Medical Astrology

Medical astrology is an important part of astrological science but, unfortunately, poorly known in North America. Now, when more and more people seek help from alternative medicine, a medical aspect of astrology can help everyone to live in compliance with cosmic rhythms and to find his/her own way to perfect health. Many great doctors of the early ages, such as Hippocrates and Avicenna, studied astrology because it helped to diagnose and heal patients. It is well-known that everything in this world submits to certain rhythms. A little human microcosmos lives according to the same rules as our big Universe. We can find in ancient books that human longevity can be much longer than we have right now. It looks like we just forgot how to live in harmony with the Universe.

We are able to see from a personal natal chart what organs and systems may be impaired and where there is susceptibility to the certain ailments. We need to pay more attention to these weak organs and take preventive measures. Medical astrology is an indispensable resource for diagnostics.
If illness occurred there is a possibility to find out what kind of disease it is. The same ailments can have different causes and require different approaches in treatment. If sickness is acquired, the situation is pretty clear. Part of these diseases can be cured by traditional medicine and part by alternative medicine. It is worse if a disease is hereditary, and it is much worse if it is karmic. Traditional medicine doesn’t know how to treat the last one at all.

The important step in medical astrology is finding two main planets – Hyleg and Antihyleg. Hyleg is the strongest and the kindest planet in a horoscope. It is also the main source of energy. Usually the organ ruled by Hyleg can’t become sick. For example, if your Hyleg is the Sun, you will certainly have a healthy heart and a good circulatory system; if Hyleg is Jupiter, your liver is excellent; if Venus, your kidneys and thyroid will not ever be in danger, etc.

Antihyleg is the most malicious planet in a horoscope. It is the entrance for all illnesses. An organ ruled by Antihyleg is affected first of all. If Antihyleg is Saturn, there will likely be problems with bones and/or teeth; if Antihyleg is Proserpina (an unknown planet in Western astrology), the immune system isn’t good, etc. The knowledge of these two planets is very useful for healers because it allows them to direct energy the right way.
From the predictable side astrology gives an opportunity to find out the probable time of disease occurring and a possibility to take preventive measures in advance.

Being also an energy healer I frequently use astrological knowledge in my practice. This allows avoiding mistakes and reducing time for patients cure. Also I often use an herbal treatment. If herbs are taken in compliance with the day’s planetary rhythms, the results are fantastic. Every plant contains the energy of a certain planet, sometimes two or three planets. There are some rules for herb picking for the purpose of retaining planetary force in the plants. Picking should be in a certain day, hour and the moon phase. Herb extracts should be taken also in the certain time which depends on the chosen method of treatment. Methods are the same as in homeopathy – “similar – similar” and “similar – opposite”.

The method “similar – similar” is based on a supporting principle. We use plants of the planet which rules a sick organ. For example, if kidneys ruled by Venus are sick, Venus herbs should be taken. If a bone system or a gall-bladder suffers, we will take a decoction of Saturn herbs. In other words, we try to support the planet and the sick organ. Another rule is that herbs should be taken in hours of this particular planet.
The method “similar – opposite” is a blocking, restrictive method. In this case for treatment we use a planet – antagonist of a planet which controls a sick organ. For example, we use Venus plants for Mars ailments. In astrology Mars and Venus are antagonists, so we use Venus energy for reducing Mars’ malicious force.

Let’s look at a real-life example. Many years ago, not practicing energy healing yet, I used herbs to help my friends and relatives. One of my relatives had sand and stones in kidneys. The kidneys’ gripes continued with impressive constancy. The ambulance visited his house very often. Once I looked at his natal chart and found out that soon another serious attack of disease was expected. I decided to try an herbal treatment. Fortunately, it was summer, so I was able to pick up the herbs myself. I chose lilac as a Venus plant. I picked lilac flowers in the proper time – in the crescent moon and at noon. The patient took the extract according to my time-table. As a result, he missed this attack because we started to take preventive measures in advance. Now this person is absolutely healthy.

Astrological knowledge is also extremely important for choosing a favorable time for surgery. It is necessary to take the Moon’s position into consideration. A human body has marks of all 12 Zodiac signs. For instance, arms and shoulders are Gemini, chest is Cancer, hips are Sagittarius, etc. Surgery is not recommended when the Moon is in the sign which rules the body part having surgery. Knees and teeth operation shouldn’t be done when the Moon is in Capricorn. No surgery on genitals when the Moon is in Scorpio and so on. Early ages doctors knew these rules very well and always used them.
There are more complicated methods considering planets positions. For instance, planet Neptune has to be paid attention to when it comes to anesthesia. It is clear if surgery is urgent there is no time to look at the stars, however, if this is a regular operation, a look at cosmic rhythms is helpful at least for avoiding complications after surgery.

Medical astrology can as well give advice about the most appropriate life style, diet and physical exercises exactly for you. Everybody knows that it is easier to prevent ailments than to cure them. That’s why it is always good to find your own rhythm and live according to it, live long and happy.