Astrology of Relationships

The astrology of relationships is one of the main areas of astrology. This is pretty understandable. What does a human being need first of all to be happy? He/she needs to have somebody who loves and understands him/her. This is the most important thing, next to good health, of course. Money can’t make us happy if we are really lonely. That’s why people ask the same question: where is the one for me?

Here we will talk about relations between partners taking into consideration only the locations of their Suns in the Zodiac signs. Consider these as general recommendations because they apply only to typical representatives of a sign, who account for only one-third of mankind. In fact, everything is much more complicated. Every meeting of two souls is unique. Astrology looks at relationships from different points of view: sexual, emotional, spiritual and even karmic. If we take only Suns in natal charts, we will have a pretty general picture. However, it can give some ideas to think about.

Aries – Aries.
This union is infrequent, and looks like a powder-barrel – never know where it blows up. It will explode for sure, even if partners love each other very much. Relationships of two Aries’ are rarely long-term because both of them have a lack of maturity.
Aries – Taurus.
This union is possible if Taurus is a woman and Aries – a man. A woman has to be infinitely patient and do all of the housework, and Aries will provide the guidelines without real knowledge where they are leading. Aries will actively try to win Taurus’ love. If Aries is rude and aggressive, the relationships may come to the end. If Aries behaves as “a knight”, a couple can celebrate their “gold wedding”. In any case, this union is uneasy, but it can be based on joint projects where Taurus makes Aries’ impetuous ideas real.
Aries – Gemini.
A good union which looks like an interesting adventure novel. Gemini is chasing about after Aries nicely and smartly. Aries is giving passionate love in response. Both of them are impulsive and easy-going, always ready for traveling and adventures. It is easy for them to dart away and run to the other end of the world with four kids in their “luggage”. Geminis need a strong partner that they can find in Aries’. They are often both lovers and friends. However, sometimes light-mindedness of a female-Gemini can make a male-Aries upset, and the “pushing” and wild activity of a female-Aries can be scary for a male-Gemini. After a while, this marriage gives an optimal strategy and tactics of behavior to both spouses, and their household and children make this union stronger.
Aries – Cancer.
A very difficult compatibility. This union will bring lots of conflicts because of intemperance and frequent roughness of Aries, and emotionality and vulnerability of Cancer. These relations might be attractive at the beginning only; then partners find an incompatibility of their emotional reactions. A Cancer may be jealous without any reason; an Aries gets mad seeing Cancer always with an expression of universal grief on the face. Marriage is possible only if both partners are atypical representatives of their Zodiac signs.
Aries – Leo.
This is a difficult but creative and brilliant union. Partners make each other crazy by passion and spontaneity. However, Aries has to control his roughness and abruptness, and Leo – selfishness and pride. Marriage of a typical Aries-warrior or an Aries-Amazon with Leo is possible if Leo is ambitious and climbing to power. They might unite for joint creative projects or childraising. If Aries is “a knight” and Leo is “a queen”, we will be able to write a romantic novel about their life (with a happy end).
Aries – Virgo.
This is a very rare union. At the beginning, the coquetry, composure and complacency of Virgo will inflame Aries and encourage him in quick action, but soon, when the fire dies, Aries will be extremely disappointed and quickly turn from feeling passion to feeling irritation. He/she will decide that he was deceived without understanding that this emotional structure is normal for Virgo. Virgo will be offended by this fast change and will start to criticize without understanding that Aries needs spontaneity and fire, certainly, not rationality. They will break up quickly or will live like two strangers.
Aries – Libra.
These are two opposite signs. Libra has a sense of harmony and balance, which is precisely what Aries does not have. They may have a strong attraction of two antipodes. However, this union may fall to pieces if Libra begins forcedly to put Aries in the strict framework of “balance”. The impulsive nature of Aries can’t stand that for a long time.
Aries – Scorpio.
These relationships are like an active volcano. Aries always considered himself a strong person, but now he knew that there is a stronger one. These two signs will have excellent love relations, but in family life they totally don’t match. If Aries agree to be subordinate, they can live together.
Aries – Sagittarius.
This is a wonderful union. Here are two fire signs; however, Sagittarius is more mature. That’s why he/she is always a guide for Aries. Despite their recurring desire to look at somebody else, both of them understand that they can’t find a better partner. Disagreements occurring from time to time, if they don’t turn into mutual insults, only make their passion stronger.
Aries – Capricorn.
This union is good for business relations only. In love it is always problematic, and often ends up in a relationship in which both partners feel lonely. Capricorn with all his/her persistence will try to change Aries, and Aries with all his/her hot temper and stubbornness will resist. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Capricorn will give up the “disciplinary action”. Because of that, conflicts and a final breakup might happen.
Aries – Aquarius.
Active Aries is always attracted by Aquarius who is ready for change and adventure. A union of Aquarius, respecting freedom and independence of the partner’s personality, and Aries, taking encouragement and unlimited freedom for personal development from Aquarius, can become almost perfect.
Aries – Pisces.
This is an odd, difficult, but frequent union. It can have different modifications: a carelessly jumping with his childish spontaneity “lamb” (Aries) and an understanding, wise “old man” (Pisces), or a zealous for power aggressor and gentle, obedient Cinderella (depends on subtypes of the signs). This union might hold up by some ideas: religious, scientific or an idea of mutual enrichment.

