Astrological Forecast for November 2016

  The first half of the month is expected to be uneventful (except for the USA election). Energies will get tenser in the second half.

   November 4th has a very light, pleasant, even playful energy. This is an excellent day for romance, especially spontaneous.

   On the 10th energy is more on the dark side. Scorpios born on November 10 – 12 should control their aggressiveness. People might treat you in an inadequate way. It is better to postpone your birthday celebration.

   Days around the full moon (the 14th) can be unstable and emotional, as usual. Don’t be surprised if you can’t sleep well for three days of the full moon, and don’t pay attention to nightmares (if there are any).

  In the second half of November Pluto and Jupiter form a square aspect. This tense aspect will become exact on the 24th. Those two planets represent formal and informal power. There is a possibility that the governmental authorities will go against people’s wishes. Big changes in political and religious areas are probable. In the best-case scenario this aspect means a battle with corruption. The USA election is happening in unfavorable astrological circumstances: too close to the dark energy of the 10th and also to the Pluto-Jupiter square. Nothing in this election will be peaceful or just. Be ready for surprises.

   This period of time is also unfavorable from a financial point of view. Venus, which is related to money – together with Jupiter, will joint the mentioned difficult aspect. Stock markets might be very unstable; unexpected changes are probable. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone making big purchases in this time, no matter how attractive the deal may look.

   The Pluto-Jupiter aspect will personally concern mostly Aries’ born on April 4 – 6, Cancers (July 6 – 8), Libras (October 7 – 9) and Capricorns (January 4 – 6). Looks like the mentioned Capricorns will be the only ones who might manage to gain from the situation, but it will still take a lot of effort from their side.

   November 28 – 29 don’t look good for relationships. Try not to follow your negative emotions because this can lead to sudden breakups.

   And finally, November 30th (as well as December 1st ) will bring some good energy. Those are wonderful days for active people, and especially in a business| financial sphere. These days are especially beneficial for Geminis born on June 5 – 8: if they find focus and energy in themselves they can achieve a lot.




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