Astrological Forecast for 2017

If you are interested in Chinese astrology, you know already that 2017 will be the year of the Fire Rooster. Just the image by itself gives an impression of serious activity and drive. A year of the Rooster will begin as usual in the first new moon of Aquarius: January 28th.

Since I practice a traditional astrology, that is what my forecast is based upon. However, we’ll start with numerology. According to the numerological code, 2017 has the number 10 (2+1+7) or 1. 10 is the number of Pluto and 1 is the number of the Sun. Both are very strong and creative numbers. According to my sixth sense, 2017 stands a bit apart and will be pretty unique. It is difficult to say if it will be better, however, in many ways it will be more positive than a few previous years. What is absolutely clear is that in the year of the Fire Rooster it is pointless to sit and wait for some favours from the outside world; we need to get into action ourselves.

Natural elements will still be unbalanced in the coming year. In this case it will especially concern the elements of Fire and Water. There will be a horrible heat and drought in some regions, and floods (too much water) in others. By the way, countries with big resources of drinking water (like Canada) will be in an adventurous position.

2017 in comparison with the previous years is not so rich of planetary influences. The most important aspect will be a Pluto-Jupiter square. This is the second aspect of this kind. It showed itself the first time in November 2016 by the mass dissatisfaction of the USA Presidential election results. The discord between authorities and people will continue and will enter an acute phase in March and August. Those two months are expected to be the most difficult.

A financial crash is not probable. Oil prices might stay more or less stable. There is a big possibility of a power switch or huge changes in the governmental structures in some countries.

January is expected to be calm and somewhat pleasant. The stresses will start from February. In February we’ll have two eclipses: lunar on the 10th and solar on the 26th. Both eclipses are very negative, especially the solar one. Spontaneous emotional reactions and uncontrolled aggressiveness will increase. Conflicts on religious grounds can happen in February and/or March. Media information won’t be trustworthy.

March carries a negative tendency from February. A discontent of people towards the government might lead to serious changes in some countries. Rash financial decisions are not recommended in March. By the end of April the situation will get smoother, and May might become the best month of the year. The changes which have to be made would happen and relative stability will begin to show (that’s exactly what we all want, isn’t it?).

There is one more stress moment in August and the beginning of September. Two eclipses will happen in August: a lunar eclipse on the 7th and a solar one on the 21st. The square aspect between Pluto and Jupiter will return at the same time. The tendencies might be the same as in March but an eclipse in human minds will be stronger. The end of the year is expected to be pretty calm, without serious planetary influences.

Now about Zodiac signs. Pluto, whose role is increasing a lot in 2017, is still located in Capricorn. Of course, it will concern not all Capricorns but only those who were born on January 6 – 10: for you this year is super important; it may bring a reconstruction of your entire life. Try to use a powerful Plutonian energy in right ways. Pluto will give energy for actions to other earth signs: Virgo and Taurus.

Pisces born on February 27 – 29 and March 1 – 5 will feel the influence of Neptune during the whole year. Your intuition and possibly also interest in spirituality will increase a lot. However, you also might start daydreaming and lose the ground under your feet. Neptune is favourable for Cancers and Scorpios: he strengthens their creative abilities.

Uranus, a planet of changes, deprives Aries’ born on April 9 – 18 of stability in life. You really enter the stage of big alterations in life, and it is better to accept them. Leos and Sagittarius’ will welcome changes but Cancers, Libras and Capricorns might be holding to stability, although with almost no success.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, will stay in Sagittarius for the biggest part of the year and only at the end of the year will move to Capricorn (his realm). Sagittarius’ born on December 12 – 21 may have a one-two month’s period of limitations, revaluation of life priorities and loneliness. At the end of the year Saturn will start “bugging” Capricorns born in the very beginning of the sign.

Jupiter, which was considered a planet of “big luck” in ancient astrology, will move from Libra to Scorpio in October. In accordance with this information, Libras should hurry up with their efforts for improving a career/financial situation, and Scorpios should wait.

Generally speaking 2017 is expected to be pretty good, despite some problematic moments. And when have we managed to go without them?

Happy New Year!


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