Putin and Trump – friendship for ever?

I have never written about politics or political figures…until now. Despite the fact that I have not been watching TV for about 18 years, the news still can’t escape me because I am not a hermit. The idea of Trumps’ serious connections to Russia and a possible involvement of Putin in the last presidential election in the USA seemed interesting to me. I decided to “dig” deeper – from an astrological point of view – and figure out if a close cooperation between these two infamous figures is possible. I hope the KGB stopped paying attention to astrologers: we all remember a sad part of Russian history concerning the consequences of this kind of “digging”.

The starting point should be with the personal horoscopes of the two presidents. Here we have the rub: the exact time of birth is needed. We have Trump’s, but not Putin’s. Until recently, attention wasn’t paid to birth times in Russia and they have not been recorded anywhere. Astro-Databank posted 9:30 AM but mentioned that this time is doubtful. The alternative variation on astro.com is the rectification done by Claude Weiss for the time of 4:10 PM (Ascendant in Capricorn), but I have more trust in the rectification showing 12:39 PM (ASC in Sagittarius). I can’t recall the name of the astrologer who did this rectification and, when I went back the next day, this chart (the third) had disappeared from the website altogether with the astrologer’s name. A pure mystery… The time for the ASC in Sag was based on information from some source asserting that Vladimir Putin mentioned, in a private conversation, that his time of birth was around 1 PM.

Being a fanatic for precision, I had to do the rectification myself (long and assiduous labour). Several years ago, my analysis of Putin’s chart, constructed for 9:30 AM (Ascendant in Scorpio), looked logical to me. It showed a strong twelve house – very reasonable for a KGB agent and a legitimate horoscope for a “puppet master”. However, Putin stopped being just a puppet master and became the leader of Russia. His ascent was perfectly agreeable with Pluto and Black Moon on MC. It is clear that this person has been “put” in this position, and it is also obvious (for astrologers) that an individual with Lilith on Midheaven standing on this social position can’t be a person of Light.

The above-mentioned wasn’t enough for accepting the birth time, however. Vladimir Putin doesn’t look like a rising Scorpio; he looks more like Sagittarius: a high forehead, early high temples… He also has some similarities with Capricorn but, with this rising sign, the planets don’t fall in the right houses for a politician. After a meticulous rectification I identified the birth time as 12:31 PM with the ASC in second degree of Sagittarius.

In this case there is a very powerful planetary stellium in the tenth house. The conjunction of the Sun, Saturn and Proserpina on MC is most impressive. Obviously this person thoroughly thinks his actions through. Saturn in exaltation excludes a position of hesitance natural for typical Libras (Putin is a typical Libra). The Saturn position also suggests success, but in Putin’s case it did not come early and it had to be earned.

Neptune and Mercury are also a part of the stellium; they indicate a psychological gift and the  ability to speak emotionally and sincerely as well as being able to lie believably. There are almost no negative aspects to these two planets, except a square from Uranus (which brings periodical intemperance); that’s why a chance of unhealthy fantasies and mental dysfunctions should be excluded.

The stellium is in the centre of a strong bissextile from Mars in the first house and Pluto with Lilith in the eighth. All of that shows a very dynamic personality who can get his own way and obtain support from powerful people…although it would a shadowy support because here is Pluto, not Jupiter. Mars in the first house obviously is responsible for Putin’s passion for sport and martial arts.

Vladimir Putin. October 12, 1952, 12:31 PM, Leningrad (St.Petersburg), Russia
(the degrees numbers are ordinal numbers)

Jupiter is positioned in the center of a T-square from moon nodes and Pluto with Black Moon. This person clearly doesn’t keep to the beaten path. However, a retrograde position of Jupiter assumes dogmatism and traditionalism. This configuration also assumes a dislike of the masses, which contradicts the situation for the present moment: Putin has a very high rating in Russia.

A symbolic progression (or zodiac direction: one degree = one year) is my main tool for rectification. For the moment of Putin’s sudden rise to power on the eve of 2000, his progressed Pluto was exactly on MC and his progressed Sun on ASC (also an exact conjunction). Very impressive, isn’t it? In addition, progressed Mars was forming a trine to the Sun. However, there were also less resplendent aspects: for example, a T-square from nodes to Chiron (Chiron is one of the tenth house rulers). This could mean that a newly-baked president had to pay off somebody. The MC passing by Black Moon shortly after the triumph confirmed that.

Aspects to the fifth house for the birth of Putin’s children confirm the rectification. Because Taurus is in the fifth house, Putin’s kids should be mostly girls. His older daughter should take after her father a lot. The dates of the almost-simultaneous passing of Putin’s parents in 1999 couldn’t be used in rectification because they didn’t touch the cusps of the houses. These sad events completely happened on progressions of Moon and Saturn.

