Love Spell & Home Protection

In previous “horror stories” I wrote about spirits, ghosts and black magic. It is impossible to cover a huge mass of information about such phenomena, which are considered to be paranormal, in only two articles, so I didn’t even try. In writing these stories I am talking only about my own experiences and not something that I learned through hearsay. Today I’d like to tell you about something else related to the energy work that I do.

First I will tell you about love spells. At first glance love spells might look harmless but in reality they are another form of black magic. Are you surprised to learn that love spells are black magic? Though not common in Canada, in Russia you can see ads in newspapers like: “Love spells. I will return your husband to the family,” etc. When I see ads like those, the belonging of the psychic to the dark side is clear. Love spells (or privorot in Russian) have been known from ancient times. As a child you probably read in fairy tales about some love potions which work miracles. And they really do work! Love spells belong to the simplest magic category. The problem is that it is never revealed what ultimately happens to the victim of a love spell. How long did “the passion” last? Was “a maiden” truly happy after getting that which she desired?

If this fairy tale had a continuing, then the answers would’ve been: not long and definitely not happy. Why? A love spell is a forced interference into a person’s aura and life. It dramatically changes a person’s life, which is something that never goes with impunity. Most often it is women who put love spells on men; I’ve never seen it otherwise, though it likely has happened. If a man who is subjected to a love spell stays with this woman, he is very likely to begin drinking heavily. That definitely doesn’t make a woman happy. Children, born from this relationship, can inherit from the father (and the mother) sensitivity to the influence of black magic, resulting in poor protection from black magic.

In the past I observed two cases of love spell concerning my relatives (though not blood related). In one case I interfered, in the other one I didn’t because my interference could have lead to unpredictable consequences. This was a long-standing, old privorot that resulted in the husband drinking heavily for several years and unavoidably leading to worsening of his health. It looked, from the outside at least, that those people lived a normal life. However, the man was a variation of a zombie: without his own will or own wishes. I couldn’t interfere: first of all, nobody asked me to and, secondly, if I broke the web around the man, it was unclear if he would live.

The worst part of a love spell (like any other black magic action) is the fact that the victim can’t live his/her own life because of somebody else’s interference. Unfortunately, some people don’t understand this. Once I spent a whole hour trying to explain to one of my female clients why I couldn’t do a love spell for her, how harmful it is, how it would not bring her happiness and would lead to a worsening her karma, among other things. No, I couldn’t convince her. The woman left dissatisfied.
Though I would never put a love spell in place, I do remove them, which is a different story. There is nothing wrong in removing a harmful influence from an aura and allowing people to make their own decisions.

In the second part of this article I’d like to talk about possession (or planting). Only a few priests know how to conduct an exorcism, but also some energy healers can work with possessed people. This is an exceptionally hard undertaking and one I would never want to do. What you may have seen in the movies when, during the exorcism of demons, a person stops being himself, even changing appearance, is true. It is an accurate portrayal of working with possessed people. People who are possessed usually can’t enter a church, nor look at icons. They often are aware that something is wrong with them and sometimes will try to talk to a priest. Unfortunately, priests often brush them away (“a lost sheep”). Nothing is accomplished in blaming those people or pushing them aside, as they simply need help.

Finally, I’ll touch on a very serious subject which is called home protection. We all should follow the British proverb: “A man’s house is his fortress”. It doesn’t mean that we should dig a pillbox in front of the house and supply it with a large-caliber machine-gun. That won’t help because we are talking about a very different kind of enemy here. Sometimes the most dangerous one is not the one who bursts into your home with a hatchet but the one who enters with a false smile on the lips as well as with jealousy and a heap of unkind wishes in their pocket. If the home’s protection is right, this kind of people can not cross the threshold at all, something which has been confirmed in my practice many, many times.

Now I would like to tell a story related to my first serous experience with home protection. I had to do my first substantial house cleansing when I had a big problem finding a buyer for my country cottage. The reason for that was my neighbor, who was a witch. Everybody thought that she was just a hooligan: she had bad relations with everyone and loved to argue and fight. However, in fact she was a black witch and one of a high rank. At that time I was just beginning along my path of working with energies: I had only learned a little and couldn’t do much. It was good that I had some “tutors” who were able – and willing – to help me.

A thick channel (a psychic “rope”) was discovered going from my house to the neighbor’s cottage. I don’t know why the neighbor wanted to prevent my cottage being sold. It should have been clear to her that she didn’t have access to my household and that with a change of owners there would be a chance for the witch to suck energy from the new residents. But still…my house had been on the market for more than a year. In order to move the process from “the dead spot”, it was necessary to cut “the rope” and cleanse the house. It was fortunate that the moment of the cleansing ritual happened to be on a week day: not many people were around to see my manipulations with candles, holy water and chanting. Anyway, I’d done all possible things to help and it looked like the boomerang effect was strong, because the black witch soon suffered a broken arm. The buyer for my cottage appeared pretty soon after.

Unfortunately, this was not the end of the business. When we were going to the nearest town to legalize the sale, our neighbor came outside and, standing on the road, followed our car with her eyes (she couldn’t have known where we were heading). First, a tractor blocked our way, and then something absolutely horrible happened. When we drove up the hill, we suddenly saw a tiny boy on a tricycle in the middle of the road, all alone with no other people around. In fact, the nearest houses were quite far away. I don’t know by what miracle my husband managed not to hit the little one. You might think that this was a coincidence but I know for sure there were no coincidences there.
In my past real-estate work I had to cleanse apartments sometimes when they were not selling. For example, if the last inhabitant of the place was an old, sick and lonely person, than all his/her sad thoughts, sufferings, disappointments and illnesses would just settle on those walls. That’s why when potential buyers come, despite the good parameters and price of the condo, they don’t feel comfortable there and don’t buy. Following the cleansing the property sold right away. I haven’t included this story for the purpose of advertising (I am no longer involved with the real estate) but just as an example of the existence of some “strange” factors.
When I move to a new dwelling I always clean it (not only with vacuum and broom, of course) and put protection in place. Because of this, people always feel good in my home though, strictly speaking, only those people who I want to be there. The times have passed when, after a girlfriend’s visit, I grabbed candles and hurried to cleanse my home.

In the past I thought that new houses have to be energetically clean. However, later I understood that it is not always so. Once I had to do an energy cleansing of a brand new townhouse where I discovered an amazing amount of “dirt” which might not have been found even if the home had been occupied by many generations. My candles were crying with black tears. One could only guess about the reason for that. I learned later that this complex of townhomes had been built on the site of an ancient native cemetery. There was nothing physical left of the cemetery, of course, but still…

In conclusion I want to point out that after reading some ghost/mystery stories one shouldn’t start looking anxiously over their shoulder, trying to spot an “alien” influence. This kind of fear never helped anyone; actually, it is exactly the opposite. We should just remember that such things do exist but common sense should always come first.