Astrological Forecast for December 2022

The nightmarish 2022 will end soon but December will still “shake” us a bit. Not as much as previous months but still most of it will be difficult (in general, not for everyone, of course).

Let’s start with the retrograde planets. Mercury turns retro on the 29th (and will stay there till January 18th). Starting on this date one shouldn’t launch any new business, especially with the concomitant Mars retrograde. Some astrologers warn against activity when Mars is retrograde. From my point of view, this isn’t entirely true: it is actually good to return to those things that you’ve already started but for some reason have not finished. On retro-Mars, such initiatives will develop very well.

Neptune in the beginning of December is finally turning into direct movement, and the desire to live in the past and/or illusions will recede from us. Jupiter, which ancients called the planet of Great Luck, leaves Pisces for Aries on December 20th. It would seem that before this date Pisces born at the end of the sign should try to grasp its beneficial influence in the spheres of career and money, but not everyone will succeed. Those born on March 18 – 19 will be lucky, but people born on March 20th, not so much. The reason for this is that, from December 12 through 21, Jupiter will be in conjunction with the extremely negative star Scheat, which neutralizes its positive energy. For the same reason, no favours are expected for Aries born on March 21st. For the rest of Aries’, Jupiter opens up many opportunities.

The most important astrological event of December, in my opinion, is the opposition of Pluto and Black Moon, which will linger until the last week of the month. Pluto is a powerful planet, responsible for collective energies, mass catastrophes and radiation. Black Moon represents negative karma and intervention by dark forces. These two planets are in a tense aspect that creates a temptation for some dark leaders to use nuclear weapons. If there was an aspect of square, then the danger would be greater, but, in this case, most likely, it won’t go further than talk. Also a lot of “darkness” will pour out on the public through the media and internet. Don’t give in to it!

The above-mentioned opposition will directly affect Aries’ born on March 17 – 18, Libras (October 20- 21), Cancers (July 19 – 20) and Capricorns (January 17 – 18). These people are advised to avoid big crowds, as they may face provocation and aggression. Also, you shouldn’t come into contact with radiation (including X-rays) in the first three weeks of December.

The 1st of December, due to a negative aspect between Neptune and Mercury, could be called a day of lies and deception.

On the 8-9th it isn’t worth it to go shopping: you could buy a bunch of unnecessary (and expensive) things and then ask yourself in amazement: “What came over me?”

From December 8th till the 12th the strict karmic planet Saturn is in conjunction with the problematic star Castra. Under this star, people receive retributions for their bad deeds “on the spot”, and not in the next reincarnation. At present, the evolutionary process has accelerated a lot, and if earlier (100-200 years ago) retribution for sins was carried out in subsequent lives, now the payment is happening in this life. On the above-mentioned days, the payment of karmic debts accelerates. This applies especially to Aquarius’ born on February 8 – 10 (if there are any debts).

On December 16 – 17, thanks to the friendship between Uranus and Mercury, intuition and the possibility of being enlightened by brilliant ideas increase. Taurus’ born on May 5 – 6, Virgos (September 7 – 8) and Capricorns (January 5 – 6) should really listen to their sixth sense on those two days.

On December 20 – 23, the same Uranus (a planet of surprises and changes) forms a favorable aspect with Venus, and people mentioned in the previous paragraph can fall in love at first sight (or second). The earth signs in general might feel attracted to romance.

By the way, about romance… by Christmas and New Years the tension will subside, and many humans would want to have fun and go crazy. The planets say that on the New Year’s Eve there is a high probability of passionate romantic encounters (often followed by sex). It is possible that on the eve of 2023, many souls will find their bodily incarnation, and next September will be fruitful for babies.

Have great holidays!


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