that prevailed on Earth in 2020; later anger and hatred were added to it. They will also have to be dealt with.

Rune Eiwaz works well only for those who believe in God, higher powers and the wisdom of the Universe. It connects heaven and earth. Looking to the sky, we must not forget about the one who feeds us, Mother Earth. Next year we will have to learn a lot about how to balance our lives. We also have to learn patience, because it will not be possible to receive everything immediately and in unlimited abundance.

Usually in my annual reviews I give some brief information regarding the signs of the zodiac. This time, I decided not to. Instead, I will address the signs in my monthly forecasts, which I completely abandoned in the past. Monthly forecasts will appear on my website.

With love and gratitude,



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