Astrological forecast for June 2017

June has pretty mixed planetary influences: positive and negative at the same time. The second half of the month might be the least favorable.

It is difficult staying unbiased and rational in the beginning of June (from 1st till 4th ). It will be easy to fall in love at first sight for Aries’ born on April 15 – 17, Leos (August 18 – 20) and Sagittarius’ (December 17 – 19). However, infatuation might pass quickly and by the 4th they may become pretty disappointed. Try not to get into arguments, which is not easy because any diplomatic skills will disappear at this time.

It makes sense for Geminis, whose birthday is on June 2 – 3, to postpone their birthday celebration this year: the people you would like to celebrate with may not bring the good feelings you expect.

June 9th is an excellent day for romance.

In the middle of the month planetary energies will be more tense than pleasant. No big trouble is expected but the sense of uneasiness and disharmony will linger.

19 – 23 of June might bring deception, illusions and confusion. This especially concerns Pisces born on March 3 – 5, Virgos (September 5 – 7), Geminis (June 4 – 5) and Sagittarius’ (December 5 – 6). These people shouldn’t make decisions on those days because their clear vision will be obscured by a dark cloud.

The 29th isn’t a good day for individuals who work with the public (speakers, public relations, politicians etc). People won’t hear you or will misunderstand your words.

June 30th might not be a favorable day for personal relations. However, it won’t concern everyone but just those who have some karmic issues in this area. Disappointments in the love sphere are possible for Taurus’ born on May 15 – 16 and Scorpios (November 15 – 16).

In my forecast for the year of 2017, I wrote about a square aspect between Pluto and Jupiter which will repeat itself three times. Jupiter rules power and governments, and Pluto rules people and collective energy of nations. Generally this aspect brings people’s dissatisfaction with those in power to the surface. The first Pluto-Jupiter aspect happened in November 2016. We all remember pretty well the disappointment surrounding the US presidential election. This was reinforced by the second square in March-April.

The last aspect will occur in the beginning of August. I thought it might bring impeachment for Donald Trump; however, August is vacation time, so it will be unlikely to happen then. A big rise in the public’s anger might occur earlier: in June or July. We will see…


This time I also decided to ask the Tarot cards for a piece of advice regarding what will be important for us in June. From a deck of Cabbalistic Tarot I’ve pulled a four of swords reversed.

This is the message: Be very careful about actions you are willing to take. Now is not the time to rush. Actions, not carefully thought through, might bring grief or disappointment in the future. However, if your hesitation is caused by low self-confidence or cowardice, don’t try to find excuses.


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