Black Magic

In the first “horror” story we talked about harmless and pleasant things such as ghosts and spirits. This time I can’t promise anything amusing because I am going to write about black magic. Some of you might become excited expecting to hear something mysterious and a bit scary but more on the fairy tale side, like watching a good horror movie. However, believe me, if a horror movie is happening in real life there is nothing amusing. I am going to tell you real stories from my healing practice in Vancouver.

Canadians are much luckier than some other nationalities: they have no idea about black magic. A local newspaper features two black “comrades” in the magic directory; they are definitely practitioners of African voodoo. However, some representatives of other communities (such as Slavic, Iranian, East-Indian, etc.) use various techniques for influencing people in a negative way.

In the beginning of my life in Canada a lot of people were coming to me for the “evil eye” removal. Though many of my clients thought that there was an “evil eye” on them, in 50% of cases it was not there. It is always easier to think that the cause of failure is somebody’s bad influence rather than one’s own life style. It actually isn’t very difficult for a professional to remove an “evil eye”. However, there is something else – called a curse – which is much worse, and a family curse is probably the worst. Curse means that somebody went to a black witch and “ordered” you. Of course, you may have made this person very angry because he/she has to pay to have a curse directed your way, and the amount isn’t little. Curses can be removed but it is very difficult, usually requiring a few sessions. There are special cleansing rituals for this. My method combines prayers, working with natural elements and energy work.

There are other things which can be included in negative energy influences such as love spells (which some people think are harmless – more about them in the next article) and energy vampirism. If relatives are involved with this, it is the worst possible scenario. When it comes to curses, the biggest disasters can come from your relatives. I’d like to tell you about my first difficult case in Vancouver. Of course, there will be no names and some patients’ characteristics are also changed.

In one instance a girl came to see me; let’s call her A. She came not for herself but on behalf of her boyfriend, who was fading away in front of her eyes. He couldn’t eat and was getting weaker and weaker. Let’s call the guy B. This case turned to be very difficult. The cause of calamity was B.’s grandmother. This grandma was not a simple one! She had sent B.’s mother to the grave already, and B. was next. Why? The reason in these cases is usually the same: power. The grandma subdued other members of the family, almost turned them into zombies, and used them as a source of energy. However, B. had a strong character and didn’t want to be converted to a zombie; that’s why there was only one way for him – to the grave.

I agreed to work with this case and warned them that it might take six months, that he had to follow my instructions and he couldn’t quit half-way. B. agreed. Things got better very quickly: the guy became more cheerful and healthier. Then something went wrong. The horrified girlfriend called me and told that B. was behaving very aggressively, as though possessed by demons. There was definitely something to do with demons: the grandma, sensing that her victim was slipping away, mobilized evil spirits available to her. Only at this moment did I fully understand who I had been dealing with. We started from the beginning again: cleansing, closing and protecting. Everything became well again. My wards didn’t have contact with the grandmother and lived happily. Then something happened which wasn’t a rare-case scenario: B. felt much better and quit half-way. When the work hasn’t been finished, the healing effect usually lasts 2 – 3 months. I knew he would ask to come back. But first A. showed up.

She appeared to be in a very terrible state. She didn’t have a drop of energy in her; everything was wrung out. Guess by whom? Same old, same old… A. happened to be a “weak link”. I didn’t have a chance to work with her before. She always put herself “for later”. How typical for women, especially Slavic: always forget about ourselves! “For later” has come. A. and B. lived together, which is why the grandma managed to extend her “tentacles” to A. The evil spirit has done a lot of damage. Unfortunately, traditional medicine can’t recognize those cases. A person is taken to the hospital but doctors say that he/she is healthy. Blood pressure is normal, tests are good. But the patient is dying. When A. stepped in the room I saw right away that she was partly not here any more. It was so obvious that even some of her co-workers could sense this. Because A. came not too late, we managed. It took a couple of days for her to really feel better.

After a while B. called with a request to come back. I didn’t take him. Why? First of all, he hadn’t followed some of our agreements. Secondly, he hadn’t chosen his position. I mean the position in the confrontation between Good and Evil, Light and Dark. He wanted to be in the middle, to be with both sides. This would not work: the Light Forces would not support a person like that. I can do nothing without their support. I was told that after his last visit to me B. had a dream where his grandmother appeared and begged: “I know that you are going to somebody… I am feeling bad because of that. Don’t go there any more…” And he didn’t go. It is clear which Forces won but also it was due in part to a person’s choice.

Cases are not always so complicated but sometimes somebody’s energy influence can put a person at the edge of life and death. Not just blood-related people but also ex-wives/husbands work “well”. An ex-wife of one of my patients tormented her ex-husband just for fun. This man couldn’t drive, couldn’t work (losing his job as a result), and really could do nothing. Then his new girlfriend got her share (close to a heart attack), and even their pets suffered. That’s why in those circumstances I always recommend putting protection on a client’s house or apartment.

Energy vampirism isn’t rare. Quite often an energy vampire doesn’t realize what she/he is doing. You can even detect vampires by yourself. There are two types of energy vampires: conditionally they are called solar and lunar. Solar vampires are aggressive: they scream and swear in order to get a reciprocal reaction and “drink your blood”. Lunar vampires are quietly sitting at the corner and complain and whine and blame you for everything wrong in their lives and, as a result, also feed pretty well. You should always remember that if you feel anger or pity towards a person, you are open. It is like putting an invitation on yourself: “Welcome to drink my blood”. Pity is especially dangerous because it isn’t considered a bad feeling.

Sometimes I am asked if what I do isn’t against God’s will. Not in the least. First of all, I am dealing only with white magic. Secondly, I act in the name of God and with the support of White Forces. I don’t know how expulsion of darkness from human souls or auras could be against the will of God; I guess, everyone chooses their own answers.

If somebody interferes magically in the life of another person, even as an amateur (for example, by sincerely sending evil wishes), he/ she should be ready for a boomerang return. When the energy of the filth is removed, it has nowhere to go but to the person who sent it. The result of this may be different depending on the weight of “the wish”. Nothing horrible has happened in my practice as a result of this effect. The worst consequence of a boomerang return was when a black witch broke her arm. But there we had a personal war. Still, I would recommend thinking seriously about consequences before doing ugly things. I know it is useless to talk to those who practice black magic about soul, goodness etc, but they should at least think about their instinct for self-preservation.