Astrological Forecast for January 2021

January will still be tough. There will be some time to relax after the New Year but then it will start…from January 12th and won’t finish till the end of the month. There are a lot of negative planetary aspects which are short-term but following each other and sometimes happening simultaneously. The level of aggression and danger from accidents will increase greatly.

It will concern the USA directly. There is supposed to be the inauguration of the new president in the second half of January. However, Trump is not likely to simply leave, being incapable of leaving with dignity. There might be a lot of dark-dark stuff and attempts to take power by force.  How the American population will react is a question. Since no one exists in isolation, events in the States will affect other countries and the global economy.

The second half of January will be a difficult time for those who completely rely on instincts (and sometimes on faith) and forget to use their brains. This period can be a time of complete collapse of illusions. The most traumatic days are: January 13, 14, 20, 26, 27 and 28.

Now it is time for the zodiac signs. Warnings first! In the last week of January, it is recommended to be super-careful for: Taurus’ born on April 26-30 and May 1, Leos (July 28-31 and August 1-3), Scorpios (October 29-31 and November 1-3) and Aquarians (January 26-30). Injuries from electricity, appliances, sharp objects and fire are possible (only if there are indicators for this in one’s horoscope).

Also, health problems, especially with the heart (arrhythmia, seizures) cannot be ruled out. Scorpios are best-protected here (thanks to their strong energy), Aquarians can also get off with a slight fright (they are helped by favorable planets). But Taurus’ born on the indicated days, just like Leos, really should follow my recommendations: do not succumb to provocations, do not allow aggression (if you have anger inside, you can draw it to yourself from the outside world) and do not overwork. Scorpions born on November 1-3 should also pay attention to the point about aggression: even if you repel an attack, you yourself can hurt other people a lot.

Pisces’ and Virgos might face other problems; not physical, but more of a spiritual nature. Pisces’ born on March 9-10 and Virgos (September 11-12) may experience a complete collapse of illusions. If something in which they piously believed ceases to exist, it will be taken very hard. And, if for the mentioned Pisces their ordeals can, on the contrary, strengthen faith, then Virgos are able to lose faith completely. Sagittarius’ born on December 10-11 may experience the same problems, but it will most likely be milder.

Capricorns born at the end of the sign (January 14-15) will fully experience the influence of Pluto passing through their Sun. Since Pluto is a distant and slow planet, it sets long cycles (several months, sometimes a year). People react differently to Pluto transits. Those who are ready for achievements will receive a huge amount of energy with the urge to use it immediately (preferably for peaceful purposes). Your personal appeal and influence on the masses is increasing tremendously. However, there are many people who perceive Plutonian energy pretty negatively: there might be a feeling of constantly being pushed, but it is not clear where. Pluto brings transformational energies, but not everyone is ready for them.

The same Pluto will have a difficult influence on Cancers born on July 16-18, Libras (October 17-18) and Aries’ (April 13-15). These people may feel pressure from the outside world: for some it will be supervisors, and for others the police or criminals. If you are fully aware of who you are, the transit will feel much easier, but if not, then crises are possible (as life lessons). Plutonian energy will be super-favorable for Virgos born on September 16-18, and Taurus’ born on May 14-15. You will have support in all your endeavors.

Aquarians need to be able to react quickly, not only in January, but also in the next few months. Jupiter, the planet in charge of career, money, and authority, passes your sign fast (much faster than usual). Therefore, if there are lucky chances, you have to grab them before they disappear. On the heels of Jupiter goes Saturn with diametrically-opposed, compressive energy, although he is much slower. Saturnian energy will not hurt if you stick to a well-developed plan, but for typical Aquarians, this is a rare occurrence.

Both Jupiter and Saturn will be favorable for Geminis born on May 20 – 22, and Libras (September 24 – 30 and October 1 – 2). You will be able to significantly improve your career and financial situation. Long-term projects are welcome. Unfortunately, for Taurus’, Leos and Scorpios born at the beginning of the signs, these two planets will act exactly the opposite and will not bring anything but obstacles. Those of the indicated signs are advised not to try to break through the wall with their forehead, but simply to wait.

Please read the forecast carefully and pay attention to the dates. I do not give general predictions for all signs, as they are meaningless. If your birthday is not mentioned, then planetary transits will not affect you.


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