Taurus – Taurus.
Surprisingly, this union is rare despite of similarity of partners. Usually relations develop slowly but quickly become routine. Partners stick to each other because of the fear of changes and mutual like of comfort, home and children. Both are stubborn and don’t yield to each other even if they understand the vanity of their stubbornness.
Taurus – Gemini.
A complicated but frequent union. Taurus is attracted by Gemini’s easiness of contacts, agility, business acumen and huge amount of information and connections they have. Gemini is attracted by Taurus’s solidity, constancy and excellent housekeeping skills – those qualities Gemini’ don’t have enough of. The worst problem with these relations is jealousy. Gemini’ mobility and mutability may provoke fits of anger from Taurus which break out from time to time and can scare anybody. These two signs can hardly understand each other.
Taurus – Cancer.
This is a frequent and harmonious union. They have much in common: both love home, both are good parents, both are sensitive. Even if they have some kind of affair, this makes their marriage stronger, because both of them begin to understand that there is nothing better than home where you would be forgiven and given lots of understanding and care. Taurus tries not to let Cancer go too far and for too long, understanding the mutability of his/her nature very well. Taurus is jealous and hot-tempered but Cancer reassures him using nice words, presents and everything he/she can think of. Cancers like comfort and coziness created by Taurus’ as well as their ability to enjoy both work and rest. Children make them closer; they both like saving money and small material pleasures.
Taurus – Leo.
This is a union of love and passion. Leo’s regal radiance attracts Taurus but he/she is afraid “to be lost” in this radiance. Leo always needs worship, admiration and adoration, however, Taurus prefers a quiet family life and a balanced lifestyle. Leo’s “high life” games excite Taurus’ fits of jealousy, anger and irritation that Leo doesn’t understand and forgive. Taurus will try “to attach” Leo to home without a big success. This union might be held up by a sexual attraction but after a number of years it may exhaust itself.
Taurus – Virgo.
A very frequent and happy union. This is a partnership of two practical realists. If Taurus shows stubbornness, Virgo would compromise for the sake of peace in the family. Virgo likes Taurus’s inner harmony; Taurus can teach her/him how to have a joy of small life’ pleasures. Taurus is happy with Virgo’s patience, constancy and housekeeping skills. Kids make this marriage indissoluble because children are very important for both of them. Conflicts may occur only because of Taurus’ jealousy even if Virgo’s coquetry and flirtation are very innocent.
Taurus – Libra.
Venus is a ruler for both signs, so it seems this union must be harmonious. However, it isn’t always like that. In fact, in the beginning they have mutual attraction, but then that changes to misunderstanding and rising irritation. Taurus gets mad by Libra’ superficiality and affectation. Taurus seems rude and unsophisticated for Libra. Mutual disappointments and blames accumulate. Working in the same field or social status can keep them together.
Taurus – Scorpio.
Marriage between these two signs happens very rarely. They have perfect sexual compatibility, but their love looks like fire in dry woods – bright, all-absorbing and short. Their love can’t be harmonious; it always goes from extreme to extreme. Finally, tired of each other, they run away, but then mutual magnetism again pushes them to each other. This continue till they become exhausted; then relationship is over. More often they are lovers, not spouses.
Taurus – Sagittarius.
This union is rarely happy. Sagittarius’ dominating behavior, the obtrusion of his/her opinion provokes Taurus’s dislike and protest. In intimate relations they have a good compatibility, but that is all. Even kids don’t make this union stronger, however, it can hold out as a marriage for money.
Taurus – Capricorn.
One of the best compatibilities. Partners have similar interests and a good sexual compatibility. Usually, Capricorn is a leader: he keeps an eye on Taurus and tries to teach him/her everything – from how to wash dishes properly to life principals. From time to time this makes Taurus very angry. Capricorn, feeling that it is “too much”, gives Taurus an illusion of freedom for a while, and then again begins to be in command. Being more inert, Taurus often admires Capricorn’s stamina and efficiency, and takes him/her for a model.
Taurus – Aquarius.
This is a very difficult union. Aquarius is attracted by Taurus’s devotion and excellent housekeeping skills. Although Aquarius prefers freedom, he/she needs a home to come back to. However, Taurus can accept this situation very rarely; he/she isn’t going to wait for “a walker” patiently for years with a dinner ready. As a result, in their marriage sometimes they will have “a flight of passion”, another time they will have an estrangement and a drift in the relationship. This union can last only if partners are not typical representatives of their signs, for example, if Taurus has some planets in Gemini.
Taurus – Pisces.
From the outside this couple looks happy, but, actually, sensitive Pisces is hurt by Taurus’s roughness and materialism. She/he can’t satisfy Taurus’s tireless sexuality, and Taurus can’t understand Pisces’ mood changing – from total constraint to relaxedness and playfulness (which make Taurus jealous). This marriage will be stable only if Taurus is generous and tolerant. Then they will have a tranquil and harmonious mutual understanding. The simpler and more materialistic Pisces are the easier their communication. Often they secretly dream of another partner.

