Astrological Forecast for May 2023

Actually, this is a forecast for May, but since we are entering this month in the middle of the eclipse corridor, we can’t proceed without explaining the circumstances that happened earlier. After the aggressive solar eclipse on April 19 – 20 (depends on the time zone), we will have a lunar eclipse which is no less problematic.

The information of the April eclipse warned of riots, global changes and natural disasters. However, it also left a loophole for people to wake up and think, and general awareness could, ideally, make a difference. When I talk about “thinking people”, I mean at least 51% of humanity. Unfortunately, at the moment the figure is unattainable, since most homo sapiens live on autopilot. The issue of saving our planet and our own environment gets minimal attention. On this year’s Earth Day, celebrated in North America on April 22nd, only a small number of the population participated. In many countries there is no Earth Day at all.

The solar eclipse occurred in the last degree of Aries, which indicates the end of processes (including war), and not the beginning of a new, radiant period that some astrologers promised. Before you break into a new and better life, you need to clear the rubble of the old.

The lunar eclipse on May 5th will affect Europe, all of Asia, Africa and Australia. Extremely unpleasant aspects, happening at this time, make this period very emotional and aggressive. From the beginning of the month, the influence of Black Moon, the accumulation of dark karma and all sorts of temptations, will be strong. This influence begins with Walpurgis Night (May 1st) and lasts through the lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses always occur on full moon days, when our psyche is at its most vulnerable. With Black Moon also present there, we might not even understand what we are doing, and mess up our lives for years to come.

In the first week of May we need to constantly monitor our subconscious impulses. There may suddenly emerge a temptation of a super-amazing deal which later turns out to be the machinations of demons. A reality check will always help us to not make mistakes. Filter information: the amount of lies and slander will go off the scale. All this also applies to personal relationships: do not leave your partner/friend because it seems to you that he looked at you in a wrong way or said the wrong thing. Give the sensation time to settle.

Eclipses are connected to the karma of the whole of mankind and lay cycles for years. This time they will also end events and hand out punishments or rewards. It is time for people who stand on the side of Good to speak out and not be silent. Evil always screams the loudest.

The rest of the month will also be turbulent. For those who love stories about Mercury retrograde – he comes out of retrograde on the 15th. And just at this time you can start something pretty promising. After that – no luck: some negative factors will be added.

The second half of May will be a super-tense time (probably the hardest time of the year). Pluto and Jupiter form a very difficult aspect. Jupiter, a planet of formal power, moves to the stubborn sign of Taurus. Pluto, a planet of collective energy, has just entered free-spirited Aquarius. People with power, including state governments, will use all possible resources to keep the old life intact (under the pretense of necessary stability). However, the people are no longer buying the “sweet fairy tales” and will demand a new life (sometimes without understanding what exactly they want).

The contradictions between the people and the authorities will become especially aggravated when the lord of wars, Mars, joins these two planets on May 20th. During this period, everything is possible: protests, wars, overthrowing of regimes etc. The financial sector might also shake. A little later (May 25 – 26), Mars forms a square aspect to lunar nodes, which will increase the inevitability and fatefulness of changes that might have begun. It is probable that the nature element won’t stand aside but will also throw us some problems.

Here is a warning for Taurus’ born on April 20 – 24, Leos (July 23 – 26), Aquarius’ (January 20 – 24) and Scorpios (October 23 – 27): in the last ten days of May be very careful with explosive and radioactive substances, weapons and sharp objects. Any kind of transportation could become dangerous during this period. Large-scale troubles at work also can happen. However, don’t be alarmed: forewarned means forearmed. Mindfulness and caution will help us get through this tough period.

I wish all of us perseverance as well as the wisdom of King Solomon: “This too shall pass”.


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