Astrological forecast for June 2021

June promises to be an interesting month. In the country where I live, when people want (but can’t) say: “Oh, what a shitty situation!” they would say instead: “Eh…well, interesting”. This is as close to this month’s situation as can be.

We will start June with the eclipse corridor: between the lunar eclipse on May 26th and the solar one on June 10th. As I have already written many times, eclipses show the karma of all mankind and, as you can see, the karma of us humans, is…eh, well, very interesting. To add pepper to the karmic soup, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are already retrograde, Jupiter turns retrograde on June 22nd and Neptune will join him a little bit later.

Thanks to this massive retrogradeness, life will slow down somewhat, the changes (which we are waiting for) will stall and people will be forced to work on their mistakes. At the same time, Mars is in an active sign of Leo for most of the month and delays don’t please him at all, which can break through as aggression. Local wars that are already underway will likely continue. They can still be stopped in the very beginning of June; if this doesn’t happen, then shortly after the hostilities will resume.

The main astrological event of this month is the annular solar eclipse on June 10th. It is believed, that the greatest effect eclipses have, is on the areas where their shadows fall. This time the eclipse will be visible through most of Russia, in northern and eastern Canada, and Greenland. This eclipse carries negative energy. Saturn and Uranus are in a tense square aspect; the Sun, the Moon and Mercury are also in a square aspect with Neptune.

The confrontation between two unequal groups, into which humanity has divided, will continue. It is interesting that at the moment of the exact aspect, Saturn is in the degree of unexpected mass catastrophes, and Uranus is in the degree of peacemaking. Does it mean that people who cling to the old (seemingly stable but already impossible) and resist changes (the qualities of Saturn) will be the cause of numerous troubles? And that the progressive representatives of Uranus, who don’t accept restrictions and infringement of freedoms, will offer real solutions to problems? We all will have to see this. And perhaps the clarity will not come immediately.

Since Mercury at the time of eclipse is not only retrograde but also combust, this fact, combined with a tense aspect to Neptune (the planet of illusions), may suggest the appearance of many lies, going into wishful thinking instead of accepting reality, and an inability to hear each other. The most advanced part of humanity (unfortunately, a small part) has been shouting for a long time: “People, let’s live peacefully!”, but almost nobody hears them.

In the last ten days of the month the energy will be a bit better and, perhaps, alternatives will appear and agreements will be made. However, on June 30th (as well as July 1-2) we will need to be vigilant again: this is a traumatic time, especially on the roads and when working with equipment.

The main warning of this forecast is for Leos born on August 4 – 6, Scorpios (November 4 – 6), Aquarius’ (February 1 – 3) and Taurus (May 2 – 4): it is strongly recommended not to fly between June 8th and 20th; also please avoid elevated places (even screwing in a light bulb while standing on a stool can turn sideways) and get ready for the fact that nothing goes according to the intended plan (development of plans B, C & D is encouraged).

Geminis born on June 9 – 10 and Sagittarius’ born on December 10 – 11 will feel the most “eclipsed”. It isn’t recommended for these people (as well as everyone else) to start new business near the eclipse. What is good to do around this time is getting rid of unneeded things, including bad habits and addictions.

The lucky ones of this month are Pisces born on February 19 – 21. Jupiter, the planet of Fortune, will be in conjunction with your Sun throughout the entire month. If you have ambitious plans, it is time to put them into practice. The favourable energy of Jupiter can also be absorbed by Cancers born on June 22 – 23 and Scorpios (October 24 – 25).

On June 30th and the first two days of July it makes sense to be very careful for Scorpios born on November 3 – 5, Taurus’ (May 1 – 3), Aquarians (January 31 and February 1st) and Leos (August 3 – 5). You will have three days of increased possibility of accidents ahead of you. Be careful on the road and when working with machinery and sharp objects.

To end on a good note: after we pass the eclipses, we will have two or three (maybe even four) pleasant months. Do not forget that we all are in the same boat. What happens to one person, family, nation or planet, will affect everyone.


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