Astrological Forecast for May 2021

Unfortunately, the respite will end in the second half of May. We will enter the so-called eclipse corridor: the lunar eclipse will occur on May 26 and the solar one on June 10. Both look pretty negative. The beginning of the month is still calm, although the 2nd and 3rd have unfavorable energy. Be careful on the roads when returning from the countryside in the first weekend of May.

But the energy will start completely changing for the worse after May 11th. We will approach the time of eclipse already emotionally unstable. The fear, supported by the media, will enter a critical phase. And fear, as you know, breeds aggression. When at the beginning of the COVID era, fear prevailed in the etheric field of the planet, now the energy of anger and aggression has come out on top. The confrontation between the two main groups, into which humanity was divided according to attitudes towards life during the coronavirus period, will turn into an abyss.

Eclipses are always associated with the karma of all mankind. The turn of Saturn (sometimes called the Lord of Karma) into retrograde will add to the karmic burden. A period of debt repayment begins – debts both individual and national. The second tense square aspect between Saturn and Uranus is also approaching. These two planets accurately describe the struggle between two unequal halves of humanity.

Saturn represents the conservative half, those who cling to the past and obsolete rules, want to restrict and limit freedom and are afraid. Uranus is the revolutionary part, freedom-loving, doubting the validity of established rules and restrictions and looking for new ways. There are many more representatives of Saturn now, but Uranus is beginning to gain strength. As a result, a great increase in protests against the existing situation is expected.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for the two mentioned groups to find a middle ground; they will often go into extremes which would rule out any reasonable agreement. At the moment, governments have an opportunity to justify absolutely any of their actions by the threat of the virus, and some of them are already taking advantage of this. The use of mass fear will obviously continue.

It is not recommended to take important actions for several days during the eclipse. The only thing that this time is good for is getting rid of bad habits.

Astronomically/astrologically this eclipse will directly affect Geminis born on May 25 – 27 and Sagittarius’ born on November 26 – 28. Since this is a lunar eclipse, it will greatly impact the emotional sphere. Therefore, the mentioned people should make serious efforts so that it won’t “overshadow” their minds.

Mercury reverses in a retrograde phase on May 29th. From this day it is better not to start new businesses, especially those related to documents and sales, in order to avoid delays and inconsistencies.

It is possible that new sects/religions may appear during the eclipse corridor, most likely related to the theme of the underground world. If you see a group of people dressed in black with a club or a torch, stay away from them.

As for the zodiac signs, a lot that was said in the April forecast is still valid (reread it). Jupiter, the most favourable of all planets, will move to Pisces in mid-May, which will give those born in the beginning of this sign (February 18 – 20) additional opportunities in the fields of career and finance. Saturn, a planet of restrictions and severity, is hardly moving this month. Therefore, Aquarius’ born on February 1-2 will feel its influence throughout the month: it makes sense to slow down and engage only in long-term planning, reassessment of life values and getting rid of unnecessary things.

I would like to say something life-affirming but at the moment I can only repeat the saying of King Solomon: “And this too shall pass…”


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