There is a specific division in astrology called astromineralogy (or astrology of gems and minerals). I am sure that a lot of you saw the description regarding which gem matches a certain sign, like Cancer’s gem is pearl and a moon stone; ruby is a Leo’s stone and so on. Those are too general and primitive, and not always right.

In fact, everything is much more complicated. Astrological science about minerals has existed for a few thousand years. It was practiced a lot in India and Tibet; ancient Greeks and Chaldeans took it into consideration. The matter is that every stone, not just gems but industrial stones as well, in addition to a crystal structure has also an energy-information structure. That’s why wearing a specific stone might do a person good or bad, or may be neutral. Do you know that some gems can cure certain diseases?

I am going to talk about marching gems and Zodiac signs, what minerals are good for in everyday life, and the compatibility of stones and metals. The best gem is not the most expensive but the one which suits you the most and can make you happier and healthier.
Because there are a great number of stones, and they all are equal under the astrological law, we will put them in alphabetical order.

Agate (white or yellow).
It was considered from ancient times that this stone protects you from vampires and witches. Also it gives kindness, gentleness, tranquility and confidence.
Agate is perfect for Taurus, Cancer, Aquarius and Leo. It is not so good for Pisces, and it doesn’t match Sagittarius and Aries – they don’t need too much of composure, as it keeps them from action.

This is a difficult stone. Sometimes it may bring negative events. For some people it often changes color, from purple-reddish to yellow. Yellow might predict future trouble. Alexandrite is like a magic barometer which shows events you may have. It is a gem for strong people only.
Sagittarius, Taurus and Scorpio can wear it. Alexandrite is negative for Pisces, Cancer and Virgo.

This is a green-white mineral with gentle energy. It consolidates family and is related with building a home. If a woman wants to manifest her femininity, she should wear amazonite. This stone also helps elder people to feel younger. In addition, it cures diseases of the nervous system related to overstrain.
Amazonite can be worn constantly. It is not good only for those who have strong Scorpio in their charts.

This is a wonderful stone (which is not stone at all but sap from the ancient trees). Amber is a universal purifier of the body in both physical and astral planes. It contains the power of the Sun and Venus. This gem has a big medical importance. It can take out all toxins if is worn for a long time. Good for everybody. Amber also is a stone of creative energy. It makes vitality, optimism and physical strength stronger.
It is better to wear amber in copper or copper alloy, or by itself in beads.

This is a stone of peace and balance. It helps to correct problems with speech, brings good friends and contacts with useful people.
Amethyst should be in silver only (not in gold) and should be worn thus: for women – on the left hand; for men – on the right one; even better, on the ring finger. Amethyst isn’t good for people with strong Pisces, Leo and Capricorn. It is excellent for all air signs: Libra (especially), Gemini and Aquarius.

This mineral is related with a spiritual strength and exposure of deception. Considered that people who lie shouldn’t wear it because all their lies will be revealed. Aquamarine gives understanding of secrets.
It is favorable for Pisces and Cancers, and not great for Geminis and Scorpios.

This is a beautiful gem with sparkles inside. It has the energy of planet Neptune. Aventurine is related not just with gambling but also with pure love. It increases intuition and confidence, brings optimism. Just one warning about this stone: it shouldn’t be worn permanently because it might bring financial loss.Aventurine is good for people who have strong Neptune in their horoscope. It isn’t favorable for Aries’, Scorpios and Capricorns because it makes them careless, superficial and emotionally imbalanced.

This is a greenish stone concerned with love and peace. It has the energy of Chiron. Chrysolite gives access to esoteric information. Also it helps in finding solutions for tricky problems. If you want to win a case in court you should wear chrysolite.
This gem is very beneficial for Sagittarius and Libra. Not good for Aries and Gemini.

This is also a yellow-greenish gemstone with very calm energy. It has the energy of Neptune, Saturn and Venus. Its wearing brings peace and tranquility to your soul. Chrysoberyl is good for harmonization of relations in the family. It might help to find a partner for marriage.
This gem is especially favorable for Capricorn and Libra. Other signs can wear it as well, with the exception of Aquarius and Aries.

