Astrological Forecast for October 2022

We’ve been waiting for good news from the stars for so long, but, alas… It seems that COVID has begun behaving better, but the war in Ukraine still won’t end and inflation and an economic crisis are looming as an ominous shadow on the horizon. And I am not even saying anything about the ecological crisis. Sorry, I really wanted to write a positive forecast but again it won’t work. If you are not a weak-hearted person, then it makes sense to continue reading, as you can find valuable warnings for yourself and your loved ones. As astrologers like to say: forewarned is forearmed.

In the August forecast I expressed the hope that the war could end at the end of September – October. However, now the stars say that this would be unlikely to happen in that period. Prior to improvement, the situation is likely to become even worse. In early October, Jupiter will be in conjunction with the star Deneb Kaitos, and Mars with Bellatrix. Deneb Kaitos (Whale Tail) is the star of destruction, and its conjunction with Jupiter is an indication of the possibility of destruction of large groups of people. The militant Bellatrix only confirms this sad possibility. These energies work for the whole world and not just for Ukraine and Russia.

In October, all (!) higher octave’s planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron are in a retrograde motion which greatly slows down world processes. This isn’t at all like retro-Mercury, which is on everyone’s lips, but operates in a narrow range. The higher planets have long-playing cycles. However, Pluto turns into a direct phase on October 8th, and Saturn on the 22nd. Mars also turns retrograde on the 30th. In this case, this isn’t bad because it will help reduce belligerence and aggression.

Saturn and Uranus will come very close to the stressful square aspect (they formed this aspect a couple of times before), but this time they won’t come close enough to make an exact aspect. These two planets have opposite energies: stability vs. change, conservatism vs. revolution, etc. This difficult energy will influence world events, especially the financial sector. The financial crisis, which has been present for a while already, might turn into an acute form. The stability so desired by everyone is still not on the horizon.

Since the stock market collapses are largely tied to the war in Ukraine and the situations accompanying it, the war’s end would have a super positive effect for everyone (and money isn’t of great importance here). But this event is extremely difficult to predict. The astrological chart of Putin’s Russia suggests that the power in Russia can change, if not now, then by the spring of the next year.

The most significant astrological/astronomical event, of course, will be the partial solar eclipse on October 25th, which will start the eclipse corridor (the next eclipse, the lunar one, will take place on November 8th). Eclipses flaunt the karma of entire nations and all of humanity. What happens in the eclipse corridor is of exceptional importance (including retribution for the things done). We won’t be able to see it in Vancouver (night time), which is considered a positive fact. It is believed that the greatest impact an eclipse has on the territories where its shadow falls. In this case, it will be Europe, almost all of Russia, the Middle East and North Africa.

It is unlikely that this eclipse will make people take action. Those who dwelt in their shells will remain there. Attachment to comfort might overshadow everything else; in their pursuit of comfort people forget that there are more important things. It is highly possible that a war of opinions will flare up: something like “my truth is the only truth in the world”. A lot of lies will spread (but this has been happening for a while), and the debates will be based not on facts but on subjective opinions and emotions. Try to get away from negative people in this time. It is always useful, but during the period of eclipses it is simply necessary for mental health. The eclipse period will clearly show who is who.

Now about the Zodiac signs: Gemini has rarely been in the astrological spotlight lately, but now it is there due to the unusually long stay of Mars in this sign. This tough planet won’t let Geminis live peacefully until March next year. An active life is guaranteed to you, and in what area will be shown by the position of Mars in the houses of your astrological chart.

When Mars squares Neptune around October 11th, Geminis born on June 14 – 15, Pisces (March 13 – 14), and especially Virgos (September 16 – 17) and Sagittarius’ (December 14 – 16) will need to constantly perform a reality check. At this time you are able to pass off illusions as reality, in particular where it concerns suspicions (they looked at me in a wrong way; he came home late – yeah, he has an affair!; he doesn’t share my point of view – it means he is my enemy, etc). Try not to get into arguments and fights: there is a high probability that you are wrong and later you would be ashamed. Caution with drugs (including medications) and alcohol is also recommended.

Retro-Jupiter is quickly running backwards through Aries, and representatives of this sign, born on March 21 – 24, will have the opportunity to build upon their recent achievements in career/finance, or make another attempt in advancing business projects (you will see the results early next year).

The solar eclipse especially affects Scorpios born on October 24 – 26. Yes, your birthday unfortunately coincides with the eclipse. It would be better to postpone the celebration a bit and also order your emotions to behave themselves. Nothing should be planned during the eclipse (+/- two days).  The shadow of the eclipse will hang around until your next birthday (it isn’t necessarily bad): only a personal horoscope can show how it will affect your life.

At the times when one wants to say “The whole world has gone mad”, I wish that you can find your little niche of peace and tranquility. Now the most important thing is to maintain our mental health.



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