Astrological Forecast for February 2021

A tense square aspect between Saturn and Uranus in the middle of February will be the main astrological event of the month. There we will see a collision of two absolutely opposite energies: conservative and revolutionary. Accordingly, every energy will have its representatives. It will be almost impossible for the two groups to agree. Supporters of the old, stable (although often there is only an illusion of stability here) and known will hold their own against free-thinkers who have decided to get rid of outdated settings. Reformers can act hastily and in ill-considered fashion.

Protests against masks, quarantine and vaccination (or shortage of vaccine) will intensify amid global fatigue from coronavirus-related restrictions. Saturn also symbolizes the elderly (a high-risk group) and Uranus the youth of the “gadget generation”. In February, understanding between these two groups will become almost unattainable. Additional restrictions are still possible in February, and then they will slowly recede. Before it gets better it can get worse.

The economic crisis may enter an acute phase at this time. The reasons for it will be divided into two parts: those that couldn’t be avoided (associated with the pandemic and everything accompanying it) together with the political problems in some countries, provoked by aggressive and power-hungry people. The madhouse that began in January will continue in the first half of February, after which it will calm down, only to be repeated in a few months’ time.

It is extremely difficult to give advice regarding the financial sector in this situation. Life will be unpredictable. We shouldn’t just forget the lessons of COVID: you have to be grateful for what you have, because tomorrow it might not be there. It is not recommended to “put all your eggs in one basket” in the investment area. When new options for electronic money (such as Bitcoin) appear, it is better not to rush to buy, but first conduct an “investigation”.

Mercury will remain retrograde until February 21st. I don’t share the opinion of some astrologers who gasp and groan over this situation. There is nothing wrong with Mercury retrograde; nevertheless, it makes sense to pay attention to it and avoid starting new businesses at this time, especially signing contracts, sending documents and buying and selling.

The square aspect of Uranus and Saturn will bring stress to the lives of Leos, born on July 29-30, Scorpios (October 29 – 31), Taurus’ (April 26 – 28) and Aquarius’ (January 26-27). For people born on these days the world will shake, but shake in different ways. Scorpios and Leos will have the most acute situations and will require immediate solutions. Aquarians and Taurus’ might experience internal discord. Taurus’ want stability, but it isn’t even on the horizon. Aquarians are ready for change but they are forced to sit quietly and not stand out. Those born on the indicated dates are advised to avoid air travel and any high places.

Some people, however, might get lucky. For example: Virgos born on September 17-18 can, in the last 10 days of the month, literally burst onto the scene, even riding a symbolical white horse (perhaps even Pegasus). You have a huge amount of energy for great deeds (if you want them).

The second 10 days of February can be a special period (from a positive point of view) for Aquarius’ born on January 31 and February 1 – 3. Three planets (Jupiter, Venus and Mercury) will be in conjunction with your Sun simultaneously. Don’t miss this time: this is a great period for material acquisitions and improving your career status (you can ignore retrograde Mercury). Auspicious energy from these planets will also be “caught” by Geminis born on June 2-5 and Libras born on October 4 – 8.

I do not write about the rest of the signs since general forecasts won’t be of great use here. If you want a personal one, let me know.


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