This is a very beautiful transparent yellow gem. Some jewelers call it topaz, which isn’t right. Citrine is much cheaper.
It was considered that this is a stone of speculators and cheaters. It is also a gem of people who use their hands a lot, working, such as jewelers, engravers, illusionists, etc. Citrine has energy of Mercury, that’s why it is connected with contacts, travelling and useful information. This gem is very beneficial for public speaking; it even can correct speech defects. In general, this is a mineral of prudent entrepreneurs.
Citrine is very good for Gemini and Aquarius as well as Virgo. It isn’t favorable for Scorpio and Capricorn.
Be aware that there are imitations of this gem. With use of high temperature simple quartz can be converted into a yellow-reddish stone but it will never get a nice pale yellow color which the original citrine has.

Coral isn’t a stone but probably we can call it mineral although it is of an organic nature. White coral is better for women, red coral for men. Coral can work as a talisman (protector) in travelling. However, it also can make a person moody, eccentric and fretful.
Coral is OK for every sign with the exception of Capricorn.

Cornelian (or sard).
This is a yellowish-red gem. It has energies of the Sun, Saturn and Mars. Cornelian has a big medical importance. It can neutralize negativity and strengthen a physical potential. It also may give wealth and power but not all at once, only gradually.
Cornelian is good for everybody but it is especially favorable for Taurus, Capricorn and Libra. The only sign which won’t get anything from cornelian is Cancer.

Do you think diamond is the best gemstone you can ever get? Actually, not at all. Diamond can be a tricky mineral. I am sure you read some stories about cursed diamonds. This gem has huge power. It corresponds with the Sun in Aries, the first zodiac sign. The concentrated energy of the Sun exists in this mineral; not everybody can deal easily with it. The best way to get a diamond is when you inherited it or it was a gift. Even in this case it will take time for the gemstone to get used to you. Diamond shouldn’t be worn constantly. Never, ever should we wear a diamond with black spots inside. This diamond will bring bad luck not just to you but your children as well. After reading all of this about diamond we might decide to go for something different – nice but cheaper.

Emerald is a gemstone of magicians and highpriests. It relates with energies of Vulcan and Proserpina (two as-yet undiscovered planets), as well as the Moon. It is considered that emerald brings happiness only to people with pure souls. It doesn’t require intelligence: a person might be uneducated and quite primitive but if he/she has pure intentions, emerald will be favorable. This gem is also excellent for intuitive people, as it helps reveal secrets. For somebody with initiation it might give an unlimited contact with the beyond.
Emerald is very good for Pisces and Cancer: it helps their intuition to work with greater focus. This gemstone isn’t favorable for Capricorn and Scorpio. Other signs can wear it. Emerald is a stone of honest people: it wouldn’t tolerate lies and duplicity. It can bring liars not only bad luck but even illnesses. Sincere people will get support and clarification of confused situations from emerald.
The same as diamond, emerald works better if it was inherited. It also needs time to get used to the owner.

Here we are talking only about red garnet. It is ruled by Jupiter and Mars. It brings happiness to people who are active and passionate, and to creators. Garnet is a wonderful source of energy. However, if you are lazy or in total inner comfort and self-content, and are not ready to go anywhere, it is better not to wear garnet or it might create a sort of “emotional itch”. Wearing it for a long time may cause emotional excitability, which the gem will show by losing its luster. Garnet is good for fire signs, mostly Leo and Sagittarius. It isn’t so great for Aries because garnet demands constant passion which isn’t about Aries. Garnet is unfavorable for Virgo, Pisces and Capricorns. Other signs can wear it quite frequently but not all the time.

This is a very energetically strong mineral, containing strengths of Mars and Saturn. This is a pretty serious stone. It is used for magic work, for astral protection and for working with tantric energies. Hematite can give a lot of energy. From one side, this is great, but from the other…none of us always have just nice intentions. Sometimes we can get angry and wish all the worst for our enemies, and our wish might be fulfilled. Our enemies may die but we would get “a piece” of black karma. Hematite is unsuitable for energetically weak people. It is unfavorable for Gemini, Virgo and Pisces. Other signs can wear it. Hematite is very good for Cancer and Scorpio, especially Scorpio (this is their stone).