Gemini – Gemini.
A union of two Geminis is a union of two friends who perfectly understand each other because they are so similar. In marriage they will get along well only if both prefer freedom in relationship and are able to forgive. Sometimes their marriage looks like a business contract, and it is better this way, because when it comes to responsibility and obligations, it is good to have them written on the paper.
Gemini – Cancer.
These two signs enjoy being together, especially in the intellectual aspect and in the beginning of relations. Then Cancer might find Gemini too shallow and irresponsible, and Gemini finds Cancer too emotional and pushy. Their marriage may last on the assumption of freedom and easiness in relationships that isn’t easy for sentimental and possessive Cancer. If Cancer tries to attach Gemini totally, he/she fails.
Gemini – Leo.
This is a very good union. Gemini is impressed by Leo’s brilliance, generosity and richness of nature. Leo likes Gemini’s mobility and cheerfulness. If Leo is a female, a male-Gemini is her obedient and loving page. If Leo is a male, he takes care of a female-Gemini like she is a child who needs to be nursed, spoiled and amused.
Gemini – Virgo.
Both signs are ruled by Mercury but they are totally different. This union is rare. It is more typical for friendship. Their marriage can be stable only if it is founded on mutual interests and goals and if partners are ready to compromise. Usually this marriage is held up by Virgo’s patience and common sense.
Gemini – Libra.
This is a good union of two air signs. They get along very well. Libras have a more mature and balanced personality (not all of them). They tactfully but firmly direct a partner to the right way, creating an illusion of freedom. If they work in the same area or have similar interests, they can be inseparable. Libra is the one who “keeps house”, and Gemini appreciates that.
Gemini – Scorpio.
A difficult but frequent union. Gemini is an inconceivable enigma for Scorpio who loves secrets and is willing to solve them all his/her life. Pressed with his emotional burden, Scorpio will look with amazement at Gemini flitting like a bright butterfly from flower to flower and will try to guess how this is possible. Gemini, in his/her turn, feels Scorpio’s magnetism. Sometimes the relationships begin to oppress Gemini, then they try to change a partner or to leave him/her. Both of those ways are not easy.
Gemini – Sagittarius.
This is a rare, atypical union based usually on convenience and money. Their relations require continual renewals to prevent wearing out. This can be traveling, visiting friends, entertainment. Both signs are very sociable but on a different level. Usually, in this family Sagittarius is a leader and a guard. On a spiritual level it is a relation of learner and teacher. This union might be very beneficial for a spiritual growth.
Gemini – Capricorn.
A very rare union. Capricorn is an enigma for Gemini, very attractive in its mystique. Capricorn’s coldness and impregnability seem an interesting mask for Gemini; they are curious – what is behind the mask? However, Gemini doesn’t look interesting for Capricorn. They seem immature, light and shallow. Even if they get married, there is a big possibility of quick separation. Successful compatibility is probable only for non-typical representatives of these signs.
Gemini – Aquarius.
This is a good union, despite the frequent quarrels and disagreements. Their love often grows into friendship and vice versa. They have many mutual spiritual interests and this union helps in evolutionary growth for both of them. Aquarius’ are so unusual and talented in being different that Geminis, usually, don’t see a need to look for variety in other partners. However, if it happens that Gemini became unfaithful to Aquarius, Aquarius will not forgive that. They may be patient for a long time, then they leave without looking back.
Gemini – Pisces.
Geminis are not able to understand Pisces’ depth. They are always in perplexity – how can Pisces know everything about them? These signs have totally different ways of reality perception: Gemini has a rational and often superficial type; Pisces has an emotional and deep way. In the best case they can supplement each other, but this happens rarely because Pisces’ become bored with Geminis and, moreover, can’t forgive Gemini’s inconstancy.

