Astrological Forecast for September 2016

From an astrological point of view September will be one of the most difficult months of this year. It is saturated with important astrological events. In my opinion two eclipses will be the most significant ones: a solar eclipse on September 1st and a lunar one on the 16th. Eclipses always go “in pairs” and the fortnight period between them often shows the real situation with humankind in general and some nations in particular. In fact, they influence individuals as well when they happen close to one’s birth date.

Eclipses are always related to karma. They bring events which are almost impossible to avoid. Both eclipses look pretty negative, although the solar one is worse (we won’t be able to see it in Vancouver, which is good). The planetary constellation in the celestial spheres is building up in a way which “helps” some people lose their sense of reality and increases unmotivated aggression. Religious fanaticism in some nations might grow which leads to the limitation of freedom and even military conflicts. The escalation of these events may start earlier, at the end of August. Also, natural catastrophes can’t be excluded. The most probable of them are earthquakes, floods and tsunamis.

Personally these eclipses will concern only some people: solar – those who were born on September 1 – 2 (Virgos) and lunar – those born on March 10 – 12 (Pisces). Around eclipses’ times mentioned people should be quiet and not take important actions. For Virgos mentioned above, the entire year following their birthday might bring a certain amount of challenges. It makes sense for Sagittarius’ born on November 29 – 30 and December 1st, and Geminis born on May 29 -31 to be very cautious two days before and after the solar eclipse.

A tense aspect between Saturn and Neptune, happening also in the first half of September, will be the second important astrological event. The planet Neptune rules oil. One more sudden “jump” in oil prices (most likely decreasing) is expected. Making risky financial decisions in this period of time is not recommended. An element of distrust in society will grow, which might shake its current structure. Of course, it doesn’t concern all countries. The mentioned aspect is confirming a danger of tsunami. On the esoteric plan this aspect is also very important. Saturn is the Lord of Karma and Neptune is a transmitter of high cosmic energies. In this time advanced souls can break away from the illusions of the material world and turn more towards spirituality.  

The third astrological event – that is not negative, for a change – is Jupiter’s moving from Virgo to Libra on September 10th. Jupiter is a classical benefactor; that’s why people who were born at the end of Virgo (September 20 – 23) should hurry up if they are planning something grand. But those born in the beginning of Libra (September 23 – 27) should wait and start being active after September 10th.

September 2nd is a good day for dealing with governmental structures and solving legal issues.

On the 13th the danger of fire and sharp objects increases.

September 17 – 18 is unfavorable for romance: there might be conflicts without reasons and sudden breakups. On the contrary, the 19th is exactly the opposite: it is time for a sweet reconciliation.

The end of the month will be much better than its beginning. September 25 – 26 will be the most splendid (a conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun). Libras born on September 24 – 26, Geminis born on May 22 – 24 and Aquarius’ (January 22 – 23) can get the biggest benefit from this conjunction. If you try harder you can increase your prestige and improve your financial situation on these days. Libras born on mentioned days can expect the entire year following their birthday to be wonderful.

Mercury will be retrograde till September 22nd: that’s why it doesn’t make sense starting new undertakings (especially related to papers and buying-selling) before this date; otherwise you may face delays and obstacles.    




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