This is a nice semi-transparent yellow gem. It is ruled by the Moon and Uranus.
Jacinth is related with unhappy love. That’s why people who are looking for a partner shouldn’t be wearing it. However, jacinth also has some good qualities: it can take away melancholy. It is good to wear this mineral in depressive times; it will bring hope and joy. When you are happy, don’t wear jacinth: it will make your mood the opposite. Jacinth is an Aquarius’ stone. Aquarius’ can wear it almost without limitations: they are always ready for changes. It is OK for Scorpio, Leo and Taurus. It is absolutely contra-indicated for Libra.

A very beautiful semi-transparent greenish gem. Jade has energies of Venus, the Moon and Saturn.
Shamans of ancient times used it for magic purposes. It was considered possible to change weather and make harvests better with jade’s help.
Jade is an excellent stabilizer; that’s why it is also used for medical purposes. Jade can balance blood pressure; it can be very “handy” for people whose blood pressure goes up and down all the time. Wearing jade we react less to weather changes.
This gem is especially beneficial for Virgo, Taurus and Libra. Jade isn’t always very good for the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) because it is too stable.

This is a many-coloured stone; could be a lot of varieties in colors. Jasper contains energies of Jupiter, Mercury and Proserpina.
Jasper is used in medical astrology. It is also appropriate for making the environment at work favorable. Want bosses to like you: wear jasper. For this purpose yellow jasper is the best. Dark-red jasper is good for medical purposes. It might help with stomach problems, with bleeding and barrenness. Also it is considered useful to wear jasper as protection against evil spirits. Green jasper is important for alchemy.
This mineral is especially favorable for Virgo, Taurus and Sagittarius. It is not so good for Gemini, Pisces and Aries.

It is a black opaque stone. Actually jet isn’t a stone; it has organic nature like amber.
The main strength and purpose of jet is in removing fears including nightmares. It is very beneficial as a children’s talisman. Jet also helps in understanding the secrets of our karma. Jet is beneficial for Cancer, Pisces and especially Scorpio. Capricorn can wear it but not permanently. Jet isn’t good for Taurus and Libra because destroys their balance, and they become gloomy under its influence. For other signs it is neutral.
It is considered that on a medical level jet prevents cataract in elderly people. It can also cure migraine if it is worn as a pendant.

This is a good stone but a bit “heavy”. It has energies of Saturn and Pluto which can’t be called easy planets. Usually it is a dark mineral with a blue glitter. It can be used for home protection. Some ancient traditions considered it to be beneficial to keep labradorite by a threshold to stop unwanted visitors coming in. Labradorite is very good for Scorpios and Leos. It is unfavorable for Aquarius, Cancer and Capricorn.

Lapis lazuli.
This is a unique mineral: everyone can wear it. Lapis lazuli has influences of Venus and Uranus.
It brings peace and joy, happiness in love and friendship, and good luck in gambling. Also it helps to accomplish projects. Lapis lazuli is a gem of people who look for changes and new things. It was considered that if this gem is placed on the third eye it can eliminate all mental troubles. Lapis lazuli is a mental healer and cleanser of the aura.

This mineral contains the energy of Venus and a little bit of Pluto. It isn’t an easy combination. It attracts attention to you from other people. Sometimes this attention isn’t innocent. That’s why young girls shouldn’t wear malachite. However, malachite is irreplaceable for people who want attention (actors, for example). Malachite is also related with harmony. It is very good for writers, poets and, in general, people of art, as well as those who want to be attractive and charming for a long time. If you want malachite to work well for you, it should be in a proper setting. This gem shouldn’t be set in gold, only in silver or copper. Malachite works the best for Libras. It is also good for Taurus and Leo. Virgos and Cancers can’t get anything from it.

This mineral can be black or dark-brown. It contains energies of Saturn, Uranus and the Sun.
Obsidian can be a good protector; it even can save you from yourself (refrain from bad deeds). Because obsidian is a stone of caution, it isn’t recommended to wear it constantly: it may make you a coward.
Obsidian is very good for Leo and Sagittarius. It is also not bad for Gemini and Aquarius: it helps them to focus. Obsidian isn’t favorable for Cancer and Virgo: these signs don’t need extra-caution. The rest of the signs can wear it.

