Astrological Forecast for February 2024

February is still pretty quiet, but activity already is picking up pace. There is something unusual in this month: none of the planets is retrograde for the entirety of  February. So no one slows down and life rushes forward in the full speed. The question is where?

In January, Pluto entered Aquarius for the second time, and he did it not on his own but with company: the Sun moved there on the same day as Pluto. Then, in February, Mercury, Mars and Venus will join the conjunction with Pluto. Somewhere in the middle of the month, five planets will be in Aquarius for several days and will form the so-called parade of planets. The planets give this sign energy and it can unfold in all its might.

«Liberty, equality, fraternity» is the slogan of Aquarius (and the French revolution). Aquarius advocates change and reform in all areas of life. Division is also normal for him – into Good and Evil, for example; Aquarius sees the difference between them perfectly. Division will also occur in society, which is not always for the best. The dirty deeds of some high-ranking (or just popular) people will come out for everyone to see.

The planet Venus, which is responsible for love as well as an opportunity to pleasantly spend money, is very active in February. On the 6th and the first half-day of the 7th, Venus is in a negative aspect to moon nodes, which suggests repayment of karmic debts in the love sphere (if there are any). However, very soon, from the afternoon of the 7th to the 8th, Venus forms a favorable aspect with Uranus, which helps with falling in love and empowering adventurous romantics.

On the 17th, Venus will be in conjunction with Pluto, which promises (as well as her conjunction with Mars) the possibility of flaming passion. Mars and Venus dance the tango, holding each other tightly, from February 20 till 24th. This can manifest itself in different ways but is clearly favorable for romantic life.

The conjunction of Mars and Pluto on February 13 -14 is not particularly positive. Passions will run high on Valentine’s Day, which can lead to discord. During these two days, the possibility of injuries increases, especially in crowded places and especially from equipment and mechanisms.  Leos born on July 22 – 23, Taurus (April 19 – 20) and Scorpio (October 23 – 24) need to be very careful these days, especially when handling sharp objects, explosives, radioactive substances and vehicles.

As for Aquarius’ born on January 20 – 22, and whose Sun will be in conjunction with Pluto and Mars, different people may perceive this energy in various ways. It makes sense for these Aquarians to pay attention to the warning in the previous paragraph. However, mostly, Pluto and Mars will push you to be active. You might want to rush somewhere and move mountains, but some Aquarians will not like this pressure: they are accustomed to independence (and sometimes loneliness), and contact with a large number of people is abhorrent to them, as are additional responsibilities.

In the last two days of this year’s leap February, the Sun is in conjunction with Saturn, which can feel like activity-holding energy.  This applies to Pisces born on February 27 – 29. The conjunction with Saturn falls on your birthday, and throughout the next year you will have to carefully consider your decisions and act according to the plan (even though you prefer spontaneity).




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