What surprises me is the absence of progressed aspects for the date of Vladimir Putin’s marriage. The only astrological indicator was transiting Chiron passing Descendant. However, I was able to figure out what kind of matter it can be. Usually symbolic progressions point to the inner, subconscious readiness of a person to certain life events. Possibly, there was no readiness to marry at that moment in time, but Putin then got the chance to go to Germany for work. However, in the USSR there was no chance for an unmarried person to work abroad. Venus, as love, was not seen there but there were progressions of Mars, Pluto and Neptune which could stir up attraction. And Ludmila Putina in her youth was exceptionally beautiful…
Her White Moon is on Putin’s ASC, so she could be his angel of Light. However, Putin was looking for the Mother archetype that the Moon in the seventh house, on DSC, suggests: the woman who provides security in family life and comfort in home. But Ludmila, born on a full moon and with the Moon in Cancer, also needed warmth… The Moon in the seventh house also shows the possibility of more than one marriage.

Let’s move to Donald Trump now. The description will take less space here because Trump has a personality much less complicated than Putin’s, but also not so simple as it might seem at first glance.

Donald Trump. June 14, 1946, 10:54 AM, Jamaica (New York), USA

According to his time of birth, at 10:54 AM, Trump’s Ascendant is in the last degree of Leo. A rising Leo immediately catches one’s eye: Donald needs a lot of attention. There are only two planets in Gemini: the Sun and Uranus in conjunction. This conjunction is in opposition with the Moon in Sagittarius. A person with such a horoscope will have an unpredictable character, capable of unexpected, spontaneous actions. Trump was born on a full moon and his Cancer sign is very strong, suggesting pronounced emotionality and submission to influence.

Mars on ASC also confirms spontaneous, rough actions. A square aspect between Mercury and Neptune is very unfavorable in the chart of a politician (especially a president). Mercury in Cancer already points to mental processes dependant on an emotional mood, and Neptune only worsens the picture. This person might have a disposition towards absence-mindedness, confusion in thoughts, unreliability, absence of objectivity and inclination to unrealistic projects.

There is a complete absence of the Earth element in Donald Trump’s chart, which brings an absence of patience, sensible mind, healthy practicality and ability to finish business. Saturn isn’t a helper here because he is located in his detriment sign and doesn’t have any positive aspects. As a conclusion, we can see a portrait of “a tumbler” dwelling in illusions, acting instinctively and never thinking about the consequences of his actions.

Conjunction of Saturn and Venus often points to karmic problems in the sphere of relationships. Trump’s life in this area gives many confirmations for this statement. Fortunately for him, there are indications in his natal chart of good, friendly relationships with kids. His house of money, the second house, stands pretty well; however, it still suggests losses due to his own foolishness.

I haven’t found any serious aspect on the moment of Trump’s winning of a presidential election, with the exception of the Sun in a secondary progression passing his Ascendant. It looks like this person wanted to show off and get maximum attention, but there was no real interest in this tedious presidential position.

An interesting fact: there is a serious connection between Mercury and Neptune in both presidential charts. This connection implies an ability of the person to lie. While Putin does it skillfully (a conjunction), Trump is not so good at this (a square) but he can’t stop doing it. In Putin’s case the exposure nevertheless can happen (a square from Uranus to Neptune and Mercury).
Though let’s not forget the saying: People get the governor they deserved.

Now it is finally time to move to the main subject of this article: what might connect (from an astrological point of view) the leaders of two of the most powerful countries in the world? They both belong to the air signs, and Putin’s stellium in Libra forms a wonderful trine to Trump’s Sun – Uranus conjunction. This fact already builds an excellent platform for collaboration. A conjunction of Trump’s Jupiter and Chiron with five of Putin’s planets strengthens the position of cooperation for mutual political and financial gain.

Trump’s Sun gets into Putin’s seventh house and Putin’s Sun to Trump’s second (the notorious money from Russia?). This is also an indicator of mutual usefulness. Now, attention please: Putin’s Jupiter is on Trump’s MC. Could Putin help Trump in achieving his goals? From an astrological point of view, he definitely could.

However, not everything is so smooth in this relationship. Trump’s Saturn makes a square aspect to Putin’s Neptune and Mercury. This aspect might mean that Trump can hamper (or just misunderstand) some of Putin’s ideas, or Putin may not meet the expectations of the American president. Trump’s Black Moon is located on Putin’s ASC in opposition with his Moon, which is a pretty negative influence.

And, finally, a very interesting fact: South Moon nodes of both presidents are in conjunction with each other’s Mars. From the point of view of Karmic Astrology, this fact shows that they have already met in previous incarnations and maybe not just once. Their relationships were pretty dynamic. Perhaps they even were enemies. In this life they met again to finish unfinished business. We should pray that this won’t harm us…