Astrological Forecast for April 2021

Finally spring is here and life will spark with more joyful colors. The respite continues and optimism increases. Unfortunately, that optimism will sometimes be unfounded. The general background for April, however, looks very good. There will be a few tense planetary aspects but they won’t last long.

As I already wrote, the pandemic highlighted the best and the worst in people. The worst aspects could manifest itself in some individuals during the period from 7th to 10th of April. Those who are overly-confident in their rightness will try to prove it with foam at the mouth. Those who like to judge others will give vent to emotions. On these days we can face horrific manifestations of fanaticism. On the mentioned days it will be difficult to make decisions: there are too many alternatives and much hesitation and uncertainty (this is true for those who are not fanatics; the latter won’t have any problems or hesitation).

The middle of the month looks super-positive and calm. It is a good time to start a business, advance your career and sign contracts (especially April 15-17). Planetary influences will change for the worse in the last week of the month. The beneficial influence of Jupiter will be replaced by the restraining influence of Saturn. Those who were hasty in their actions and didn’t calculate the consequences might have to pay for it. The 24th and 25th won’t be easy days for presenting your ideas to the general public.

April 28-29 are negative days for communication in general. The likelihood of receiving false information increases. On the 30th spontaneous adventurous energies could awaken. Many people will want something out of the ordinary and some might even be allowed to have it.

Aries’ will be April favorites; especially those born on April 13 – 17: don’t miss the opportunities that arise, you will need to act quickly.

Virgos born on September 13 – 14, Geminis (June 11-12) and Sagittarius’ (December 12-13) should try to restrain their temperaments in the first half of the month: you can become irritable and irreconcilable, and hurt others. It is better for these people to abstain from alcohol during this time.

For Taurus’ born on May 10 – 12, the end of April could be unpleasant. People are capable of behaving inappropriately towards you and think you’re worse than you actually are. Don’t worry: this period will end soon. However, for Taurus’ born on May 1 – 2, completely different energies prevail. At the time of your birthday the Sun will enter a conjunction with Uranus. Therefore, not only at the end of April, but for the entire next year, expect serious changes because Uranus is a planet of changes and surprises. Get ready!

A few words about Capricorns whom I didn’t write about in the previous forecast. Pluto has a special influence on you but only if you were born on January 15 – 17. Pluto, a distant and super-strong planet of collective energy, has been in conjunction with your Sun for a long time. Is it good or bad? It depends. If you are a strong person and know what you want, then the power of Pluto will help you to achieve your goals. If you are a person who is not confident and focused, then it is difficult for you to withstand the Plutonian energy and you can perceive it only as an exorbitant amount of additional load.

Pisces born on March 10 – 13 are strongly influenced by Neptune. You might suddenly want something great and beautiful but you don’t know where to get it. You might be drawn to religion or various spiritual practices. This is wonderful and will enrich your life; just stay in touch with reality.

If I have not mentioned some of the signs, it means that at the moment significant planetary transits don’t affect your Sun. A general forecast is not a substitute for a personal one.


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