Astrological Forecast for April 2022

Most people’s hair has been standing on end in horror at what is happening. If they don’t stand on end, it means that the head is buried in the sand and the person took the pose of an ostrich. Or he sits in the lotus position and sings mantras. Unfortunately, there are no reasons for a good mood on the horizon yet.

April in many ways will be the decisive month of the year. People who bother to think have already realized that life will never be the same again. And what will it be – it’s up to us; all of us. Covid first united us (“we’re all in the same boat”), but then an irrevocable split came. It continued with the outbreak of the war and entered an extreme phase. On the other hand, unity has come again: in support of Ukraine and against the common enemy.

However, if people unite against a common enemy, it isn’t real unity. But it is precisely in the unity of the world, of all people, that the possibility of a good future for the planet exists (the existence of the future in general, to be honest). Unity is also indicated by the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, the rulers of Pisces, in their own sign. Generally, this conjunction is considered favorable. Someone might say that Pisces is also a sign of illusions; this is true, but it is also a sign of spirituality, compassion and striving for higher ideals.

The conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter will push people “to love your neighbor”, which, at the moment, seems impossible. However, without compassion and the desire for peace, the u-turn towards a normal life is unlikely. “Normal” is the life that we want to live. In April, geniuses who direct their lives for the common good might be born, or spiritual teachers with a difficult destiny.

If these two planets acted undisturbed, their energies would prevail and could bring peace. Unfortunately, at the same time a very tense aspect of Saturn and Mars to the lunar nodes is formed. Mars and Saturn in ancient astrology were called planets of “Small and Big Misfortune”. The serious planet Saturn is also responsible for karma and retribution for committed deeds. The lunar nodes are related to karma as well. The tip of this aspects’ configuration is directed to the sign of Aquarius, which traditionally is considered the sign of Russia. It doesn’t mean that only Russia will pay: everyone who has some karmic debts will pay – people, nations, regions and countries.

As for us mere mortals, my warning applies primarily to Aquarius’ born on February 10 – 12, Leos born on August 14 – 16, Taurus’ (May 12 – 14) and Scorpios (November 14 – 16). In the first half of April, while the aspect is in effect, be extremely careful with sharp objects, weapons and mechanisms. It is very easy to get various kinds of injuries at this time, including fractures and blows with from a blunt object (like a brick from the roof).

Only the position of the Sun is mentioned here, but anyone who has planets in the 23rd degree of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio in their astrological charts needs to be careful. This is especially true if there are the Moon, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto or Mercury. If Mercury is there, then traffic accidents are possible.

Due to the fact that there are opposite energies in the first half of the month, the confrontation will continue. On one side there will be people with kindness and peace, and on the other side citizens with hostility and aggression. It is up to you to choose: the vibrations you work with determine what you bring it into the world and your life.

Is there anyone out there who is lucky? Of course, there is. For example, Pisces born on March 12 – 14: Jupiter-Neptune conjunction affects them directly and can bring very different events. For some, it could be enlightenment and a prophetic gift, and for others, success in a career and business. In any case, this is an opportunity for you to see the wider picture of the world and its events. The same applies to Cancers born on July 15 – 17 and Scorpios (November 15 – 16). If you notice, the Scorpios are the same ones for whom the danger warning applies. It only can mean that the enlightenment for Scorpios might occur as a result of extreme circumstances (Phoenix rebirth).

Starting from the 20th, the tension weakens. But then there will be the first solar eclipse of the year on April 30th. Eclipses, as I’ve repeatedly written, are tied to the karma of the whole of humankind and lay long cycles. As we could see, the previous cycle didn’t bring us anything good. The April eclipse starts a new cycle. What kind?

I can’t say that it is unequivocally negative. There are many positive planetary aspects at the time of the eclipse. It occurs on the Taurus-Scorpio axis and will be associated with finance (Taurus) and extremes and rebirth (Scorpio). The Sun, Moon and Uranus are in conjunction and at the Zenith at the time of the exact eclipse (for Vancouver and the Pacific coast of North America). Everything that happens afterwards is very important for everyone’s survival, and Uranus gives a lot of surprises. It turns out that now nothing can be predicted, and there will be a million surprises.

Jupiter, in the exact conjunction with Venus, is still near Neptune at the time of the eclipse. They strengthen the chances of people of good will, as well as opportunities for economic recovery. I wish that I could say that people can finally unite, but it seems that the time for this has not yet come.

Let’s pray and hope that haters come to their senses.


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