This is one of the articles I wrote for the Russian newspaper “Vancouver Express” in my translation into English. The topic of this article is past lives. Most of Oriental religions and philosophies as well as astrology are based on the theory of reincarnations and karmic law. The Bible also used to contain the text about reincarnations in the beginning.

I always liked the theory about a chain of incarnations. It is very logical and can explain everything. Things which seem at the first sight absolutely unfair can be understood if you take into consideration not just sins of this life but also improper deeds of past lives and the necessity to pay for them. For example, when a child is born very ill… Why?! A baby is an innocent creature, didn’t have time to do anything bad. Why he is suffering? A child really couldn’t commit any sins in this life. What about previous lives?.. Nobody knows what sins he has to pay for but the soul obviously came to redeem some bad deeds. Sometimes a sick child, especially if he is mentally sick, comes as a punishment for the parents.

Unfortunately, knowledge that you are working out karma doesn’t make life easier. However, it is possible not to create a new bad karma. Nothing in this world remains without consequences. It is just that some people have to pay “the price” in this lifetime and others – in the nest life. What is better is a big question. A deferred “sentence” looks more attractive but what if “the interest” accumulates?..

It is very interesting to trace a chain of incarnations when it comes to relationships. Any relations: children – parents, husband – wife, friends. For the majority the current meeting of the souls is the first one. However, it might be different. Why sometimes when we meet a person for the first time it seems that we know him/her forever? We’ve met in previous lives, that’s why. There is a concept in astrology which I call “a karmic marriage”. A karmic marriage applies to people have known each other in past incarnations. They left unfinished business between them: business could be positive or negative. Now they’ve met again to finish it. I must say, they are rarely successful in this.

You can marry a man who was your wife in one of incarnations. There is nothing surprising: a soul doesn’t have a gender. We may meet a person who used to be our grandma, brother, gardener, student or…killer. The last variant occurs quite rarely. However, destiny might choose you as an instrument of retribution. Not a very pleasant mission but what can we do?..

We also deserved awards for our past kind deeds. What do you think: where some people’s unique abilities came from? How about good luck? We all have both bad and good karma. Saints are not born in this world. There are a few who people call saints. But they were not born like that; it was their conscious choice to live this kind of life. Those people may never reincarnate in a physical body again. What is the point? They learned all life lessons, passed “the exams” of all earth incarnations. Now their path leads to the different spheres.

As for us – more mortals – we make the same mistakes too often. From incarnation to incarnation we drag the same problems. If we only know what kind of problems… Some people know but don’t want to accept and deal with them. There are some rare psychics who can read past lives. There are even funny programs which tell you when you were born before and where and who you’ve been. Usually there is not much choice. Everybody wants to be someone special: a king-queen, a high priest, a princess, a knight at the worse case scenario. But how about blacksmiths, farmers, weavers and other proletariat?..
Reincarnation of some personalities is tracked carefully in some countries. For example, in Buddhism a lot of time and energy is spent for finding the next Dalai Lama. First of all, with the help of astrology. Not a common natal chart is used here but a chart of conception. This chart is connected directly to the soul reincarnations. Armed with it Buddhists happened to be able to figure out the next incarnation of the Dalai Lama’ soul.
There is a technique of incarnation’s reading available for everyone. It is called past life regression. This is some kind of directed meditation, usually in a group, where if you are lucky you may see interesting pictures from your past lives. This is a pretty exciting activity. A minority of a group isn’t able to see anything. Some participants can see something, and the luckiest ones feel like watching movies. Past life regression can bring many surprises and discoveries. It also can explain some oddities.

For example, one of my friends can’t stand if someone touches her neck. She got the explanation why it is so when she saw a picture from one of past lives where she was a male and was hung. Or let’s suppose that somebody is terribly scared of water. However, this person didn’t have any unpleasant experience with water, even in a childhood. Do you think this person could be one of “Titanic” passengers? Easy…
I had one trait in my character for a long time which I couldn’t explain. I absolutely couldn’t watch the movies where people were in fire. I almost got sick. No psychics could explain that. I was totally sure that I wasn’t in danger related with fire in any of my past lives. This didn’t concern me personally. Everything became clear when I saw a fragment from my pre-previous reincarnation with the stake of inquisition where one dear person of mine was burnt.
There is another extreme in this karma topic. A person might become a complete fatalist and decide if it is fate so it be. If something is happening the easiest way to handle it is to sigh hopelessly and say: “This is all karma…”, and don’t do anything. Fate exists as well as free will and the right of a choice. They are always in “a package”. Some people have more of free will, some have less. Depends on what someone deserved. But all of us are able to make choices and those choices will affect not just our current life but our next incarnations as well.


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