Astrological Forecast for August 2023

Last month I honestly planned to write a forecast for July, but I changed my mind. I am tired of negative forecasts; I want to write something positive. But it didn’t work out for July… August will be better, but there are still echoes from July.

The main indicator of problems, and even catastrophes, is a square aspect from the lunar nodes (an indicator of karma), which formed in the second half of July, to Pluto (the planet responsible for collective energies as well as nuclear weapons). The worst event that could have happened is a nuclear explosion or a radiation leak from a nuclear plant. At the moment it hasn’t gone beyond talk, but the West began taking the Russian threat of a nuclear attack seriously and also fell into stress regarding the Ukrainian nuclear stations.

The mentioned aspect will leave its orb in the beginning of August and, at the moment, its manifestation is taking place in natural disasters, including extreme heat, forest fires in some areas and floods in others. Hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are still possible. As soon as the aspect “disperses”, the catastrophic chances will decrease. The underlying for this situation is the karma of all mankind, the evil that “homo sapiens’” commit towards each other and to the planet Earth.

August 8 – 9 are unfavorable days for relationships: they become unstable and prone to breakups. Don’t make decisions in haste.

From the 21st till the 24th two stressful aspects will have to be dealt with: the opposition of Neptune and Mars and the square of Jupiter and Venus. The first one is much more serious, as it has a direct impact on the human mind. On those days, one can notice an increase in aggression – one based on “ideological” beliefs, something like: “My truth is the most truthful in the world. Anyone who doesn’t adhere to it is either a moron or an enemy”. Sagittarius’ born on December 19-20 and Geminis born on June 17-18 should especially monitor their behaviour. If the need to urgently prove something to somebody comes up, try not to apply physical force to the dispute.

The aspect with Jupiter and Venus is much softer. Even the stressful energy between them doesn’t reduce the favor of the planets. It this case it can result in an excess – namely: purchases. Jupiter is in Taurus, an initially financially-confident sign, and Venus is visiting Leo, which makes her want to shine and conquer. This requires a lot of expensive and stylish things. People who are “sucked in” by this aspect will acquire a bunch of – in general – unnecessary things, and sky-high numbers from a credit card will give them nightmares.

We must not forget that, in August, Venus is still in retrograde and the functions of this planet are slowed down. Instead of actively shopping during this period, it is better to sort out your wardrobe, try everything on and accept if this skirt certainly doesn’t fit. Some outfits can be given a second youth, and some mercilessly taken to a thrift store. Thus one can clear space and prepare for the moment when Venus turns into a direct phase (September 4th).

By the way, Mercury also goes retrograde on August 23rd. It is better to complete all the signing of papers and contracts before this date, since it is know that, with retro-Mercury, progress slows down and papers are shelved.

In the second half of the month, Saturn will be in conjunction with the wonderful star Fomalhaut. This star patronizes discoverers, inventors and travelers. Saturn is a strict planet: he doesn’t enable easy achievements but provides well-deserved success. During this period, if you have an idea as well as a business plan, it is time to bring them to life.

Chiron, the planet of peacemaking and diplomacy, will be in conjunction with White Moon, Selena, at the end of August. At this time, evil can be refracted by peaceful agreements.

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