The Application of Dispositors Chains in AstroPsychology

In this article I would like to show how to define main sources of strength and weakness of human personality using the building up of planetary chains and revealing four key planets. Of course, this is not enough for designing the whole picture of a psychological portrait. That would need the analysis of all the factors. The importance of a dispositor (the planet that rules the sign) is recognized by all astrologers because it always gives a special accent to the planet situated in the sign that is ruled by this dispositor. It is necessary to build up four types of planetary chains: dispositions by homes, exaltation, detriment and fall. As a beginning of the chain you can take any planet.

picture No.1 V.S. Vysotskii, January, 25. 1938. 05:27 a.m. Moscow

In the picture No.2 you can see the building up the dispositors chain from the natal chart of one of the famous Russian singers and song-writers V.S. Vysotskii. ( pic. 1 )

picture No.2 Planetary home chain. V.S.Vysotskii

The main planet in this chain is called Atlantis. It is the backbone of the personality. It is precisely the planet which gives the confidence and the opportunity for the person to feel himself as individuality different from others. Atlantis determines deep abilities and talents of a person. This planet always shows itself latent and secretly, mainly on the inner level. Only the planet of a strong cosmic status can act as Atlantis. If it is weak, the backbone of the person will be effaced and poorly shown. For example, for V.S. Vysotskii Saturn acts as Atlantis (it has the largest amount of connections). Saturn as Atlantis brings a deep feeling of the aim, an ability to wait, stability, firmness, persistence, a good ability to survive and to be a hero alone. But Saturn is situated in Aries, the sign of its fall. It is weak and cannot fulfill its mission. The backbone of the personality is poorly shown.

Through building up another planetary chain – for exaltation (pic.3)

picture No.3 Chain for exaltation V.S. Vysotskii

we can calculate the basic planet that will show the deep source of the personal strength, the source a person can derive his energy from. This planet is called Antes. For V.S. Vysotskii Neptune acts as Antes, but it is in its detriment sign and cannot be the true Antes. The strong faith would have become the source of the strength of V.S.Vysotskii, but instead of that this idea had been replaced by illusions. So, the usage of drugs and alcohol was not for him the attempt to hide from fears and complexes, but the search for the source of strength even had it been ersatz. The Moon and Uranus are situated in mutual reception and do not take part in the chain. The planets not included into the chain are called “switched off”. The “switched off” planet is the planet that is not worked out in karma and has untouched reserves. However, it is extremely difficult to make a person use them.

picture No.4 Chain for detriment V.S.Vysotskii

In the picture No.4 you can see the chain for detriment. You can easily see that the key planet is the Sun. The key planet of this type of a chain is called Sisyphus. Sisyphus expresses the deepest psychological complex of a person. In general, it is a source for all complexes. This planet shows what should be worked out first not to allow the personality getting degraded. V.S. Vysotskii had the Sun as Sisyphus. This is a very serious index, because the Sun is in detriment and appears as true Sisyphus. It is obvious, that V.S. Vysotskii had doubts about himself as a creator and a fear not to have enough of creative power. It was very important for him to stand out from the crowd and to be unlike others. And it was very important for him to confirm constantly his creative strength.

The last chain is connected with the fall of planets (picture No.5).

picture No.5 Chain for fall. V.S.Vysotskii

The main planet here is called Icarus. As well as Sisyphus it shows the source of weakness but now this is the energy weakness, not psychological. Icarus shows the way we can lose our strength. Icarus is the “Black hole” sucking up the energy. If the deficit of this planet increases it will draw off the power from other planets of the chain and could become the source of a personal degradation. Pluto acts as Icarus for V.S. Vysotskii. It is a bad situation for the person involved in public or show business. During his public performances he was generous in sharing his energy with the audience and, obviously, it was difficult for him to rehabilitate himself later, and the weakness of his Antes made everything worse. While doing this analysis you should consider planets in pairs: Atlantis – Sisyphus (from a psychological point of view) and Antes – Icarus (as an energetic component). If Atlantis is stronger than Sisyphus, a person can easily manage his complexes. And in the case when Antes is stronger than Icarus, the energy will be easily restored. If not then… In the horoscope of V.S. Vysotskii the terrible combination was formed: both his Sisyphus and Icarus were stronger. That is why the way to degradation was opened.

