Astrological Forecast for March 2021

I promised in my yearly forecast that the world situation will get better starting this spring. I still think so. However, we shouldn’t hope for a return to “normal” life: it will never be the same – the pandemic changed us too much; some for the better and some for the worst. But the acute points will disappear in March. All the unpopular laws have been already declared in February (when Jupiter was in square aspect with Black Moon) and now people are adapting to them.

Life will become calmer in March, but not for everyone. Saturn and Uranus moved from the exact tense aspect but they didn’t go far from each other and will return to the same aspect in summer. One can say that spring is given to us as a little vacation from the “madhouse”, so that we can gain energy and optimism and straighten out our minds. There will be unfavourable days this month, but not many. The hint of February’s energy still could be felt on March 1st; don’t trust information received on this day. The internet might be overblown with an astonishing amount of dirty and deceiving posts. On March 1st Aquarians born on February 1-2, Leos (August 5-7), Taurus’ (May 3-4) and Scorpios (November 4-6) might suffer from informational “abuse”. I also don’t recommend the above-mentioned individuals going for trips in the very beginning of March.

March 3, 4 and 5 are wonderful days for establishing fair laws concerning travelling, education and communication. For the general population, these days are good for sending documents to official/governmental organizations, especially those related to licenses, grants and signing/notarizing contracts.

It is beneficial on March 10th (when the Sun and Neptune are in conjunction) to meditate, pray (preferably for others) or just dream: this is the day when dreams might come true. Intuition is increasing: trust it.

The 22nd, 23rd (especially) and 24th are traumatic days (mostly regarding car accidents), which will especially concern Pisces born on March 1-4, Virgos (September 4-6), Sagittarius’ (December 2-5) and Geminis (June 1-4). Geminis might have problems not just on the road: be careful with sharp objects in general. The influence of the lunar nodes (karma) makes the situation more complicated: if something is written in your destiny, it would be difficult to avoid it (this concerns only the previously-mentioned Virgos and Pisces’).

The energy will be more pleasant and tranquil in the period from the 25th till the 28th. The Sun in conjunction with Venus and Chiron promises us small joys of life, harmonizing of relationships and excellent time for relaxation. Those are also auspicious days for weddings. This conjunction will happen in Aries, which is why, for representatives of this sign born on March 26-29, it is recommended to slow down and simply enjoy life (if you also learn a bit of diplomacy, it would be a bonus for you).

From the astrological point of view, Aquarius attracts the biggest attention among all Zodiac signs. The situation for the representatives of this sign will be completely different, depending on the planetary influence they are under – Saturn or Jupiter. Aquarians born on February 5-11 are under Jupiter’s influence and radiate optimism. These people see unlimited opportunities in all areas of life. However, those who get under Saturn’s influence (January 27-31) feel completely different. They may not succumb to pessimism (it isn’t the Aquarian’s trait), but their cheerfulness will definitely decrease. Life will demand the making of serious decisions, taking responsibilities, revising life values and creating step-by-step plans (“let it just solve itself” won’t work anymore).

Mars will move to Gemini, which encourages representatives of this sign born in its first half to take actions. Other air signs (Aquarius and Libra) will act thoughtfully, but Sagittarius’, Pisces’ and Virgos might start making a lot of fuzz which won’t bring the desired results.


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