Astrological Forecast for 2023

2023 won’t start new cycles but will continue with the old ones. Generally speaking, the New Year will be easier that the previous one; not full of terrible events. There are a few tense planetary aspects but only spring eclipses and the month of July, in my opinion, can bring negativity. Of course, it is not the stars that create problems on Earth; people manage to do that themselves perfectly fine. I am talking in this forecast only about general trends: specific countries (and people) need personal horoscopes.

According to the Chinese horoscope, 2023 is the year of the Water Rabbit, and will begin in the first Aquarius’ new moon, on January 21 – 22. The Chinese love the Rabbit and consider it to bring longevity and prosperity. I don’t use the Chinese calendar, and the rabbit seems to me to be an extremely fussy animal. The New Year will also bring a lot of fuss, often meaningless. The Rabbit is also quite prolific; obviously, the belief in financial well-being rests on this. However, Western astrology also indicates that finances will be in better condition than in the previous year.

According to numerology, 2023 has the number of Saturn – 7 (2+2+3), which also promises relative stability. Let’s remember that Saturn is the Lord of Karma as well, so…many people, nations and countries will pay for what they did earlier.

In astrology, attention is always paid to the transition of distant planets from sign to sign. In March 2023, Pluto moves from Capricorn to Aquarius. Pluto has a cycle of 247.7 year, is responsible for the collective energies, and his transition to another sign is a significant event. COVID and serious restrictions associated with it happened with Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in Capricorn, a conservative sign that doesn’t allow much freedom. Then the planets, except Pluto, left Capricorn, and infringements to our freedom gradually disappeared. They lasted the longest in China, the country of Capricorn.

And now Pluto finally moves to Aquarius, although not for long: he will return to Capricorn in June. Even in this short period, we will feel a change of energy. Aquarius is a freedom-loving and independent sign; it doesn’t like to be framed. It is called the sign of anarchists not for nothing. Liberty, equality, fraternity is its motto. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius in the second half of the 18th century, but he was discovered only in the 20th century.  The very far planets are discovered only when humanity acquires the ability to perceive their energy.

During Pluto’s last sojourn in Aquarius, the French Revolution and the creation of the United States of America as a union of independent territories took place. This time the planet of transformation will linger in Aquarius for 20 years, during which the organizational structures of many countries, as well as international relations in general, will change. The Aquarian energies are in opposition to autocracy and dictatorship, therefore the regimes that restrict freedom of citizens will cease to exist. Some of the above will happen as early as 2023, but the main process will unfold later, in two years, when Pluto permanently moves to Aquarius.

Saturn also changes its sign: from Aquarius to Pisces, and Jupiter also won’t stay in one place (he spends time in one sign only for a year). Auspicious Jupiter until mid-May gives his positive energy to Aries and, after, to Taurus. It makes sense for these two signs to pay attention to Jupiter’s cycle in order to properly plan their career and financial affairs.

In January and February there are no serious planetary influences – we can rest; in March they are mixed, but in April – May we will face the eclipses: solar on April 19 – 20 and lunar on May 5th. The April eclipse carries a complex energy. It is most likely that changes in the world will begin around this time. These changes are for the better but they will be very difficult. A lot of previously closed and somewhat ugly information can suddenly spill out. The eclipse happens in an aggressive zodiac degree which may bring out anger or/and denial in people. However, nothing can stop the change.

Retribution for what has been done will unfold in full force in the eclipse corridor, from April 19 till May 5th. The lunar eclipse will also bring tense energy, but more in the psychological sphere. Many will be torn apart by internal conflicts and won’t know what to do with this. Those who firmly believe in good will be in a much better position. Representatives of the destructive forces, feeling that their time is running out, will try to stay in power in every possible way, using the influence on the minds and feelings of their “subjects”. Carefully filter the information – it is always good to do this but more so during the mentioned period.

We will just begin to recover after the eclipses, and more difficult planetary aspects will be added in the middle of June which will last until the end of July. On June 17 – 22 the conjunction of Mars and Black Moon can greatly increase unmotivated aggression (the aggressors, however, will always find an excuse for themselves). This aspect will especially affect Leos born on August 10 – 11. Either you yourself would show the increased aggression, or you will face it. I advise you to be very careful these days.

Mars will just start thinking that it would be good for everybody to live peacefully, but Uranus is there to make a square aspect to him, which might increase traumatic situations on June 25 – 26, especially from electricity, transport and technology.

But the most unpleasant aspect awaits us at the second half of July when the lunar nodes (an indicator of karma) form an extremely stressful aspect with Pluto. A few more tense and traumatic aspects adjoin them. Remember that Pluto is responsible for the collective energies? Both he and the nodes are in the 30th, final, degrees of the signs, which indicates completion and reckoning. It seems that there is no way of escaping the retribution of karmic debts (collective debts included). It can take a form of natural (or man-made) disasters. One of the symbols of the 30th degree of Capricorn (the degree where Pluto will be) is “A meteorite falling on the top of the mountain”. It is logical to assume the possibility of a volcanic eruption; however, earthquakes can’t be omitted either. If the necessity of revolutions in some countries is written in the stars, then they might happen in exactly this time.

Aligned with the above, there is a serious warning for people who have planets in the 30th degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn in their horoscopes. If this is the Sun, then it makes sense for Aries’ born on April 19 – 20, Cancers (21 – 22 and the morning of July 23rd), Libras (October 22 – 23) and Capricorns (January 19 – 20) to “keep a low profile” in this period. Avoid large crowds, explosive and radioactive substances as well as travelling. Due to the presence of karmic indicators, it will be difficult to do these, but try anyway.

By the end of summer, tensions will subside, and autumn looks pretty calm. By the end of the year, there even will be some light at the end of a tunnel, and people will regain hope for a better future.

Let’s celebrate the New Year with this hope in our hearts. A lot depends on our general mood.




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