Astrological Forecast for February 2022

February looks pretty good (for a change) from an astrological point of view. One might even say excellent. A couple of short-term, intense transits – and that’s all; the rest is very positive. We already forgot how it can be, right?

Actually, the positive will begin on February 4th when Mercury turns around from retrograde movement and stops slowing down any undertakings. There may be a feeling like a gateway opening and a powerful, refreshing energy is poured onto our poor heads. This is a time for great accomplishments, but it is desirable that these “accomplishments” are well-thought-out because there has been plenty of time for reflection.

The conjunction of Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn on the 11th will help those who hope to enlist the support of others to unwind their projects. This is a very good time for public speaking. For Capricorns born on January 16 – 18, Pluto gives a huge amount of energy and Mercury will finally allow them to voice their ideas (Capricorns prefer actions to words).

February 14 – 16 can be days of low energy as well as the time for paying off karmic debts (for those who have them). It will mainly affect Aquarius’ born on February 16 – 17, Leos (August 19 – 21) and Scorpios (November 19 – 20).

In the second half of February, Jupiter and Uranus will form a positive aspect, which will provide suitable energy for favorable changes in legislation in general, and especially in the areas of education, business and tourism. Personally, this aspect will affect Pisces born on March 1 – 2, Taurus’ (May 1 – 2) and Cancers (July 2 – 3). Those people are advised not to waste time and not miss the opportunities that turn up; during this period you can even be a little bit adventurous.

From February 13 till the end of the month, Venus, the planet of Love, and Mars, the planet of burning passion, travel together in the sign of Capricorn, and Capricorns born in January will fall under their influence. This is a wonderful time for you to start a romantic relationship. Virgos born in September and Taurus’ born in May can also be hit by Cupid’s arrow.

On February 23 – 25 the couple (Venus/Mars) mentioned above will receive a “blessing” from the planet Neptune, which will add romanticism and idealism to relationships. If, after the veil falls from your eyes, you remain disappointed, refrain from criticism and abrupt breakups; it is better to first calmly analyze the situation. Taurus’ born on May 1 – 2 will be especially prone to rash acts (which is usually not common to them). If you suddenly want freedom at any cost – think again.

Jupiter, which the ancients called the planet of Big Luck, quickly runs through the sign of Pisces. Therefore, Pisces’, as well as Cancers and Scorpios, need to seize the moment and not miss lucky opportunities to improve their housing, financial and working situations.

The strict planet Saturn continues to bother Aquarius’ born from 4 to 7 of February. You will have to reconsider your priorities and goals, and finally learn how to plan your life. Under the influence of Saturn, just juggling ideas would not work: real and well-thought-out steps will be required.

For signs that I haven’t mentioned, the planetary influence is minimal. Enjoy freedom from it and, in general, all of us should enjoy a little rest – we have only two months for this.


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