Astrological Forecast for August 2017

August is full of significant astrological (and astronomical) events. First of all, there are going to be two eclipses: a lunar eclipse on August 7th and a full solar eclipse on the 21st. Another important astrological event is a tense square aspect between Pluto and Jupiter.

Let’s begin with the second event. This is the third Pluto-Jupiter square in this year. These two planets are responsible for power: Jupiter for formal power (government; parties) and Pluto for informal one (people in general; unregistered groups). The tense, square aspect shows disagreement, even fighting. This aspect already began showing itself in the G20 summit. Riots displayed that some people are not happy at all with the governments. I believe this tendency will progress. From the astrological point of view there is no “better” timing for impeachment of some political figures.

And speaking of eclipses… They are making the picture worse. Generally, eclipses are related to the karma of the entirety of humankind. If we’ve done something wrong, it will be showing in two weeks time between the eclipses. The lunar eclipse looks much worse than the solar one, because it is followed by some very negative aspects. Jupiter is rising for the time of both eclipses; so I’d assume that some unfortunate events will concern persons in power (doesn’t have to be Trump only). There will definitely be changes in some countries. Be prepared to hear a lot of lies from the media in August. By the second part of the month we might hear of the exposure of some of those lies. For the moment of the lunar eclipse the Moon is located in the degree of the ocean storms. Those born on August 7 – 8, February 3 – 4, November 7 – 8 and May 5 – 6 should avoid going on cruises in August. If you have good protection in your chart, nothing really bad will happen to you but the vacation could be spoiled.

The solar eclipse of the 21st might not be too bad. Actually, it can bring some rewards to people who showed dignity and integrity in difficult times. However, the second half of August will be tough for Sagittarius’ born on December 12 – 13, especially from the emotional point of view: you might have feelings of loneliness, depression and under-appreciation even if on the surface everything looks OK. The same period of time can also be difficult for Geminis born on June 11 – 12, Virgos (September 13 – 14) and Pisces’ (February 9 – 10).

Other warnings… Cancers born on July 7 – 9 and Aries’ born on April 5 – 7 might experience serious difficulties in a career area in the first half of August. If they are involved in politics, it makes everything worse. On the good side… Leos born on August 13 – 15 and Libras born on October 14 – 15 might be considered lucky in the last ten days of the month: you will have a lot of opportunities for enjoying your deserved success.

August 23 – 24 might bring sudden breakups in relationships. Don’t make spontaneous decisions on those days: you might have regrets later.

Mercury is turning retrograde on August 13th. It is better not to start any new undertaking after this date in order to avoid any delays. However, if you began something already it is a good time to advance.


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