This gem has the energy of Mars, Venus and Mercury.
This mineral is for goal-oriented and persistent people. It helps to accumulate energy, fight and win. Onyx will not match impatient people who want to get everything at once. It is only for those who are able to play long-lasting “games”.
Onyx works the best for earth signs: Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus. It won’t fit Gemini.
Onyx also has a big medical importance. It is a great astral cleanser; it can “pull out” a disease. For medical purposes this gem should be worn in beads.

This is a complicated stone. It shouldn’t be worn constantly. Even if you wear opal in a ring, it is good to move it from finger to finger during the day. It is considered that opal gives false hopes, that this is a stone of sorrow and loss, and secret vices. It might make you miss trouble in front of your eyes. It can bring happiness only to witches or people who inherited it. Among other people only Cancers can handle its energy.
Opal is especially unfavorable for sensitive and susceptible people because they can go too far in their fantasies. Practical and non-sensitive people can wear it but only from time to time.

Of course, it isn’t a stone; it has an organic nature. Pearls look nice and warm but they aren’t always like that. Pearl is good only for confident and persistent people: it gives them variety of choices as well as objectivity. To scattered people who don’t know what they want pearl can’t bring anything positive. On the opposite, it makes them even more confused and unstable.
Pearl doesn’t like love affairs; it strengthens loyalty in love. So, dear men, if you want your women to be faithful, buy them some nice pearls.
Pearl is unfavorable for travelers and actors: for them it may bring obstacles.

This is a beautiful green gem which is related with energies of Venus and Neptune, and with Pisces’ sign. For Pisces it is especially favorable. It is also very good for Cancer. Peridot is a gem of love and tenderness; it can neutralize conflicts and arguments. If you feel that there is not enough attention from your family members, try to wear peridot. It harmonizes the environment and makes family connections stronger. Everybody can wear this gemstone with the exception of Capricorn.


This is a pretty common semi-clear pinkish mineral. It is a gem of art and game. It reveals hidden talents and strengthens self-confidence. It is also believed that rhodonite helps in child birth.

This gem is especially beneficial for Geminis and Libras. It isn’t positive for fire signs, mostly, Aries’ and Sagittarius’. Rhodonite might be useful for other signs but one shouldn’t wear it constantly.


Rock-crystal is one of the powerful psychic’s gems. Magic balls are made exactly from this mineral. It gives an opportunity to receive hidden knowledge and maintain telepathic contacts. This is the gem of Mercury. Rock-crystal is a transmitter; it helps to comprehend information rationally and clarify relations.

This crystal can be made in two forms: round or cut. The cut one brings clarity and purity (in our intentions as well). The round rock-crystal gives the power of concentration: exactly this one is a gem of psychics and alchemists. Rock-crystal in any form makes memory, speech and thinking process better.

This crystal is wonderful for Virgos, Geminis and Aquarius’. It isn’t very good for Scorpios and Libras.

Rock-crystal is never worn as a ring, only as a pendant. One can carry it as a small ball in a packet: men on the right side, women on the left side.


This is a typical gem of Leos. It is the gem of power: that’s why only people who have achieved certain status and connections to other people’s karma should wear ruby. Others can wear it rarely. Ruby is a gem of shininess, vanity and creativeness. Because of the excessive desire for being noticeable and bright, ruby might take too much energy from a person and make him/her tired.

People suffering high blood pressure or blood diseases shouldn’t wear ruby. This gem can help people with low blood pressure.

Ruby is excellent for fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. It isn’t beneficial for earth signs: Taurus and Virgo. The third earth sign, Capricorn, can wear it but it will take time to get used to this gem.


This is one of the typical gems of Sagittarius. It contains energies of Jupiter and Saturn. Sapphire gives secret power and makes informal leadership stronger. It is wonderful for travelers. However, it works only for strong people who are ready to help others. Sapphire is a gem of teachers who can show people the path and guide them there. Sapphire will give nothing to those who care only about their own interests.

The only sign to which this gem is in opposition is Capricorn. Sapphire is very good for Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer, Libra and Leo. Taurus’ are indifferent to it because it demands too much responsibility.

