Astrological Forecast for October 2016

October is expected to be better than September. There is very little of planetary influences. We are left alone. To disentangle whatever we’ve done…

October 1st is a bad day for negotiations. Try not to schedule them for this date: it is very difficult to reach an agreement.

On October 4 – 9 a difficult aspect from Saturn (the Lord of Karma) to lunar nodes creates  tense energy. It will concern the most Sagittarius’ born on 3 – 5 of December and Geminis born on June 2 – 3. Those who were born on mentioned days will be under a burden of debts and responsibilities (especially towards elder relatives). It is also recommended to them to take care of their health.

The 10th and 11th are wonderfully positive days. A calm and harmonious environment will allow us to relax. This is a very good time for relationships strengthening, travelling and dealing with papers. As usual, it doesn’t work for everyone but these days will be favorable for Libras born on September 29 – 30, Geminis (May 26 – 28) and Aquarius’ (January 25 – 27).

On October 14 – 15 energies go in a pretty turbulent phase again (these days are also close to the full moon). If you have an urge of running somewhere often for unknown reason, it is better stop, sit down and think… Cancers born on July 13 -14 and Capricorns born on January 11 – 13 should be cautious with electricity as well as check their blood pressure on these days.

On October 18 – 20, because of a Mars-Pluto conjunction, the energy background is exceptionally strong, and not everyone is able to deal with it in an adequate way. Mentioned days give a lot of opportunities for people who love extreme and those who work with insurance and inheritance affairs. This Mars-Pluto transit will strongly concern Capricorns born on January 5 – 6. Born on these January days will have a lot of energy which allows them even “to move mountains” (it is always better to use this energy in a positive way). Above mentioned Capricorns as well as Cancers born on July 6 – 8, Libras (October 7 – 9) an Aries’ (March 4 – 5) should avoid explosives. Above mentioned Cancers also should be keeping themselves far from crowded places in this period of time.

The 27th and 28th are days of increased danger from electricity and mechanisms. Generally it will concern Capricorns (January 11 – 12), Cancers (July 13 – 14), Libras (October 13 – 15) and Aries’ born on April 10 – 11.

October 29 – 30 is an excellent time for strengthening and advancing of relationships. Easy flirting won’t work on those days.    



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