Medical Astrology for Healing

This book was published by the American Federation of Astrologers in 2016. Written for astrologers and healers, it offers a comprehensive approach on the subject of Medical Astrology. For illustration purposes, the author uses the charts of her healing practice’ patients as well those of celebrities. Concepts such as lunar days, Pars’ of Disease and Health, fixed stars in medical astrology, the influence of Black Moon and a little-known planet – Proserpina – are introduced.

By following the guidance this book offers, readers will be able to understand how the human body works from an astrological point of view, how to direct every sign towards healthier life choices and how to compose and read a medical chart. A detailed list of astrological patterns is provided for diagnoses of illnesses. As well, a great deal of attention is paid to preventive measures and the uses of herbs and energy healing. Herbalists might also find this book very helpful because it will show them how they can increase the healing power of plants through the application of optimal hours and planetary cycles.

If you want more information look at Contents or send an e-mail to Thaya Edwards. This book was written for intermediate and advanced astrologers. If you are a beginner, then an educational DVD, An Introduction to Astrology with Thaya, might be helpful.

Medical Astrology for Healing can be purchased through this website or on Amazon and some bookstores.

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Chapter 1 – Astroanatomy and Astrophysiology :
Connection between the human body and the 4 fundamental elements
Connection between elements and diseases
Zodiac reflection on the human body
Planets and the senses
Planets and function of tissues
Planets and the organs controlled by them
Lilith and moon nodes in a medical chart
Planets and specific diseases
Planets and clinical course

Chapter 2 – Metabolism of Zodiac sings

Chapter 3 – Aspects in medical astrology:
The main principles of aspect interpretation
Combust planets
From simple to complicated

Chapter 4 – The Medical Horoscope:
The Construction of the Medical Horoscope
The Houses of the Medical Chart
The Order of Houses Interpretation
The Parses of the Medical Horoscope

Chapter 5 – Degrees:
Critical positive and negative degrees
Diagnostic Degrees
Passive degrees

Chapter 6 – Fixed stars in medical astrology:
Negative fixed stars
Positive fixed stars
Via Combusta

Chapter 7 – The Hyleg and the Antihyleg:
Determining the two main planets of the medical chart
The Tables of Dignities
Planets in the role of the Hyleg
The Planets in the role of the Antihyleg
A Sample Construction of the Tables of Dignities

Chapter 8 – Astrodiagnosis:
Vision Disorders
Disorders of the Organs of Hearing
Disorders of the Organs of Smell
Taste Disorders
Somatosensory and Skin Disorders
Illnesses of the Head
Diseases of the Respiratory System
Cardio-vascular Diseases
Diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract
Liver Diseases
Diseases of the Endocrine System
Gynecological Diseases
Diseases of the Skeletal System
Dental Diseases
Blood Diseases
Kidney Illnesses
Diseases of the Nervous System
Mental Illnesses

Chapter 9 – How to Read a Medical Chart

Chapter 10 – Prediction of time when illness might occur:
Symbolic planetary rhythms
Transits and progressions in medical astrology

Chapter 11 – The Horoscope of Disease:
The First Type of Decumbiture
The Second Type of Decumbiture
The Third Type of Decumbiture

Chapter 12 – Lunar Days

Chapter 13 – The Moon in the Signs. Choosing the proper time for surgery and much more:
The Moon in Aries
The Moon in Taurus
The Moon in Gemini
The Moon in Cancer
The Moon in Leo
The Moon in Virgo
The Moon in Libra
The Moon in Scorpio
The Moon in Sagittarius
The Moon in Capricorn
The Moon in Aquarius
The Moon in Pisces

Chapter 14 – How to use medical astrology in healing practice:
Types of plants
Planetary energy in plants and time for collecting herbs
Time for taking herbs
Recommendations about diet and lifestyle
Information for energy healers

Medical Glossary

Appendix # 1 – Ephemeris of Proserpina

Appendix # 2 – Decans, terms and degrees rulers in a medical chart

Appendix # 3 – Planetary hours