As an example I would like to offer for consideration two more natal charts: Edith Piaf (pic.6) and Sophia Loren (pic.9).

picture No.9 Sophia Loren. September, 20.1934. 12:20 p.m. Rome

In the case of Vysotskii’s chart it was easy to define four central planets. When there is the stellium it is even possible not to build up the chains (it could be done for the revealing of receptions and anti-receptions). However, there are not so many cases of this easy type.

picture No.7  Chain for homes. Definition of the Atlantis planet. Sophia loren

You can see on the picture No.7 how it is difficult to define the Atlantis planet for Sophia Loren. We have three mutual receptions there: Venus – Mercury, Mercury – Chiron and Venus – Proserpine. It is possible having two Atlantis in a horoscope, especially, if they are in a mutual reception, but not three. After careful consideration we can find out that the pair Venus-Mercury has more connections. Venus is in its fall and, as we can see further, appears as Icarus, so it cannot be the real Atlantis. But we still have Mercury. So that, the intelligence and the ability to think rationally are the backbone of Sophia Loren’s personality. And Mercury affects the feelings as well (its reception with Venus and Chiron) introducing the harmony there. Mercury acts as Antes as well (together with Saturn). It shows the inflexible personality with exact system of appraisals and personal priorities.

Two planets, Jupiter and Mars, act as Sisyphus. And Venus is the true Icarus, in the sign of its fall (picture No.8).

picture No.8 Chain for fall. Definition of the Icarus planet. Sophia Loren

If you remember, Icarus shows how a person can lose his/her energy. Sophia Loren does this by thinking of the absence of harmony in love and especially by the fear of losing her beauty getting older. But Icarus will never have the strong affect on the personality because Mercury acts as Atlantis and Antes, and Antes is stronger then Icarus; that supports Venus (reception). Besides, two planets, Chiron and Uranus, are “switched off” from the chain of fall.

In the natal chart of Edith Piaf Jupiter acts as Atlantis. It is impossible to define Antes (picture No.10)

Picture No.6 Edith Piaf. December, 12. 1915. 5:00 a.m. Paris

Picture No.10. Chain for exaltation. Definition of the Antes planet. Edith Piaf.

So, the backbone of personality reposed on religion and authority. She needed patronage during her life. But there was no any certain planet giving energy (no Antes). Mercury acts as Sisyphus (pic.11).

picture No.11 Chain for detriment. Definition of Sisyphus planet. Edith Piaf

Mercury is situated in Sagittarius, the sign of its detriment, and acts as true Sisyphus. Edit Piaff obviously had a complex in communication, difficulties in connections and expressing her thoughts. Possibly, it was difficult for her to express something personal; she took somebody else’ values as hers. While revealing Icarus two separate planetary chains are being built up (picture No.12)

Picture No.12 Chain for fall. Definition of the Icarus planet. Edith Piaf

Neptune, situated in Leo, in its fall sign, is more appropriate being Icarus. That means her biggest concern was sincerity of the people who surrounded her. She was losing energy when believed she was being deceived. However, taking into consideration that more than a half of the planets are not under Neptune’s influence, this planet could not become the true “Black Hole”. Only the pair Atlantis-Sisyphus matters in this case. Considering their correlation we can make the conclusion that Edith Piaf could compensate her complex being under somebody’s patronage and leadership.

Now, as regards the work with these planets, as a rule, it is not enough to make the diagnostics only (if you are a psychologist with skills in astrology or an astrologer with skills in psychology). It is necessary to offer the certain ways to sort out this problem to the client. As far as the life events depend on the person’s character this is the matter you have to work with. Sisyphus and Icarus attract the most attention. Both of the planets are the weak spots in a human personality. But they require totally different ways of approach. For example, if Mars acts as Sisyphus it means clearly the complex of will, passivity, and inner uncertainty in own person’s forces, inability or unwillingness to insist on her or his opinion. It might be a deep feeling of cowardice. This is just the psychological complex. And it could be cured by the methods of psychotherapy. It is important to make Atlantis planet stronger. After reinforcing the backbone of personality it is much easier to compensate the complexes.

However, if Mars acts as Icarus the situation becomes more complicated. We have deal not with psychology only but with the energy aspect as well. The person with Mars – Icarus will not be a coward, he or she could have a strong will, but there will be some anxiety in his/her character regarding the Mars’ issues. This person could apprehend not to be able to protect himself and his relations from negative circumstances (the sign of Zodiac where Mars is situated will show the sphere of concern). Then this person is constantly busy with thinking over possible dangerous situations and even with searching for non-existent enemies. Naturally, it happens with the large eruption of energy. As far as we have the cyclic situation here, the loss of energy is constant. In the case of Icarus it is necessary to find another way to explain to the person the source of the problem. Sometimes methods of psychotherapy are not enough. The main method is the constant tracing of the “cycle” thoughts and the immediate switching over. If the patient is familiar with the energy work, some methods of healing may be helpful. And of course, while working with Icarus you should take into consideration the Antes planet for the finding of energy recourses.


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