Astrological forecast for July 2022

In July, stressful planetary aspects present only in the beginning and the end of the month. Otherwise, from an astrological point of view, there is nothing essentially good or bad in the sky (which is already promising). People can act at their own discretion, but we often don’t know how to use freedom of action correctly.

July 1st and 2nd will be tense. The 1st for Canadians is Canada Day, which is better not to celebrate with a large crowd. Mars and Pluto are in a negative aspect, pushing unbalanced individuals (especially in a crowd) to aggressive actions. Don’t get into that crowd: this especially concerns Aries’ born on April 16 – 18, Cancers (July 19 – 20) and Libras (October 19 – 21). On the same two days, Mercury and Neptune are irritated by each other, and these energies project lies and illusions. It is very easy to succumb to the bait of provocateurs these days. Filter information carefully. The same Mercury is friendly with Saturn and calls for realistic and steadfast position.

Difficult energy will also manifest itself at the very end of the month, the 30th and 31st, with the transition to the 1st of August. In this case, the warning is more about traffic accidents and problems with electricity and machinery. Mars conjuncts Uranus in Taurus and can cause accidents for Scorpios born on November 10 – 11, Leos (August 10 – 11) and Aquarius’ (February 6 – 8). As for the actual Taurus’ born on May 8 – 9, where Uranus is now in conjunction with your Sun, this situation will not necessarily end with unfortunate circumstances. If your Sun has a good status, then Mars and Uranus can’t do much harm; they will only shake you emotionally. All the above-mentioned people are advised to take care of their cardiovascular system and not overstrain, as problems with blood vessels and/or arrhythmia are possible.

Jupiter goes retrograde starting July 28th, so if you have any legal disputes or are planning to emigrate, it’s best to get your paperwork done before this date. Lately, Jupiter has bestowed his benevolent energy on Aries’ born in the beginning of their sign. Now he is turning around and will stay in one place for a while, which will provide two months (July and August) for some people to significantly improve their career and financial situation. This is true for Aries’ born on March 27 – 28, Leos (July 30 – 31) and Sagittarius’ (November 29 – 30 and December 1). This time is also favourable for travel for the mentioned people.

Three other slow-moving planets (Pluto, Neptune and Saturn) are also in retrograde motion: this is how they create long cycles – by making loops. For people who have this trinity making stressful aspects to the planets in their charts, this situation would not be pleasing at all.

Let’s take Pluto for example. He is famous for his long cycles and super-powerful energy. Capricorns born on January 17 – 18, Cancers (July 19 – 20), Libras (October 20 – 21) and Aries’ (April 17 – 18) probably already breathed a sigh of relief in hopes that, finally, a heavy burden of worries fell off their shoulders; but, no, Pluto again is knocking on the door and urges you not to relax. Alas, he will leave you alone only by February of next year.

Saturn is traditionally considered a difficult planet in astrology. However, if he forms good aspects, he can bring well-deserved success and recognition. In July, Saturn favours Geminis born on June 14 – 16 and Libras born on October 16 – 18. There will be no free lunch during this transit, but a nice reward for your long and hard work is very possible. Also in this time, it is recommended to lay a foundation for long-term projects.

Since we are all concerned about the topic of the war and constantly ask: When will it finally end? – I asked a question, made a chart for the time when I asked it, and analyzed the chart from the horary astrology point of view. I had a feeling (but, more likely, a hope) that the war will end in July. But, alas, the horary chart didn’t confirm this. I constructed the chart for June 6th, 5:27 pm (when the question was asked), Vancouver time. If you are familiar with astrology, you can check for yourself.

I will not go into detailed explanation here (after all, most of my readers are not astrologers); I will confine myself to general conclusions. What immediately caught my eye was the conjunction of the super dark star Algol with Mercury, which is a significator of the war in this chart. When, at the very beginning of the invasion, I made a horoscope for the beginning of the war, I could see the presence of the same ominous star. Algol is the most evil star; they don’t call it devilish for nothing. Its presence suggests that the person who unleashed the war didn’t do it alone: legions of dark forces stand behind him. And this “man” doesn’t belong to himself and is a puppet of Evil. The war in Ukraine is not being waged only on physical Earth. That’s why it is so long.

According to the horary chart, the war can end in late September/early October. Negotiations could begin earlier but soon will lead to nothing. Possibly there will be an intervention of higher power, about which we have no understanding. Also in October, the President of Russia turns 70 years old. This age is marked by the return of White Moon, which sometimes removes the dark creatures on its return. Whether it will happen this time isn’t clear, since there are no serious fatal indications in Putin’s horoscope in the near future. If he leaves, it will be the result of an illness, not an assassination attempt.

The period of recent months has shown with painful clarity what a split is (especially for natives of the former Soviet Union): split at the level of countries, nations, families and groups. Everyone made their choice. Those who feign indifference and non-interference have also made a choice.

Peace to all.


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