One should remember that sapphire is counter-indicative to irresponsible and lazy representatives of any sign: the energy won’t be good.


Energies of the Moon and Neptune.

It is a fragile, stratiform mineral, mostly used in hardstone carving. If you manage to find it in jewelry, selenite can be worn only on the waxing moon.

This stone is a very good remedy against insomnia. It also makes dreams pure, bright and memorable. This is a rock for psychics and mages who work in their dreams.

Selenite works the best with Cancer and Scorpio. It isn’t good for Capricorn, Aries and Virgo because it makes them lose focus and get too relaxed.  


Not a good rock. An association with a snake speaks of itself: snakes are often related to guile; this is a tempter’s stone. Serpentine is related to Mercury and Neptune. According to one doubtful narration of the myth, serpentine was spit out by Adam when he was choking on an apple: a piece of the apple stuck in his throat and transformed into serpentine.

This mineral is unfavorable for normal people: it brings tests of temptation to their lives. You may wear serpentine if you want to be made aware of situations you should avoid. This rock will quickly attract personal temptations and you, by showing firm resistance, increase the level of your holiness (a joke).

Virgos and Capricorns can wear serpentine because it gives them a chance of learning. It is very bad for Pisces and Cancer; Pisces especially because they might go very low.


It is related to energies of Venus, the Sun and Jupiter. This is one of the favorite gems of Fortune, who is known as a changeable lady. Spinel gives luck in everything, especially love. Don’t think though, that for more luck you need to buy a bigger gem and wear it more often. It is not that simple. Spinel can turn you into a lazy bum if you wear it too often. In addition to this, if it isn’t your mineral it can contribute to developing some illnesses such as problems with metabolism and liver sickness.

Spinel is very positive for Taurus, Libra and Pisces (it is one of the best gems for Pisces). It is counter-indicative for Aquarius and Cancer.


This is a very beautiful, transparent, firm gemstone. It can be in different colors, but yellow is the most common. It has combined energies of Saturn and Pluto. Topaz is considered a stone of psychologists and detectives because it helps in disclosing secrets. Topaz isn’t an easy gem: it is possible with its help to influence people, which is why it is used in hypnosis. This mineral makes a person more attentive to signs, coincidences and their own sixth sense. It strengthens psychic abilities.

However, topaz might make family life worse; that’s why it shouldn’t be worn often if you are a family person. It isn’t good to wear it for traveling, especially for Sagittarius’.

Topaz is favorable for Scorpio and Cancers but not good for Pisces (they can become tangled in their own secrets). It is especially counter-indicated for Libra and Taurus.  

There is another mineral, called rauchtopaz (smoky topaz), that has nothing to do with topazes, and is better known as smoky quartz. It has a tremendous power of Pluto and can be used only for a magic work. It can’t be worn by anyone, with the exception of Capricorns.    


It is a transmitter of energies of Venus and Pluto. Tourmaline brings success and happiness in love but (too bad!) just for males. This gem is related with tantric energy and is useful for those who practice tantra for transformation of sexual energy. It makes marriage and family stronger.

Tourmaline shouldn’t be worn constantly. Its setting should be in gold. This gem should be cut as a cabochon, not faceted as it is normally done.

Tourmaline is one of the best gemstones for Scorpio. It is also good for Cancer. Capricorn and Virgo will get nothing from it.         


This is a well-known semiprecious gem which can have a variety of colors from light blue to green.

Blue turquoise is a typical mineral of Jupiter. It is related to power, justice, authority and balance. This is a gem of brave people: in ancient times hilts of daggers and swords were often decorated with turquoise. It gives power to lead people and inspiration to fight for justice. Turquoise is also related to help from higher forces. This gem is good for all signs, with the exception of Virgo.

Green turquoise (also called “dead” turquoise) has absolutely different informational/energy structure. It has energy of Saturn, not Jupiter. This is a stone for people who achieved their goal and just want to enjoy it. Green turquoise is for people who reached 64 years age. For others it isn’t good because it doesn’t help with anything.

Be aware that there is a lot of fake turquoise on the market.     



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