Cancer – Cancer.
This is a very frequent marriage because Cancers look for their twin who perceives life in the same way, understands them without words and doesn’t touch their little secrets. Their co-existence is usually uneven – a nerve-strain, arguments, tears, then stormy reconciliation, forgiveness and love. Most unions between Cancers contract in young age. In the older age male-Cancers still feel an attraction to female-Cancers; however, for female-Cancers males of their sign cease being the proper partners because they begin to seem unreliable and too emotional.
Cancer – Leo.
More often lovers then spouses. However, here a lot depends on the partners’ spiritual level. Leo is very attractive for Cancer, and Cancer may use every possible trick to charm and hold Leo. In his/her house a brilliant and imperious Leo seems a head of a family; however, actually all the power is in Cancer’s hands. Cancer doesn’t show off and may look with admiration at the “master”, but Cancer is the one who supervises finances and decision-making. If partners are immature people, there is a probability of numerous arguments because of Cancer’s intention to attach Leo to home. Even if Cancer doesn’t say anything she/he can make the atmosphere in the house unbearable just being silent and creating a bad aura. If partners are spiritually mature people, they learn to understand each other, and this union brings a lot of joy for both.
Cancer – Virgo.
This is a good union. Here they are more often spouses than lovers. Virgo’s rationality and constancy give a point of basis to an emotional and restless Cancer. Virgo likes Cancer’s sensitivity and delicacy. This marriage might last long and even be happy if they manage to avoid routine. If they don’t manage then Cancers begin feeling miserable in this cozy “nest” of measured life. However, the possibility that Cancer decides to leave is very small.
Cancer – Libra.
This is a rare union. It more often occurs as marriage for money or convenience. Financial well-being and social status are very important here. Emotional intimacy between these two signs is unlikely. They may live together but there will be an invisible distance between them: me is me, and you are you. And it is better not to cross this line.
Cancer – Scorpio.
This, in general, is a good compatibility. However, they are more often lovers than spouses (depends on the type of Scorpio). If this is a typical Scorpio, it is very difficult for Cancer to permanently be under his/her pressure and control. Nevertheless, Cancer is always attracted by Scorpio’s strength, energy and mystery, and Scorpio often feels confused facing Cancer’s mutability and incomprehensibility. To be together is uneasy but interesting. This relation may last long if Cancer has an adventurous type of personality.
Cancer – Sagittarius.
This is an ambiguous compatibility. At the beginning there relationship glitters like a bright, sparkling diamond, but later the diamond turns out to be artificial. Both may try to make a partner their own belonging. Both can’t succeed. Cancer brings Sagittarius a lot of trouble. Sagittarius can tolerate Cancer pretty long but finally “blows up”. Usually, they can’t divide their property without going to the court.
Cancer – Capricorn.
This is a very problematic union but happens sometimes. If these two opposite signs try to supplement each other instead of defending their own “truth”, this marriage will be successful. If partners (usually Capricorn) make unreasonable demands of each other and try “to improve” a partner according their own ideas, protracted conflicts will start, as well as mutual coldness, and then: the final breakup.
Cancer – Aquarius.
This is a strange, difficult but frequent union. They feel attracted and alienated at the same time. They live together, then separate, then come back again and so on. Cancer is used to seducing and keeping a partner, but Aquarius doesn’t go for any temptation, and one time he/she will go away. Cancer will wait for him/her for ever. However, when Aquarius comes back, Cancer immediately begins to build for him/her “a home prison”. Aquarius destroys it right away, and everything starts from the beginning.
Cancer – Pisces.
This is a harmonious and comfortable union. Both are sensitive and can understand each other without words. They will have “hills and valleys” in their relationships, but because they value their emotional comfort they will always try to stand by family. Problems may emerge because of leadership. Not because they want to be a leader but the exact opposite. In family somebody has to take an obligation of making decisions but “the leader” gets tired quickly of this “duty” and begins to complain about the partner who remains passive.

