Astrological Forecast for March 2022

I tried to write a positive forecast but the war has happened, and the positive didn’t work out. Let me first voice the general planetary trends, and then move to politics. The second part covers the Convoy and the war.

Mars and Venus will continue their love dance in the first ten days of March. For a short time, Pluto will add his influence, in this case denoting outbreaks of unrestricted passion. For Capricorns, Virgos and Taurus’ born in the end of their signs a lot of energy and time will drift towards a love sphere (if they can keep their mind from the general situation in the world). But Aries’ and Libras can forget about everything succumbing to a flash of passion (not necessary the love one), but often with less lasting success than earth signs. Then Venus will “run away” from Mars, and he won’t be able to catch her.

If the relations that began in February – early March are superficial, then they may fall apart by March 18 – 19. On these days it is very easy to destroy a love connection, succumbing to an impulse which you may later regret.

Starting from the second half of the month, more negativity will be added. There will be a lot of lies and false promises, but we are already used to that, right? It is imperative to filter the information pouring on us from the bowels of the internet and TV screens. The media will shamelessly lie (not all of it), however there is nothing new here either.

On March 20 – 22, Uranus and Mars will form a difficult aspect. It isn’t recommended to fly on these days, but not for everyone: only for Scorpios born on November 3 – 5, Leos (August 3 – 5), Aquarius’ (January 31st and February 1st) and Taurus’ (April 30 and May 1 – 2). It is also better for these people to be careful with electricity and machinery.

Now a few words about the Canadian Convoy. Those who hoped that they “get tired and disperse” will be disappointed. The Convoy isn’t a movement against vaccination, as it appeared to be in the beginning, but against the totalitarian methods of the government. Unfortunately, there will be a split in this movement, which isn’t surprising as it has united very different people, including ardent supporters of the world conspiracy and those who deny the sphericity of the Earth. As well, a group of people that joined the Convoy with the sole purpose of expressing their aggression discredits it.

Circles from the “stone”, thrown by the Convoy, will diverge for many months, and it is possible that they will change the political system of Canada. The current government may not stay in power, especially if it tries to use force. This will only add supporters to the movement.

Why did no one try to sit down at the negotiating table? Confrontation in society gets the worst of people. In February, there was an opportunity to reach an agreement, but now its chances are decreasing every day. When the mob takes over, nothing good comes of it. The main goal of the Convoy is to be heard, but the government shut its ears. Perhaps, if people had respect for opposing opinions, this would not have happened.

I put off writing about the war in this forecast until the last: I was afraid that I would not have enough strength for the rest. On February 24th I made a post about the situation in Ukraine on Facebook. Until recently, I didn’t believe that it would come to hostilities, especially since there were no astrological indications. None at all. However, there is one serious thing connected to the devilish star Algol. If you are interested, you can read the post on Thaya’s Astrology on FB.

Military actions might subside, and everyone will be hopeful that the parties somehow make peace (even if it doesn’t seem possible), but then hostilities would resume again. The middle of March looks very unfavorable, especially 20 – 22. The person who unleashed all of this might throw out something unexpected (he can do it earlier – he doesn’t check the horoscope). Also, the West is capable of retaliatory measures, which nobody could expect, because people are afraid to provoke a Third World War. The denouement of the situation, most likely, will occur in April but only after an acute crisis.

Circles from this war will diverge for decades. Within one or two generations the world will remember and, having heard that you are from Russia, will think (if not say out loud): “Ah, this is the country that unleashed a fratricidal war”. The previous history, when the Russian army acted as a liberator, will be forgotten. The point of no return has been passed; now the whole nation will have to bear the burden of shame and guilt. I am not even talking about the black karma of the country…

The astrologer is supposed to be neutral. In this case, neutrality will not work. I can’t pretend that I understand the aggressor and those who support him.

If you want to write something nasty to me (it is so easy – the Internet would consume everything), first stand in front of the mirror and say what you want to tell me.

Thaya Edwards


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