Leo – Leo.
For the typical representatives of this sign this union is rarely possible because their fight for the “throne” may ruin any feelings. If one of the partners is atypical Leo, this union might be successful, happy and creative. Two Leos can be good partners not in love only but also in business. Often they give birth to interesting children – smart and talented. Rarely may be the opposite: children of these bright parents turn into very dull personalities that makes parent very upset.
Leo – Virgo.
These are relations full of misunderstanding and distance. Virgo seems cold and trivial for Leo. He/she can’t stand Virgo’s “cavils”. With his/her “broad nature” Leo doesn’t want to count every penny or always put things where they should be. This union is possible only if they have mutual creative interests or they are not typical representatives of their signs.
Leo – Libra.
One of the most successful unions. Both bring the best they have in this relationship: Leo – brightness, generosity and creative energy; Libra – balance, aestheticism and excellent social skills. This is a couple for a magazine cover (illustration for the high society’s life).
Leo – Scorpio.
These two signs feel a huge magnetism to each other. Crazy passion is more possible here than a quiet family life. Leo and Scorpio have an excellent sexual compatibility. How long their relations will last depends on how long they can keep this passion. After years an active volcano may turn into old lava-streams, and relationships go into a calm stage. The other scenario – partners will not want to live just with memories and will leave seeking a new “volcano”.
Leo – Sagittarius.
Their love and marriage are often based on mutual respect, mutual work and ideology. This is a very good union for business. Also, both have a zest for life and like adventures and travel. They enjoy being together at home (though they may rarely be there), at parties, in business and on trips. If they manage to find a good housekeeper, their life turns into a complete fiesta.
Leo – Capricorn.
This is a difficult union but possible. Capricorn is often deceived by Leo’s generosity and king’s promises. Leo, of course, may not keep promises, and Capricorn will wait and wait until it is clear that he/she was deceived. Then there will be shock and disappointment. Leo seeks passion behind Capricorn’s outward severity (and often it is there), but he/she gets tired of the direct, stable life strategy of Capricorn – Leo wants changes.
Leo – Aquarius.
In the beginning they feel a big attraction to each other, but then they figure out their complete opposition and usually go apart. Leo likes to be in the center of attention; Aquarius doesn’t like that: he/she tries to be independent and invisible. Aquarius doesn’t pay attention to “the conventionalities” which are super important for Leo. Only at a mature age and having a higher spiritual level they may understand that two oppositions can make a perfect whole.
Leo – Pisces.
This is a complicated union. However, it may be successful if Leo is a male, and Pisces is a female. Leo feels himself as a noble knight defending a tender and fragile creature. For Leo this love is strange, deep, mysterious, like drawing in a whirlpool. For Pisces this union might be more comfortable than for Leo, because Pisces understands perfectly Leo’s nature but remains an enigma for him.

Virgo – Virgo.
This union often is successful and even happy (if one of the Virgos is a bit atypical). They understand each other perfectly. This is an excellent union for business partners. There are usually no passion and emotions in their relationships but there is a clear plan of coexistence, stable family life and a lot of routine (however, Virgos usually don’t mind routine).
Virgo – Libra.
This is a frequent and successful union. They are united by mutual aspiration for balance, comfort and prosperity. Libra knows a bit about everything, and Virgo studies a problem deeply, analyzing it from different sides. Both supplement each other’s missing qualities.
Virgo – Scorpio.
This union will be favorable only if love is there and both partners have strong personalities. Being with a partner – Scorpio/Virgo will see her/his dear peace in dreams only. Being always in fighting trim is what she/he should expect. However, if Virgo has endless patience and firmness, she/he can harness a rebellious Scorpio better than anybody else.
Virgo – Sagittarius.
This is an improbable union for romantic relations. They are too different. A thrifty Virgo can’t bear Sag’s wastefulness and recurring disorders. They may be together if they are joined by mutual ideas and serving society in charity or a missionary/ religious sphere. At that Sagittarius will be in charge, and Virgo will take his/her orders. It is clear that there are no feelings to talk about.
Virgo – Capricorn.
This is a good, balanced and stable union. Both look sensibly at reality; they are rational and practical. The reasonable demands and critical mind of Virgo look good for Capricorn. Capricorn also appreciates Virgo’s ability to notice a significant detail without which it would be impossible to solve big problems. For Virgo, Capricorn opens a lot of new things (including things in love). Virgo appreciates Capricorn’s support and reliability. Children make this marriage especially stable.
Virgo – Aquarius.
This is a rare union. Virgo likes comfort, household, and order. Aquarius likes freedom. He/she needs a home to come back to when he/she gets tired of traveling, friends, problems. This relationship will last only as far as Virgo still has patience. A good compatibility is possible only if they are not typical representatives of their signs.
Virgo – Pisces.
A complicated and rare union. Virgo is usually a wonderful housekeeper, but in love she/he could be cold. Pisces just doesn’t know what to do with her/him. This is especially bad if Pisces is a female – she is humiliated by the male Virgo’s criticism. Mystical, absent-minded Pisces and rational, concrete Virgo often totally misunderstand each other. In fact, they just have different energy and mentality.

Libra – Libra.
It seems strange but I’ve never seen a marriage between two Libras. It seems that in theory everything looks good – both are diplomatic, balanced, like to solve all problems in a peaceful way – what a wonderful picture for living together! However, in real life it is not like that. Obviously, it is not always good when partners are so similar. These people are not always friends, often they are enemies. Libras don’t feel comfortable with each other. They long for the real life but when they are with other Libras, their life is a theater.
Libra – Scorpio.
They have good compatibility in all spheres of life. The intimate side of relations includes wild passion started by Scorpio. However, in social life Libra is a leader. He/she guides Scorpio and shows how to meet the requirements of society. Scorpio, certainly, rebels sometimes, but he/she values Libra’s help in solving complicated situations, as well as their gentle support.
Libra – Sagittarius.
They have an excellent compatibility. They are united not by love and friendship only but also by the same mentality. They both are very active, and usually reach a high social status.
Libra – Capricorn.
From aside this union looks like a model union. Capricorn is taken as a fortress and the rock of the family. Libra looks reasonable, nice, and familiar with the etiquette of housekeeping, which by the way softly prompts “a family rock” where to direct his/her efforts. Nobody could suspect that sometimes there is a deep, boiling passion behind the front, leading to mutual resentment and estrangement increasing. There would be a shock if this couple has a cold separation and never says a good word about their ex-partner.
Libra – Aquarius.
This is a successful and productive union. They have mutual creative plans and interesting ideas. Both like to travel, spend time with friends, and have fun. Usually they are involved in the same business, completing each other.
Libra – Pisces.
For Pisces this isn’t an appropriate union. Libras are self-sufficient individualists and make picky partners. They like to put relations in a certain frame, and can be a bit distant from their partner. Pisces don’t accept distance in relationships. They strive towards unity and dilution in a partner. Their feelings could be overwhelming. Having such different ideas about love they will have difficulty in being together.

Scorpio – Scorpio.
This is a frequent union if Scorpios are from different subtypes. In this case one can lead, the other can submit – so they will have a wonderful family. But if they are typical Scorpios, there we will see a problem. They are two very strong personalities which don’t even think to yield to each other. They are attracted to each other very much; however, even if they miss each other, it is unbearable for them to live together. Usually their relations are unstable with periodic breakups and reconciliations.
Scorpio – Sagittarius.
This is a frequent, not bad union. They are never bored being together. They always encourage each other to action. They are passionate lovers, like-minded spouses who can achieve together a lot, and splendid, attentive parents.
Scorpio – Capricorn.
This is a bright union of two strong signs (on condition that both are at a high level of evolution). Their love is stable, strong and deep; during the passing years their feelings don’t won’t lessen. As usual, they make wonderful kids who always respect their parents. If Scorpio and Capricorn break up, they become enemies and have an endless war.
Scorpio – Aquarius.
An interesting union. Scorpio usually leads (with rare exceptions). She/he openly or secretly directs Aquarius. Their love is unusual and might turn out to be a bit eccentric. They always create something new. Peaceful periods of coexistence change into long wars, followed by a happy reconciliation (until the next war). In fact, for them it is very difficult to renounce from each other because they would be bored with a more peaceful and calm partner.
Scorpio – Pisces.
In this relation Pisces will usually allow themselves to be lead. Scorpios are sensitive partners. They can see and understand everything but, unfortunately, sometimes they see non-existent problems. They keep Pisces in tension, tease them and then have regrets about this. This union has a constant nerve-strain which Pisces often can’t stand and, therefore, they leave because they have suffered enough from Scorpio’s difficult character.

Sagittarius – Sagittarius.
Here we have two governors on the same throne. Who will have to retire? Unlikely the establishing of constitutional monarchy will go without a revolution. The mutual life of two Sags might look like a fight for authority. Both will try to win over relatives’ and children’s support and have a numerical superiority. However, sometimes Sags can put up a united front – if they have a mutual adversary.
Sagittarius – Capricorn.
Sagittarius is a censor of law, order and social rules. Capricorn doesn’t care about all of these: his/her personal rules are more important. This union is possible if they manage to reconcile the inner rules with the social laws, the individual with the collective. This could be a marriage of convenience when spouses have mutual business and interests. Or it could be a spiritual union.
Sagittarius – Aquarius.
Easiness, friendship, adventurism and mutual understanding, getting stronger with time, prevail in this marriage. Both Sag and Aquarius like traveling, changes, parties, socializing. Both give each other a lot of freedom, but not without limits. Even if life isn’t easy they don’t lose their sense of humor. Their kids are their friends and the meaning of existence for them, letting them live a new life, get renewed and feel young again.
Sagittarius – Pisces.
This is a good union only for missionaries eager to bring progress and high ideals to savages. Here Sagittarius would be a noble knight, and Pisces his faithful armour-bearer. In ordinary life everything is different: active Sagittarius and passive, submerged-in-their-feelings Pisces may only annoy each other.

Capricorn – Capricorn.
This union might be very different. If partners are typical Capricorns this is a union of two lonely, silent people. The business partnership is possible if they are not too stubborn. Their family life might look like a quiet, silent family dinner where everyone is in their own thoughts, and even if they exchange a couple of words they will be about routine (who is washing dishes, going shopping etc). However, if at least one partner isn’t a typical Capricorn, this union may be very happy.
Capricorn – Aquarius.
Loneliness may push them to each other. At the beginning it seems that they are similar and understand each other perfectly. However, after a while, this illusion will have to disappear. Aquarius thought that Capricorn is stable and totally reliable; she/he didn’t even suspect that Capricorn is freedom-loving and very clever. Capricorn would never let anybody in his inner free world, including Aquarius. Capricorn thought that Aquarius is exactly the right person who will never limit freedom of the person he/she loves. Capricorn doesn’t suspect that Aquarius (exactly like others) wants to attach a partner to home, but will always demand total independence for himself.
Capricorn – Pisces.
This may be the ideal union. Selfless love and mutual understanding. Their union (if it isn’t based on pragmatism) is eternal, and looks like cliffs (Capricorn) and ocean (Pisces). Together they are able to perceive all secrets of the universe. However, if Capricorn is too materialistic he/she will try to make Pisces work hard for their career. Pisces will not understand that and finally might leave very disappointed, or will submit and accept this life style but without feeling happy.

Aquarius – Aquarius.
This is a very rare union which may be held only by friendship and equality in the family. If they are typical signs it is difficult for them to build a home they want to come back to. In their fight for independence they might lose all similarities – they may have separate bedrooms, interests, meals etc. Only children and friends remain mutual.
Aquarius – Pisces.
There is a strong attraction between these two signs. They are never bored in each others company. They are an interesting enigma for each other. In discovering their partner’s personality they are not in a hurry – one step forward and a half step back. They do that, in general, because they are afraid to fall into another person’s influence. However, this union can be happy if the reality doesn’t hit it. The everyday routine may become a breaking point. In the worse case scenario they might get into financial difficulties and couldn’t have their own home.

Pisces –Pisces.
This is a very rare union. These are two mystic creatures who sometimes get lost in the labyrinth of their subconscious. Two deep oceans might be too much. Pisces can swim together until it doesn’t matter where to go. However, this can’t last long. They will have to live in the real world, take responsibilities, raise children and make decisions. If one of the partners will take on this burden, the relationships will last. If not, they will begin to look for another partner – more “earthy”, but will miss a person with whom they had such an alliance of souls.

I’d like to remind one more time that this is written for typical representatives of the sign, and that we should not rely on just general descriptions. Every encounter of two souls is unique. Sometimes (although, rarely) two totally incompatible signs are able to understand each other and build a wonderful relationship. Everything depends on the people involved. However, it could also be the opposite: two very similar individuals with mutual interests begin to be bored in each others company and don’t want to read “the book” which has been already read. Anyway, if it really is Love the astrological compatibility is not very important.


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